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Make Your Facebook Ads More Productive By Avoiding These 5 Mistakes

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Investing in Facebook ads is a quick and rewarding way to get increased traffic to your website. However you will get the right results only if you do the right thing! Facebook ads are affordable, you can setup ads according to your budget, and they are easy to manage as well. One of the best things about running ads on Facebook is that this platform is home to distinct type of users and you have a wider audience to reach out to. Every type of business can find their target audience here, and you need to smartly portray your business on Facebook so that you achieve more sales and traffic.

In place of writing about the strategies you must implement, it is more important to know about the mistakes that are generally made while setting up Facebook ads. This will help you in creating bespoke ads to perfection.

It’s time to put your best foot forward! Here is an insight on the 5 grave mistakes that you should avoid for getting better outcomes through Facebook ads:

#1 Not Creating Customized Landing Pages

Facebook gets paid when users click on your ad; therefore, if you set up your ad methodically, it will be useful in driving traffic to your website. When users click on your ad, they will be directed to the respective page on your website. If you haven’t created a landing page that is optimized for conversions, you will end up wasting a lot of money.

So before you put up your ad, you should first focus on creating a customized landing page that will feature more information about the offer or discount that you mentioned on Facebook.

You must create unique landing pages for Facebook ads. Your website home page is great for the people who have organically come to your website. However when you are running ads, you need to have a landing page that is at par with people’s expectations.

It is true that you can direct the people clicking on your Facebook ads to your website’s home page, but you must consider the fact that your home page features many other pieces of information as well. Whereas if you create a special landing page, people will only see the information that they were interested in. Your ad was made for your specific targeted audience; therefore, you must greet them with a customized landing page on your website.

Ideally, the landing page that you create for your Facebook ads should not have a menu or any unrelated links that can distract people.

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#2 Inserting A Lot Of Text In The Ad Image And Description

You have the option of adding as much text you want in the Facebook ad image section, but that does not mean that you should literally add a lot of text and keywords. It is important for you to be aware of the fact that Facebook restricts the ad reach in case it comprises of a lot of text. In order to ensure maximum reach, you must limit the text in the ad. Add just the right amount of text to get the attention of the people. You can add the rest of the text to the description.

Facebook allows you to write an in-depth description, but you must make it a brief one. The reason behind this is that the Facebook feed contains a lot of distractions. When people are browsing through Facebook, they will give little attention to every post they see. If you wish to get immediate attention, your description text needs to be catchy and precise. This will increase the chances of your ad getting read and clicked on.

#3 Not Testing Your Facebook Ads

You are making a huge mistake if you put all your money in your first Facebook ad without knowing the consequences. You might be pumping a lot of money to get the right results, and before you go live with your first ad, it is important to test it. Invest a very small amount for a week or two to check if the ad is working well for you along with the combination of your landing page. If you think that the ad is doing well, then you can pump up your budget and if it is not, you can make some improvements in the ad and try again with a small budget.

Another great advantage of testing your Facebook ad before you launch it officially is that it will help in generating likes and comments. This will enhance your social proof and when you invest more money in your ad, more people will see it and react on it.

#4 Not Creating Multiple Versions Of The Ad

Irrespective of whether the first version of your Facebook ad generated a good ROI or not, you must plan various other nuances of your Facebook ad. You can test multiple other versions of your Facebook ad to see the results they get. If the first ad is successful, most people don’t think of any other version of the ad. You can make changes in the image design, the text and the description or you can replace the image with a video, anything, you must create various other combinations.

Even some minor changes here and there can lead to major results in the long run. So it is important to keep creating new ads consistently. You must give something new to your audience to see. If they keep seeing the same ad on your page several times, they will lose interest in it.

Many people don’t know the fact that Facebook has a feature known as spilt testing through which you can operate multiple versions of the same ad. You must take complete advantage of this feature; it will help you in getting more precise results.

Similarly, you can also create more versions of your landing page or you can make some modifications in your existing landing page to see the results that you get.

#5 Using The Wrong Facebook Ad Type

Facebook offers multiple ad formats so that your ads can get a better response. In order to reach out to the right audience, you need to have clarity about the type of audience you want to target so that you can select the most appropriate ad format.

The most popular Facebook ad types include:

  • Photos (with various size versions)
  • Slideshows
  • Carousal
  • Videos
  • Using canvas
  • Collections (a single ad that comprises of all your products)

Along with the ad options mentioned above, there are various ways through which you can display your ads. You can display ads on:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Right-hand sidebar

On the basis of the goals behind your Facebook ad, there are certain ways in which you can display your Facebook ads, they include the following:

Lead Ads (For Mobiles) : These ads are created through a pre-populated form for getting the user’s information.

Link Ads : These ads contain a link that points to your website. This link will be in CTA prompt format. These prompts can include Sign Up, Learn More, Download, Shop Now etc.

In order to create and run a successful Facebook ad campaign, it is important to identify the ad type that will work best for you and the one that is in accordance with your goals. For instance, desktop ads can ensure maximum conversions for you; however they are more expensive and there is a lot of competition for these ads. You also need to take your ad campaign budget into consideration before planning your ad. You must test different ad formats to see how they fair and what kind of response you get through them.

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Bonus Tip – Ensure Your Website Aesthetics

While it is important to create a unique landing page, it is also important to concentrate on the look and feel of your website. Your complete website along with your newly created landing page should load quickly. You might get a lot of traffic from your Facebook ads, but if they land on a slow moving website, they are not going to stay for a longer time. Even if people come to your landing page, they might want to explore your website and if it is slow, it is going to be a turn off for them. In order to make your website faster, it is crucial to support your website with a web hosting platform based on powerful SSD servers. If your current web hosting platform is making our website slow, you need to upgrade it.

The idea is that the people coming through the Facebook ad should land on a welcoming page. All your website aesthetics including the website design, speed, color combination, fonts used, images etc. come together to create an impression on the users. All these aspects must be perfectly in order to hold the attention of the users for a longer span of time.

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To Sum It All

There is no definite formula for creating and running a Facebook ad. The key lies only in trying different types of Facebook ads and you will know what works best for you. You need to go the extra mile with your creativity to catch your audience’s attention. Researching about what types of ads are favored by your target audience will help you in creating a rewarding Facebook ad. When Facebook ads are done right, they have the power to ensure astonishing results for your business and this is a worthwhile investment.

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