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10 Interesting Calligraphy Fonts

The best calligraphy font styles are typefaces that precisely, perfectly, and neatly emulate human written work, normally used to include style, enrichment, and emphasis to short messages. In this article, we’ll cover 10 Interesting calligraphy font styles for you to use in your up and coming plans or designs.

1) Qaskin Black Personal Use Font:


Qaskin Black Personal Use Font is one of most superior fonts trusted by millions of designers in the calligraphy category. Uppercase letters look really awesome and lowercase characters are planned in a customary calligraphy way.

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2) Scriptina Pro:


Scriptina Pro is redesigned by Fredrick Nader and Roger S. Nelsson published under CheapProFonts, as their 100th font released. This calligraphic font has various accessible substitutes that are crafted flawlessly to fit with any outline design.

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3) Hiatus:


Hiatus is a pleasant approach for formal and classical scripts that gives you a chance to make a unique combination of letterforms with enough letter dispersing in both capital and small letters. This calligraphic font will be the best font style for any sort of the event.

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4) The King & Queen:


This font has a few hints of gothic or option style because of its grungy background. Additionally, font designer utilized distinctive line widths, which makes the text style look more “manual” or “Hand-written”. Some thorny lines and edges add particular chic to this free Calligraphy font, it is recommended for architects, who get a kick out of the chance to explore different avenues regarding font and are not afraid of mixing classic design with option shades.

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5) Cygnet:


The font looks quite adjusted without those fancy curls, as we can observe in other calligraphy fonts. Both lowercase and upper Roman characters are incorporated into the Cygnet character map. Plus, it likewise contains a vast variety of extra characters, permitting the utilization of these fonts in letters in order to emphasize letters.

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6) Lamar Pen:


Lamar Pen is a work of art and outstanding handwriting calligraphy font designed by Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar. His jazzy and elegant handwriting results in a surprising calligraphic font that looks marvelous when letters are combined with each other.

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7) Always Pro:


Always Pro font family has been accessed in 6 distinct styles specifically light dense standard, consolidated light, dark, fat and normal. This calligraphic font is designed by Anton Scholtz and every font is very stylish with lots of curls and ornate.

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8) Carolyna Pro Black:


Carolyna Pro Black is a bolder variant of Carolyna Pro that looks exceptionally elegant and stylish. This calligraphic font is intended to give more accentuation on cutting modern handwriting that can be perused effectively even on far view. It looks handwritten with lots of cursive details.

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9) Poem Script Pro:


Poem Script Pro is a collection of Amercian pen script style established in the 19th Century. It has unique strokes and thin cursive details and it is one of the most utilized fonts for poems.

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10) French Kiss:


French Kiss is a unique in relation to a large portion of the calligraphic font since it has broader strokes and separated letters. It doesn’t have many cursive points and twists, but it looks traditional. It is suitable for designing an invitation card.

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