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Best Dedicated Server Hosting in UK
At MilesWeb, you can rely on our expertise in best UK dedicated servers. Host your resource-intensive website or application, run it on a highly powerful infrastructure or customize it as per your needs in no time.
  • Dell & HP Servers, Low Latency, Top-notch Security
  • High-Speed SSD Storage, Full Root SSH/ RDP Access
  • 4-hour Server Deployment & Zero Setup Fees
  • UK Dedicated Servers in TIER IV DataCenter
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Dedicated Server | MilesWeb UK
Founded in 2012 & Trusted by 40000+ Clients Worldwide.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting UK on Powerful UK Dedicated Servers

Get fully dedicated hardware and customise your best dedicated server hosting UK to suit your resource-heavy web projects. Invest in a best UK Dedicated Server with no sharing of resources and experience top-notch performance at inexpensive price.

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United Kingdom
United States
Czech Republic
CPUMemoryStorageDedicated IPBandwidthPrice United KingdomUnited StatesNetherlandsGermanyCzech RepublicAustriaRomaniaIndia
Quad Core Intel Xeon
E3-1240 or higher
8 GB 1 TB SATA 1 1.5 TB
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Quad Core Intel Xeon
E3-1240 or higher
8 GB 480 GB SSD 1 1.5 TB
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Dual Hexa Intel Xeon
E5645 or similar
32 GB 2x 1 TB SATA 1 1.5 TB
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Dual Hexa Intel Xeon
E5645 or similar
32 GB 2x 480 GB SSD 1 1.5 TB
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Dual Octa Intel Xeon
E5-2630 v3 or similar
64 GB 2x 1 TB SATA 1 1.5 TB
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Dual Octa Intel Xeon
E5-2630 v3 or similar
128 GB 2x 960 GB SSD 1 1.5 TB
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Why Choose MilesWeb's Best UK Dedicated Servers?

By choosing us as your dedicated server partner you can run your most intensive workloads on highly powerful & best dedicated server hosting UK, optimised for critical loads.

UK's Largest Data Center | MilesWeb UK
UK's Largest Data Center

MilesWeb's data center provides a great combination of redundancy and capacity with connectivity to reach an audience based in UK. This data center is ISO 27001 certified with guaranteed security, highest uptime and top-notch performance. That makes us the best dedicated server hosting UK provider..

High-end Security To Protect Your Server | MilesWeb UK
Ultra Secure

Security is one of the prime benefits that come with our best dedicated server hosting UK. As your server belongs solely to you, there’s no way you will share server resources. Although our data center offers high-end security to protect your server, you can also install your security software with the help of root access, to add an extra layer of protection to the server.

Uptime Guaranteed | MilesWeb UK
99.95% SLA Uptime

With our best dedicated server UK, we guarantee 99.95% uptime. This is possible because of our TIER IV data center that has robust server infrastructure, ultra-fast network connectivity, greater security and comprehensive hardware and software. Our best UK dedicated server architecture provides optimal availability for your websites or applications.

Dedicated Server Hosting in UK with Complete Specs

Jump ahead of the technology curve with the features that are well set up to handle your mission-critical website or application with our best UK dedicated servers.

High-powered Intel Xeon Processors | MilesWeb UK
Intel Xeon Processors

We make use of Intel Xeon processors on our best dedicated servers UK. The Intel Xeon processors are the most powerful and new generation processors with the highest number of CPU cores. The Intel Xeon processor delivers top-level performance to your best UK dedicated server and is best for running intensive applications, mostly those of a mission-critical nature.

10 Gbps Network with Our Server | MilesWeb UK
10 Gbps Network

Our advanced network with the best dedicated server hosting UK is optimized for fast loading speed to make your website/applications run smoothly. We have a data transfer speed of up to 10 Gbps that hosts your resource-heavy websites/applications without having any performance issues. This distinctly reduces the page loading times & delivers a great surfing experience to your visitors.

SSL Encryption For Your Website | MilesWeb UK
SSL Encryption

With our best dedicated server hosting UK, you get an SSL certificate for your website/app at no extra cost. Any information that passes to and from the UK dedicated server will be automatically encrypted and your website or app will be secure. With this, no intruder will be able to access the sensitive information shared by visitors as it flows through the internet.

Root/Administrative Access | MilesWeb UK
Root/Administrative Access

Our best UK dedicated servers gives you root/administrative access, allowing you to freely modify any file on the server. You can also imply configurations in any way you want, install and delete server-wide applications, exercise control over all the ports, and much more. Furthermore, you can securely access and transfer your files on your dedicated server with the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

Rapid Provisioning Our Dedicated Servers | MilesWeb UK
Rapid Provisioning

MilesWeb dedicated server experts quickly deploy the best UK dedicated server without making you wait for a longer period. Our in-stock servers are instantly deployed within 4 hours right after you place an order. Your server will be ready to use as we will already install your preferred operating system and control panel on the server.

No Setup Fees | MilesWeb UK
No Setup Fees

We do not charge any setup fee for our UK dedicated servers. There's no additional cost for installing the operating system, control panel, or other software required for the smooth working of your best UK dedicated servers. We will take care of the complete server setup, free of charge, shortly after receiving your order. We assure you that your dedicated server is set up quickly without any delays.

Optimized Enterprise Hardware For Greater Efficiency | MilesWeb UK
Enterprise Hardware

A dedicated server provides great computing power as they use Enterprise hardware optimized for efficiency. This helps your website or applications deliver excellent performance, durability and great speed.

Host Unlimited Websites | MilesWeb UK
Host Unlimited Websites

With our best UK dedicated servers, we don’t put a cap on resource usage. This allows you to host as many websites as you want within the allocated resources in your best UK dedicated server plan. Hosting multiple websites under one account will be beneficial as the maintenance will be much easier.

Fully Customizable | MilesWeb UK
Fully Customizable

With our best dedicated server hosting UK, you get the freedom to modify your server configurations and install any software of your choice. Moreover, you can choose your choice of operating system and control panel and leave its installation to us.

Operating System Choices with our Best UK Dedicated Servers

Our Best Dedicated Servers UK, gives you the ability to choose from Windows and Linux servers operating systems. Pick your preferred operating system and let us install it for you.

CentOS Operating Systems for Dedicated Server | MilesWeb UK

One of the best OS that the Red Hat Enterprise Linux has to offer, CentOS is an operating system preferred by most enterprise-level hosting platforms. It is stable and lightweight infrastructure combined with high-level security makes it a perfect fit for your Dedicated server.

Versions: 6.x | 7.x | 8.x

Debian Operating Systems for Dedicated Server | MilesWeb UK

Designed for speed, Debian is the Linux OS famed for its stability and tight security. But the main USP of the operating system is the one-of-kind packaging system that sets it apart even in the Linux family.

Versions: 8.x | 9.x | 10.x | 11.x

Ubuntu Operating Systems for Dedicated Server | MilesWeb UK

A favourite for both entrepreneurial and regular websites or web applications, Ubuntu levels the playing field for all. With its highly customizable structure that inducts high-grade security, it is a well-endowed OS for a dedicated server.

Versions: 12.x| 14.x | 15.x | 16.x | 18.x | 20.x

Fedora Operating Systems for Dedicated Server | MilesWeb UK

A Red Hat supported operating system with the potential to outperform others, Fedora offers flexible operability for your projects. Highly customizable and secure, Fedora is the first choice of many developers for dedicated server hosting.

Versions: 30 | 31 | 32 | 33 | 34

Windows Operating Systems for Dedicated Server | MilesWeb UK

One of the world’s most successful commercial operating systems, Windows OS needs no introduction. Made of exclusive features and solid security, Windows server has always been the only option to host ASP.NET websites and applications.

Versions: 2016 | 2019

Why Consider our Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting in UK?

It is beneficial to have your servers as closely as possible to your target customer and user base. MilesWeb is one of the popular providers of best UK dedicated servers because of its great data redundancy and smooth network connectivity. Our data center adheres to world-class security and server maintenance and its robust infrastructure enables us to ensure 99.95% uptime.

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