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Best Websites for Freelancers to Find Work Opportunities in 2024!

best websites for freelancers

Freelancing is the most buzzing gig in today’s digital world. Who does not love working from home, figuring out clients and settling on their favourite project? Well, almost each one of us!

It’s time to say goodbye to the days when you were bound to reach the office at sharp 8 am and then wait the whole day until the shift is done!

Puns apart!

A recent study by Forbes says that the US currently has 73.3 million freelancers, and this number will go the extra mile and reach 90 million in 2028!

If you want to land a good freelance job and earn good cash, we’re here to let go of all your worries! In this blog post, we’re listing the 20 best freelance websites you can consider to level-up your job & income game, yes both!

Let’s dive right in!

How to Pick the Best Freelance Website for Online Work?

Before we start discussing further, let’s know the factors to consider when choosing the best websites for freelancers. As it could be clearer to consider the one that fits your needs rightly.

Easy to Use: Prefer freelance websites that are easy to navigate and have a super-clean interface. This way, you can then easily apply for jobs, manage clients and do more.

Wide Job Opportunities: You usually apply for opportunities in bulk! Look for the best freelancing platforms that offer several jobs and projects in your core field.

Fees & Payment: Each site has a different fee structure. Make sure you check it out carefully. Ultimately, these things are going to impact your overall earnings.

Additionally, what payment and withdrawal options are available with them? Do they provide support for both bank transfers and electronic payments?

There are many more factors to list down. However, these ones are far sufficient to help you make a well and informed decision.

Unveiling the 20 Best Freelance Websites to Find Work

Every job sector has limitless possibilities, and how can we skip on freelancing? Absolutely not! You have an opportunity to explore to the fullest. Be you’re a designer, developer, writer, or any other job; there are the best freelancing platforms open for you!

Without any further ado, here we go with the blog, best freelance websites in 2024! Keep reading!

1] Behance

Behance Freelance Website

Founded in: 6 November 2005

Owned By: Adobe

Freelancing Category: Photography, Graphic Design, Web Development


  • Free to join & has immense opportunities
  • Lets you build a good network with artists & potential employers


  • Highly competitive
  • Not all of the jobs are freelance opportunities

Behance is a well-known online freelancing platform for all the creative bees. It lets you showcase your work, if you’re a graphic, web designer, animator, or anything that’s related to the design field. Behance is one of the best freelancing website where you can connect with clients who appreciate your work and are willing to pay well for it!

It’s basically a networking site, and the logic is super simple! The more posts or profiles you follow, the more posts will appear on your feed.

On top of this, Behance also offers a job list. Each of the online freelancer gets a personalized job recommendation according to their skills. In short, if you have a creative vision to get an edge and earn good money, Behance is best site for freelance work!

2] Upwork

Upwork Freelance Website

Founded in: December 2013

Owned By: Berrudh Sheth, Srini Anumolu

Freelancing Category: Development & IT, Design & Creatives, Writing Services


  • Free to join
  • Features highly reputed clients & pays well
  • Access to 24/7 support


  • High service fees
  • Lengthy hiring process

Upwork is a leading freelancing platform that creates a wide range of job opportunities for businesses and agencies worldwide. This top online freelancing platform has several job postings daily on various sectors and interests.

At Upwork, you can find jobs in web development, graphic design, freelance writing, sales and marketing, and more. That’s great! Upwork is best freelance site has opened the doors of opportunities for every job niche.

To get started with Upwork, begin by creating a profile. Fill in all the details about yourself, your expertise and your work experience.

The process is, your profile will be scanned by clients when you bid on jobs or pitch projects. Upwork makes it easy & affordable to work and benefit from the low transaction rates. If you’re excited to work with clients and take your career to new horizons, Upwork it is!

3] Fiverr

Fiverr Freelance Website

Founded in: 2010

Owned By: Micha Kaufman

Freelancing Category: Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Development, AI Services


  • Networking opportunities
  • World’s largest freelance marketplace


  • Freelancers need to wait for the payments
  • Charges a large fees on commission
  • Fiverr is one of the most famous websites for online work. You don’t need to pay a single penny to be a Fiverr freelancer and list services.

As long as you’ve worked with the buyer, this top freelance platform will charge 20% of the paid gigs. Plus, there are safe payment methods like Paypal, Payoneer, Fiverr revenue card, Direct deposit & more.

Coming to the prices, the basic plan on Fiverr gigs starts at $5. People literally sell anything on Fiverr, like from logo designs, website development to voice overs. Want to be one of them! Simply join Fiverr now!

4] Freelance Website

Founded in: 2009

Owned By: Mat Barrie

Freelancing Category: Data Entry, Writing, Digital Marketing


  • Any job you can possibly think of
  • Lets you pay when you’re 100% happy


  • Can come across fake clients
  • The interface is complex is one of the biggest & best site for freelance work. It’s similar, where companies and professionals come together and collaborate on projects. Yes, the number speaks itself, there are more than 22 million freelance jobs with more than 66 million registered users.

The numbers speak it all! Well, be it a website, designing, developing, photoshop or ghost writing, you can explore many businesses interested in your skill.

Coming to the fees and charges, Freelance is super amazing. It charges just 3% or flat $3 for a fixed-price project. Overall, Freelancer is a reliable online freelancing platform for job searching given the broad range of job opportunities it has on board.

5] TopTal

TopTal Freelance Website

Founded in: 2010 

Owned By: Taso Du Val 

Freelancing Category: Free Invoicing & Payments,  Software Developers, Project Managers 


  • Premium job posts 
  • A platform for top-class talents 


  • TopTal is more expensive 
  • It doesn’t has many creative freelancers 

TopTal is another best freelance website that stands out among the freelance marketplace. It boasts a whopping 3% of freelancers globally. 

Amazing thing is, you get to collaborate well with prestigious clients such as Airbnb, Shopify and Airbnb. This platform basically caters mostly to freelance software developers, designers and project managers. 

To be a part of TopTal, you should complete a series of evaluations; this includes Language and Personality assessments, Live Screening and a Project. Once you get started, it’s important to maintain high-quality work standards, as the online freelancing platform may remove you due to poor performance.

Toptal has a committed service for time tracking and invoicing called TopTracker. This service offers the freelancers the total price offered and received through Paypal, Payoneer and more.

6] DesignHill

Founded in: 2014 

Owned By: Rahul Aggarwal and Varun Aggarwal  

Freelancing Category: Photography, Graphic Design, Web Development


  • Lets you create free online store 
  • Has a chat support system 


  • Only for designers 
  • Has a seven-day time for clients to change logo designs. This can result in extra work from clients. 

Design is the heart and soul of every business! DesignHill is basically a creative and best website for freelancers where businesses source enthralling designs from professional artists and designers. 

Design jobs include logos, websites, and brochures. Once you sign-up for DesignHill, it opens a gateway to a really good range of design jobs and even amazing contests. 

What’s more? The best way to showcase your artistic work and build a strong relationship with clients. 

This is a nice touch, giving freelance designers yet another way to get their work out there and to make some money off their artistry via a online freelancing platform.

7] LinkedIn

LinkedIn Freelance Website

Founded in: 2002

Owned By: Reid Hoffman, Jean Lucc-Vaillant

Freelancing Category: Graphic Design, Content Writing 


  • Build  a network with professionals worldwide
  • Lets you keep an eye on the current news & industry trends 


  • Need high maintenance 

#1 platform to find jobs and connect with fellow professionals. Today, LinkedIn is considered to be a comprehensive social network for professionals. But did you know that it’s even a great place for freelancers to find out new opportunities? 

Sure! It is, you can consider this website for online freelance work by simply typing the keyword into the search bar. That’s not a big deal to start with LinkedIn. You need to just create a profile, including your skills, experience and education background. 

There you open the door to new opportunities! Say, you’re a freelancer writer, you can post a writeup on LinkedIn and get a good exposure. Potential clients can find you there too! 

And thanks to LinkedIn job postings, this is one of the most reliable sites for online jobs, whether you’re looking for remote jobs, part-time gigs, or full-time freelance work. There’s a reason why LinkedIn is one of the best job sites: they continue to deliver what job seekers are looking for.

8] Guru

Guru Freelance Website

Founded in: 1998

Owned By: Inder Guglani, James Savlet

Freelancing Category: Programming, Marketing & Admin, Design & Art 


  • Create a customized job listing 
  • Free Membership 


  • Chances of fake clients 

Guru is not just the best freelancing platform, rather its the largest marketplace on the web owning two million freelancers. You’ve got the freedom to find experts in every field. Companies can easily hire professionals like graphic designers, programmers and product managers. 

This, one of the best freelance website, makes it easy to browse job listings and submit quotes to clients. Just get started  by signing up and building a freelancer profile. The system will give job recommendations based on your skill-set and work experience.

9] Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent Freelance Website

Founded in: December 2012

Owned By: Dave Nevogt, Jared Brown

Freelancing Category: Development, Design, Content, Admin


  • 50+ full-time remote jobs added each week
  • Fixed-price freelance gigs


  • Most of the jobs are low-paid, starting from $2/mo.

Hubstaff Talent is something that’s right out-of-the-box. It currently represents 18 countries and has been serving over 34,000 customers. Signing up for this online freelance website is completely free.

The best point is, it covers a range of categories, including web development, design, customer support, admin and more. This allows freelancers with different skill sets and mastery find relevant opportunities. There are no changes or commissions on freelancers earnings. Meaning, the freelancers can keep the entire payment for the completed work with them. 

In short, Hubstaff Talent offers a platform for to find remote work opportunities & connect with clients worldwide.

10] Writer Access

Writer Access Freelance Website

Founded in: 2008 

Owned By: Byron White

Freelancing Category: Designers, Copywriters, Editors 


  • It’s cost effective Features highly reputed clients & pays well
  • Different payment methods 


  • Focus is only on content creation services

Is writing your passion and need to earn big with the same? That’s great! Writer Access is the best freelance website with a pool of translators, freelance editors, writers, and content strategists. Freelancers get paid well on the basis of how much research is required and how big the project is.

WriterAccess gives freelancers the ability to post talent profiles with work portfolios for potential clients to view. This lets the buyers accurately assess professionals and determine whether they are suitable for their projects!

Content is the king, and so is the Writer Access platform for all the content masters out there!

11] SimplyHired

SimplyHired Freelance Website

Founded in: 2003  

Owned By: DaGautam Godhwani, Peter Weck

Freelancing Category: Human Resource, Data Entry, Customer Service


  • Extensive job listing 
  • User-friendly interface 


  • There’s a limited application process 

SimplyHired is an ideal website for freelancing if you’re looking for freelance work. As mentioned above, it has a broad range of job listings. SimplyHired provides guides on crafting effective resumes, cover letters, and other valuable information to assist you in your freelancing journey. For those who need to revamp their resumes, they offer a free online resume builder. 

The platform does not charge employers for job postings, resulting in many job opportunities. For online freelancers looking to increase their visibility, SimplyHired makes it easy to upload a resume and create a compelling profile.

12] Dribble

Dribble Freelance Website

Founded in: 2009

Owned By: Dan Cederholm and Rich Thornett

Freelancing Category: Designers


  • Large network of employers and professionals 
  • It has a portfolio of aspiring artists and creators 


  • Freelance jobs are only to users with a Pro account.
  • You have to apply for a designer account on Dribble. 

Dribbble is the best freelance website around where creative people can share their designs and create an impressive portfolio.

It’s where designers come together to showcase their work, learn, and attract attention from big companies like Starbucks, Facebook, Amazon, and more. Suppose you have skills in graphic design, animation, branding, illustration, logos, web design, and similar areas.

You can simply display your work on Dribbble and businesses can hire you based on what they see in your portfolio. Besides that, Dribbble also has a section where you can find freelance jobs and a job board for full-time positions.

Both small startups and large companies regularly post job offers for freelance designers to create logos, landing pages, and illustrations. In a nutshell, if you’re a designer looking for a website for online work, Dribbble is a great option.

13] Flexjobs

Flexjobs Freelance Website

Founded in: 2007

Owned By: Sara Sutton Fell

Freelancing Category: Writing, Graphic Design, Web Development, Marketing


  • A range of job categories 
  • Remote & flexible work 


  • Too much dependency on the platform 
  • Less control over job listing 

FlexJobs is a bit of a different kind of online freelancing website because it requires a subscription to use. It focuses on finding remote and flexible jobs for people working from home. 

When you subscribe, you gain access to job opportunities and support from experienced guys who can help guide you in your freelancing journey. 

While most of the freelancing websites are free, FlexJobs offers a more specialized service with additional resources to help you find the right work-from-home job.

14] PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour Freelance Website

Founded in: 2007

Owned By:  Xenios Thrasyvoulou, Simos Kitiris

Freelancing Category: SEO, Content Writing, Website Development


  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Range of payment options


  • High competition 

PeoplePerHour is another best freelance website specialising in small to medium-sized projects. It offers freelancers with helpful tools to manage their work, such as tools for creating invoices, tracking time, and communicating with clients. How amazing, if you would have a small business website, you can easily get web hosting and bring it online!

PeoplePerHour also offers different ways for freelancers to get paid, including options for hourly or fixed-price contracts. Overall, PeoplePerHour is the best website for freelancers, providing useful features and flexible payment choices.

15] SolidGigs

SolidGigs Freelance Website

Founded in: 2017

Owned By: Preston Lee

Freelancing Category: Graphic Design, Web Development, Marketing & Advertising 


  • The site can save freelancers huge time
  • Freelancers can choose from premium opportunities 


Subscription is not free. 

SolidGigs is the next one on the list! It offers a unique approach to finding freelance jobs. Instead of a regular job board, SolidGigs hand-picks the best 1% of freelance job opportunities online and sends them directly to subscribers via email. This is what something sets them out from the rest! 

However, this service isn’t free. There’s a 30-day trial that costs $2, then the monthly subscription fees increase to $19 onwards. If you’re looking for freelance work but need more time to search for jobs online, SolidGigs can work the best for you!

16] TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit Freelance Website

Founded in: 2008

Owned By: Ania Smith

Freelancing Category: Cleaning Services, Personal Assistance, Furniture Assembly 


  • Zero service fees 
  • Custom hourly rates 


  • For a particular geographical location 

Here’s an interesting part of it all! Want to make money by doing tasks like shopping, assembling furniture, or more, just visit the TaskRabbit freelance website. It’s basically a service that connects people who need help with  everyday tasks. 

Unlike other freelancing websites that focus on professional jobs, TaskRabbit offers a list of simple household chores, installing lights, or making deliveries. 

To start, create an account, choose your location and the type of tasks you can do, and set your hourly rate. TaskRabbit reviews and checks your background before approving your profile. Once approved, you pay a $25 registration fee and can start finding and managing tasks through their mobile app. 

After completing a task, you send an invoice for the hours worked, and the client will directly deposit the money into your registered bank account. TaskRabbit only charges service fees from clients, so you receive the full amount of your hourly rate.

17] 99Designs

99designs freelance website

Founded in: 2008

Owned By: Matt Mickiewicz, Mark Harbottle

Freelancing Category: Graphic design, logo design


  • Access to a wide range of design concepts
  • Only pay for the design you select 


  • The quality of designs may vary on the skill level and experience of the designers
  • Direct communication with designers is limited

The next on the list is, 99Designs, a freelance website specially tailored for all creative designers. It offers plenty of job opportunities and has a vast number of projects available. You can get projects like, logo design, book cover design to clothing and more.

To get started with this freelance website, you need to first follow the signup process, wherein you will have to build a profile. The team then reviews your application and decides accordingly.

When you start working on a new client with 99Designs, you will have to pay the initial fee of $100 and a platform fee that ranges from 5% to 15%. If you’re a designer and looking for a good freelance job, this website is for you.

18] Nexxt

Nexxt Freelance Website

Founded in: 2014 

Owned By: Rich Milgram  

Freelancing Category: Photography, Graphic Design, Web Development


  • Features highly reputed clients & pays well
  • Different payment methods 


  • Limited exposure outside industries 

Nexxt is a popular freelance platform that connects skilled professionals with businesses that need their expertise. It has an easy-to-use interface and offers many useful features. Freelancers can create attractive profiles to showcase their skills and experience and find various job opportunities.

Employers have access to a diverse pool of talented freelancers and can quickly use advanced search filters to find the right fit for their projects. Nexxt makes it easy for freelancers and clients to communicate and work together effectively, leading to successful outcomes. Whether you’re a freelancer looking for work or an employer searching for top talent, Nexxt is the best freelance website offering a reliable platform for freelancing success.

19] Bark

Bark Freelance Website

Founded in: 2004

Owned by: Andrew Michael and Brian Bason

Freelancing Category: Writing and editing, marketing, photography, event planning


  • Has a wide range of service categories 
  • Client outreach and lead generation 


  • Competition for projects

Bark is an innovative freelance platform that connects skilled professionals with individuals and businesses seeking their services. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Bark simplifies finding and hiring talented freelancers. 

Employers can post their project requirements and receive competitive bids from qualified freelancers. Bark also offers a secure messaging system and payment protection, ensuring smooth communication and transactions. Bark is here to make your freelancing journey smooth.

20] Twine

Twine Freelance Website

Founded in: 2014

Owned By:  Joseph Quan, Nikhil Srivastava 

Freelancing Category: Photography, Graphic Design, Web Development


  • Post projects or job for free
  • A network to help grow your business 


  • Higher competition
  • Difficulty in finding consistent work

Twine is another popular freelancing site that brings creative professionals from various fields like graphic design, music production, and animation. It has a lively community and an easy-to-use interface.

Freelancers can display their skills and connect with clients through Twine. They can create impressive portfolios and collaborate smoothly with clients using the platform.

It’s a creative hub where freelancers and employers can find exciting opportunities and work on innovative projects.

How can I become a freelancer?

That’s easy! Choose your field based on your passion and skill set. Next is, define your business goals and target market. Look for potential clients on the above top freelance websites. This is how you can become a successful freelancer.

Summing it Up

Now you’re ready! We’ve summed up the best freelance websites to work on! All you need to do is sign-up for a reliable site, double-check for the payment method and go for it!

Wishing you the best on your freelance journey! The easiest way to earn more!

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