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Reasons Why Your Readers Won’t Visit Your Blog Again

If you think you have written an informative and readable blog and there is still no proper response for it, think again. There might be various reasons responsible for this. This post is a great tool to analyze why your readers don’t spend a lot of time on your blog. Every portion of your blog might hold certain criticisms that the readers might make.

Read every paragraph and pay attention to very comment made to your blog to make an in depth analysis about the way it is structured.

Here are some points that can be considered by you for making little tweaks in the blog so that it reaches out to a wide range of people and creates the perfect impact.

No Uniqueness

If your blog looks like many other blogs on the internet, it might invoke a certain user perception. If the information contained on your blog is not unique and different then it might be combined by the fact that you do not post on interesting topics.

The customer perception will include these points:

  • There is nothing authentic about your blog and it is not worth reading
  • The layout and the graphics used are dull, predictable and not interesting enough

Difficult To Read

  • You have made the blog difficult to read with small text or any particular font type
  • Even though your blog might look impressive, it might not be readable, specially in the case when the reader is tired
  • The blog is hard to read because of the background color of your blog, even if the contrast between the font and the background is not good, it may be hard to read such a blog
  • The text layout may make it harder to follow the blog throughout
  • The colors used in the background might be too bright and distracting

Slow Loading Speed

  • Its great to have images and other decorative stuff on the blog, but it takes time for the blog to load with all this
  • The Java Script installed on your blog runs too slow, sometimes they might crash or bring up a pop up that says that they are not stable
  • At times some flash intro is shown, even though you are allowed to skip it, it is annoying at times
  • The HTML tables make it longer to load, this is boring and people might think that it is not worth the wait

Insubstantial Content

  • Placing widgets everywhere on the blog reduces the authenticity of the blog. It creates a perception in the minds of the people that the blog is not good enough and is only created for a promotional basis.
  • You have added many widgets for the social media websites, there are also separate widgets for sharing and translation
  • The amount of widgets added does not give a good impression and it is pointless as well. It creates a doubt in the minds of the user over the legitimacy of the text.


  • The blog must be approachable and people must be able to relate to it. If you have to present some information, it has to be presented in a creative way that is appealing to the reader, it shouldn’t seem that the blog is written by some government official or a police officer. If this is the case, the readers will not even bother to comment
  • Such a blog shows that the person who wrote it is a master in the respective topic, this shoots down the commentor
  • There is no space for any other opinion so the reader does not bother to add a comment
  • The blog seems more like a collection of information or a technical data sheet
  • While writing the blog, it often happens that the points mentioned above are overlooked.

Any of the points mentioned above might not be intentionally done by the blogger, it happens at times. The best solution is proof reading the blog when you are done with it, do this with the reader’s point of view.

The world of internet today is full of information and therefore it is extremely essential to take care of the factors mentioned above for creating a readable blog. When it comes to a blog, readers are the customers; therefore it is crucial to create something that appeals to them and induces them to leave a comment. There is no harm in writing on any topic, but if you take care of the small factors mentioned above and make the necessary tweaks for improvising on the blog, you will be able to create a readable and impressive blog that stands strong.

The Author

Neha Kahnna is a professional content writer associated with MilesWeb. She curates articles on web hosting, latest SEO trends and technology topics. Her insightful content captivates the reader’s attention and deliver a higher learning ROI.

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