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Best Free PHP Frameworks
Best PHP Frameworks in 2024: From Beginners to Web Devs (Free)

Whenever there is a discussion of server-side programming language, PHP has a strong foothold in it. The report shows that until March 2024 around 74.6% of internet websites were built on the best PHP frameworks. It is called the best web development programming language for developers because of its dynamic features.  Unlike HTML, PHP delivers… Read More

29 April 2024
Types of Web Applications
Types of Web Applications: Unheard Benefits and Use Cases

The year 2020, made a paradigm shift in the digital world. Amid the pandemic crisis, the web world grew exponentially. In the first year of the pandemic, internet usage increased to 10.2%. It’s been 4 years down the line, and different types of web applications are created to meet the end-user requirements. From eLearning to… Read More

24 April 2024
Website Migration Checklist
Website Migration Checklist: No Data Loss Assured

Switching to web hosting services, or migrating to a new CMS involves the website migration process. All of the website hosting companies offer free website migration or paid options where website owners have to migrate from their current servers to new ones.  Many website owners have concerns about data loss and to mitigate risks, managed… Read More

16 February 2024
What is Plesk
What is Plesk? A Beginners Guide for 2024

Whenever there is a requirement for an innovative control panel to manage domains and FTP accounts, cPanel and Plesk are popular names. A major difference between both is that cPanel is accessible only on Linux OS while Plesk supports Windows OS & Linux OS servers. You will get this product inclusive with Windows VPS hosting… Read More

31 January 2024
Grammarly Alternatives: Top Grammar Checker Tools of 2024
Grammarly Alternatives: Top Grammar Checker Tools of 2024

Grammar and writing go hand in hand. You probably recall those grammar lessons—verbs, phrases, voices, and tenses. Yet, when you sit down to compose business emails or informative blogs, those lessons seem to slip away. We’re left with broken-grammar sentences. But fear not! There’s a solution: grammar-checking tools. They range from good to excellent, and… Read More

29 August 2023
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