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Buy our powerful and cheap dedicated servers backed with Dell & HP hardware at the lowest price without compromising the server quality. At MilesWeb, you don't need to burn a hole in your pocket for hosting the website or application on high-grade servers. Get started with our cheapest dedicated server now.

  • 10 Gbps Network Connectivity, Low Latency, Intel Xeon Processors
  • ISO Certified TIER 4 DataCenter, Utmost Security
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Cheap Dedicated Server | MilesWeb UK
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Budget-Friendly Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

With MilesWeb you don’t need a big budget to host your web project on a dedicated bare metal server. We build and assemble our servers in-house that enables us to offer the cheap dedicated server hosting to our clients.

  • Xeon E3-1270 v5
  • 4C/8T - 3.5Ghz
  • 64GB RAM
  • 4x 240GB SSD
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Dedicated 1Gbit Port
  • SLA 99.95%
  • Managed Server
  • 2x Xeon E5-2630 V4
  • 20C/40T - 2.2Ghz
  • 128GB RAM
  • 2x 240GB SSD
  • 2x 2TB SAS HDD
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Dedicated 1Gbit Port
  • SLA 99.95%
  • Managed Server
  • Intel Xeon Gold 5122
  • 4C/8T - 3.60Ghz
  • 64GB RAM
  • 2x 250GB SSDs
  • 1x 1.6TB PCIe NVMe SSD
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Dedicated 1Gbit Port
  • SLA 99.95%
  • Managed Server

Why Choose MilesWeb's Cheap Dedicated Hosting?

By choosing us as your dedicated hosting partner, you can smoothly run your most heavy workloads on our robust servers at cheap price.

Asia's Largest Data Center

Asia's Largest Data Center | MilesWeb UK

The data center of MilesWeb offers a great blend of redundancy and power with great connectivity reaching your audience based in any location. This data center is ISO 27001 certified, ensuring the highest security, availability, and performance. Our robust infrastructure and lowest price makes us the best and cheapest dedicated server.

Ultra Secure

Ultra Secure | MilesWeb UK

One of the essential advantages of dedicated servers is security. Your server resources are not shared because your server is yours alone. Although our data center provides high-level security to secure your server, you may use root access to install your own security software to provide an extra layer of protection to your cheap unmanaged dedicated server.

Guaranteed Uptime

Guaranteed Uptime | MilesWeb UK

We guarantee 99.95% uptime with our cheap dedicated server hosting. Our TIER IV data center, having powerful server architecture, ultra-fast network connectivity, increased security, and comprehensive hardware and software, makes this possible. Our server architecture ensures that your websites or apps are always available.

Looking to host your AI, ML or Deep Learning Apps?

We’ve got you covered! Check out our GPU dedicated server

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Your Choice of Operating System

Archlinux OS | MilesWeb UK
CentOS OS | MilesWeb UK
Debian OS | MilesWeb UK
Fedora OS | MilesWeb UK
Ubuntu OS | MilesWeb UK
Rocky OS | MilesWeb UK
FreeBSD OS | MilesWeb UK
Almalinux OS | MilesWeb UK

Cheap Dedicated Server with Premium Features

Get ahead of the competition with our powerful dedicated server features, which are well-equipped to manage your mission-critical website or application.

Intel Xeon Processors | MilesWeb UK
Intel Xeon Processors

On our bare metal cheap dedicated servers, we mount Intel Xeon CPUs. Intel Xeon processors are the most powerful and latest-generation CPUs, having the most CPU cores. The Intel Xeon processor offers your server top-notch performance and is ideal for hosting heavy applications and high traffic websites.

10 Gbps Network | MilesWeb UK
10 Gbps Network

Our robust network is designed to ensure that your website/applications load quickly. We have a data transfer speed of up to 10 Gbps, which allows us to host your resource-intensive websites/applications without affecting their performance. A high-speed network significantly reduces website load times and provides top-notch experience for your visitors.

SSL Encryption | MilesWeb UK
SSL Encryption

You get an SSL certificate for your website/app for free with our plans. Data sent to and from your server will be automatically encrypted, ensuring highest security for your website or app. No intruder can access the sensitive information shared by visitors as it travels across the internet.

Root/Administrative Access | MilesWeb UK
Root/Administrative Access

Our cheap dedicated server hosting grants you root or administrative access, allowing you to change any file on the server at your convenience. You may use the Secure File Transfer Protocol to access and transfer your files on your server in a secure manner (SFTP). You may also modify configurations in any way you want, install and remove server-wide apps, manage all ports, and much more.

Quick Provisioning | MilesWeb UK
Quick Provisioning

MilesWeb's experts will promptly deploy your server for you without making you wait too long. After you place a purchase order, our in stock servers are immediately deployed within 4 hours. Your desired operating system and control panel will be installed on the server for easy use.

No Setup Fees | MilesWeb UK
No Setup Fees

For deploying your servers, there is no setup price. We do not incur additional charges for installing the operating system or other software essential for your server to run smoothly. We take care of the entire server setup for you, free of charge, as soon as we get your order. We guarantee that your server is built swiftly and without interruptions.

Host Unlimited Websites | MilesWeb UK
Host Unlimited Websites

We don't limit resource use with our bare metal server services. Unlimited website hosting enables you to host as many websites as you wish within your plan's specified resources. It would be beneficial to host numerous websites under one server as maintenance will be much easier.

Fully Customizable | MilesWeb UK
Fully Customizable

You have complete control over your server configurations and can install any application you want. Furthermore, you may select your preferred operating system and control panel and have it installed by us.

Linux/Windows | MilesWeb UK

Our cheap dedicated server provides you the liberty of installing your own operating system, whether Linux or Windows. Simply choose your preferred operating system and inform us so that we can complete the setup and have you up and running in a matter of minutes!

Hear What Our Valued Customers Have to Say

We highly appreciate the kind and stellar feedback from our customers immensely.

Highly Recommended

MilesWeb literally gives you everything that’s required in a web host. Their support, uptime and hosting service is A++.

Peter B. UK
MilesWeb is the Finest

Hands down! I have been trying out their hosting solutions for the past 3 years. Trust me, I can say that this is the ultimate hosting experience so far.

Brendan L. UK
Appreciate These Guys

These guys are customer oriented. They never fail to impress with their outstanding approach in the hosting industry. Keep up the good work!

Nicholas S. UK
Migration Done Right

Thankfully I switched to MilesWeb! Truly happy with the way I’am boosting my website with their fast & efficient hosting.

Manfred L. Spain
Truly Amazing Support

Ran out of some technical issues for a few days. Thanks to their professional support with both hardware quality and really good SLAs.

David J. UK
Premium Hosting Service

Investing in reliable hosting is extremely important for online success. And MilesWeb is exactly the same. I am super-delighted with their top-class hosting service.

Sebastien S. CA

Your Cheap Dedicated Server Questions Answered

  • What are the advantages of a cheap dedicated server?

    MilesWeb provides cheap dedicated server hosting at the reasonable price-to-performance ratio on the market. Our server comes with enterprise-grade hardware from industry leaders like Dell, HP and Supermicro, along with the 99.95% SLA You can deploy our highly robust and powerful servers to build complex IT infrastructure and execute resource-consuming technology projects at low cost. Our servers provide the most stable and isolated environment making them perfect to process and host large volumes of sensitive data.

  • How much does a dedicated server cost?

    It all depends on your website or application and how much resources will be needed. MilesWeb offers cheap dedicated server with 99.95% uptime, full admin access, low latency, latest-generation processors, high security, and other features. Our dedicated hosting options are tailored to the individual requirements of small, medium, and big organizations. Our low cost dedicated server is filled with high specs and ample resources, so you can run your resource-intensive website or application with confidence. Check out our cheap dedicated server plans or get in touch with us to find out how much a dedicated server costs. On our dedicated server, we guarantee you'll get the best price in the market.

  • Why is MilesWeb the perfect choice for cheap dedicated server?

    Affordable Dedicated server hosting is the most premium service that a cheap web hosting provider can offer because it is the most reliable hosting service.. Compared to the cloud hosting service where server virtualization and collective server network is sustained by consuming server resources, dedicated hosting truly dedicates every last bit of its server resources to the user. It assures maximum performance and full resource utility.

    Our cheap dedicated server hosting also grants the users root access or administrative access, allowing them to configure server’s core settings to tailor them as per requirements. It gives the user full flexibility to control a powerful server machine and host resource-heavy web applications as well as high-traffic websites.

  • Is my budget enough to lease a MilesWeb Dedicated Server?

    MilesWeb has kept the costs low without compromising the hardware quality, network and server performance. It allows our cheap dedicated servers to fit in the budget of any enterprise/organization. In fact, the unique selling point of a MilesWeb dedicated server is its low and affordable cost. It lets users to get better service and hosting potential than a virtual private server by truly dedicating the powerful resources of the entire server at the lowest possible price. May it be an eCommerce website, a corporate website or an enterprise-level web application, MilesWeb low cost dedicated server is guaranteed to meet your performance requirements for the best price. We even offer fully managed dedicated server for an additional price, where our technical team handles your server. This option can save you a lot as it is a cheaper and more reliable alternative for hiring an in-house technical expert to manage your server.

  • Do you help with migration?

    Yes. We understand how difficult it is to transfer all of your files and folders to the server, which is why we have a team of specialists ready to assist you throughout the process. Our specialized migration team will carefully transfer all of your data to MilesWeb's dedicated server without causing data loss.

    For additional details Get in touch with us to for your migration request.

  • How does MilesWeb provide cheap dedicated server?

    At MilesWeb, we deliver flexible dedicated server plans to our clients at economical cost. Here, we directly collaborate with manufacturers with no third-party involvement to provide secured solutions. Instead of revenue generation we aim to provide cheap dedicated servers to our clients without compromising on quality standards.

  • Why should I buy dedicated server?

    In terms of data transfer rates (bandwidth), network speed, and processing power, dedicated server hosting is the finest option. Users who host on a dedicated are self-sufficient since they have complete control over the server's resources. Because the server is private, users can install their preferred operating system and control panel. Our cheap dedicated servers are built with a solid infrastructure that makes use of the most robust hardware, ensuring exceptional performance at a low cost.

  • When to choose a dedicated server over VPS hosting?

    A dedicated server is a high-performance hosting option ideal for resource-heavy websites or applications. With a dedicated server, you receive top-level performance, security and control. Plus, the server is entirely dedicated to you, meaning no noisy neighbors and no sharing of server resources with other users. Alternatively, cheap VPS hosting is an option if you’re looking to host high-traffic websites. In the end, depending on your requirements you can choose one that's ideal for your business!

  • How does cheap dedicated server hosting work?

    Cheap dedicated server hosting functions similarly to any other dedicated server hosting. The primary distinction is in the pricing model. Despite the reduced price, customers should still receive a dedicated server environment, you're allocated a server that's not shared with other users. This ensures consistent performance and full control over the server's resources. Moreover, features like support responsiveness, SSD NVMe storage, high-speed bandwidth, control panel makes the cheap dedicated server more preferable to host resource-intensive applications.

  • Are the low-cost dedicated servers secure?

    Yes, they are because the cost of a dedicated server doesn't directly correlate with its security. Low cost dedicated servers can be just as secure as their higher-priced counterparts. You get the resources like infrastructure, maintenance practices, the server's default software configurations, and additional security features. Regardless of the cost, we ensure that the operating system and all installed applications are up-to-date with the latest security patches.

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