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A Sneak Peak In The World Ahead : 5 Social Media Trends For Every Entrepreneur

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Technology is continuously transforming the way in which modern entrepreneurs stay connected with their business, their team, their clients and the whole industry. This article contains information on cutting edge tools that enable the entrepreneurs to stay ahead of trends.

The social media landscape is evolving on a constant basis. As a result of this, your social media marketing strategy cannot be static. Concentrate on reevaluating the business goals, planning and implementing social media strategies, gaining accurate platform results and make sure to create a new strategy at least once a year if not quarterly.

If you are aware of the trends in the social sphere then it is possible for you to design better strategies, apply the most efficient tactics and plan on where to invest your staff and the financial resources.

Here are the top most social media trends every entrepreneur must be aware of in 2014 and in the coming years:


You might have read about algorithm changes of Facebook. If you have a brand or a business page, there is a possibility that only a little volume of followers check your posts. Experts are of the opinion that this volume will reduce over the period of time reaching to just one percent. This is Facebook’s strategy of increasing on the advertising revenue. For you, it is important to consider other platforms for the social media presence as well. With o7verdependence on any one social media platform, you are at the mercy of that social media platform. Whether that platform crashes or changes its rules, a lot is at stake!

Google Plus Is Real

If there is one social networking website that businesses should give special attention to then that is Google plus. Google plus is playing an extremely important role in the Google’s organic rankings. This trend is expected to continue further. To the surprise of many entrepreneurs in the SEO industry, Matt Cuts stated in a recent video that Facebook and Twitter do not have any impact on the SEO rankings because of the crawling and accessibility issues. This goes on to say that if Google wants to use social sources for organic search rankings, it can easily use the Google plus data as the crawler access is unhindered.

Google plus is also a great way of getting access to Google Authorship that plays a crucial role in SEO. Through Google authorship, the search engine can identify your content, relate it to the correct author and build a unique portfolio for every author. This concept referred to as ‘Author Rank’. Author rank is the algorithmic scoring that is given on the basis of author expertise and history of publishing.

In most of the cases, author image appears next to the content in the search results; this also helps in increasing visibility and click-through rates.

SEO, Content Creation And Social Media Integration

The SEO industry has moved away from the idea that social media, SEO and content marketing are isolated strategies. Social media marketing greatly impacts the way in which content is seen and shared. Content creation and content marketing has direct impact on your SEO performance especially after the latest algorithm update by Google. It is important that you consider SEO, social media and content marketing as the three strong pillars of online presence. Thisd is a system that works efficiently or increasing the visibility, create your brand and ultimately get sales and customers.

Visual Content Wins!

Approximately 60 percent of social media comprises of images. The visual platforms are playing a crucial role in social media for business. Along with the images, video content also has a great impact. Video content marketing has been revolutionized with the introduction of websites like ‘Vine’ and ‘Instagram’ that feature micro videos. Posting infographics is also another online marketing strategy that is highly effective.

Not every visual platform will work for your business. It is important for you to put in the extra effort for finding the visual angel to your business according to the nature of your business. Experimenting with different types of content will help you to revitalize the social media marketing strategy.

Social Media For Brand Building

The social media channels must be managed for a brand-oriented approach. The platform used for building your brand impacts SEO and it also has further impact on sales for a long term. You need to think if the visuals of your social media accounts are in context with the rest of the visual branding. You also need to think if you are filtering your status updates for ensuring that they are in context with overall brand building. In this year and in the coming years, you must focus on establishing your brand through social interactions.

If there is something to learn from social media evolution this year, it is that the entrepreneurs who have a flexible and engaged approach will have the highest ROI. Spend time in understanding the general trends and focus on your mail goals, along with this also take the right action at the right time and don’t hesitate to experiment with the specific online marketing strategies that grow and change with the evolution of your business.

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Neha Kahnna is a professional content writer associated with MilesWeb. She curates articles on web hosting, latest SEO trends and technology topics. Her insightful content captivates the reader’s attention and deliver a higher learning ROI.

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