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3 Sales Pitch Ideas to Close More Deals

sales pitch speech ideas

It is a simple saying “Un bon argumentaire de vente obtient plus de clôtures!” If you brainstorm into better sales pitch ideas, you can win. Otherwise, it is a waste of energy and time.

A good sales pitch is concise, a hook and attention-seeking. 

If your pitch is not even 1% engaging, the content needs polishing. The reason I say this is, people are smart. They know what they have to take in and throw out. If you seem to explain your products and services with an amazing informative speech, they are likely to avoid it in the first 2-3 seconds itself. 

You must have seen many salespeople visit house to house and company to company. 

In other words, we call it business to business and business to customers. 

So these salespeople do their best in selling what they have got. Well, they still fail to convince us into buying. Why? It is because of the pitch that wasn’t sharp enough. 

I have invested a good time curating three sales pitch ideas and a few example templates to help. If you put in some effort to follow them, you can improve your conversion rate. 

Also, before you see the tips and tricks, you must understand the definition. 

What is a Sales Pitch?

A sales pitch is a short and clear curation of your offering. You talk about your products and services in a certain way that gets you closings. Every salesperson creates a different sales pitch accordingly. Some of them go for presentations consisting of facts and graphs. 

However, a good sales pitch is the pitch that converts leads into customers in one to two go. 

It is an essential part of every business. If your approach to your products and services is not apt, you cannot expect others to show interest in them. So a sales pitch is a good way to create a strong need. 

There’s this great saying, “Don’t find customers for your products. Find products for your customers”. You must solve an issue that they are facing. That is when you make business and closings. 

A sales pitch is also about digging down to look for a problem that your products and services can resolve. For instance, you are a website designer, and you found faults in some other websites. That allows you to put forth your solutions that can help them run a better performing website. Well, if your pitch is not clear and crystal or convince them, it won’t work out. 

This was an example of a cold pitch. However, there are a few types of sales pitches that you can experiment with to find out what suits your customers the best. 

Creative Sales Pitch Ideas

We will look at a few ways about creating better pitches that give you more closings. In fact, I will walk you through opening sales pitch examples, templates and best sales pitch lines so that you can receive better conversions. 

Well, “better results” also mean “first implementation”. If you don’t follow the steps, you may continue to get the same results as you do now. That is why remember continuous learning is a way to go.

1. Connect to Their Emotions

opening sales pitch examples

It is simple psychology. Humans react well to humans who connect to their emotions. If you pinch their pain and relate to them, they are more likely to listen and do whatever you suggest. 

You can take a help of a story here to make a creative sales pitch. People remember stories more than the product. Once you win their trust, the deal is confirmed. 

Here is one of the story sales pitch examples over the phone –


Hey John, how are you? (Addressing directly, so they know you are somebody who knows them). 

John – Who is it? I don’t remember you.

You – Absolutely, you don’t know me. But do you remember filling a form about a digital marketing course with 100’s of free study materials worth 20,000Inr? You had mentioned your contact details, so I thought to connect with you.

John – Oh yes! Sorry Ma’am, I couldn’t recognize you. (They might show respect as well now.)

You – I understand. That’s no big deal but, could you tell me one good reason for filling this form?

John – I want to make a career in digital marketing. I think it is the best income source, but I am not skilled. 

You – That is so true. Even I started like that. I was in my 12th STD when I wanted to be a digital marketer. Now, I am a six-figure earner. It is indeed the best income source, as you said. But it requires you to be skilled. If you are not knowledgeable, you cannot offer much to the field.

John – Yes, Ma’am. That is one of the reasons why I want to opt for the course. Can you tell me more about it and its benefits as well?

And that is how you take over a conversation, from connecting their emotions to attracting them towards your products and services. This can be the most basic call calling pitch. However, you can think of even better phrases to use as they will benefit you in the end. 

2. Make Them Aware of Problems

creative sales pitch ideas

You can use an email or social media platform for the same. Let your prospects know what they are missing. Plus, let them know how they are inviting more issues in their life by not implementing what they must. 

Here’s one of the examples of winning sales pitch 

Hi John, I see you have a wonderful Linkedin Page about you and the services you offer. I also noticed you have around 15,000 followers. Obviously, it is your hard work, and I don’t doubt that. But, there’s another thing I noticed on your page. 

When I observed the issue, I realized you are actually missing on better wealth. Why do I say so? 

Well, your expert services seem to be really apt, but I am sure you don’t receive as many clients as you should. And one of the reasons I feel is poor content marketing. Your captions and each post’s contents are less attractive, less engaging and with zero hooks. If you look forward to focusing on your content marketing, you can receive better leads. In fact, I can guarantee you better results with my content writing skills if you wish to collaborate and help you generate more clients. That too at lower costs than my standard charges. What do you think? 

Well, I am dropping my contact and email address below. Also, don’t worry, together we can help your services take ahead. Good day  



3. Hit With a Question

Here’s one of the recurrent sales pitch ideas. Most entrepreneurs use probing question techniques to close deals. 

Here’s are a few examples of how to make a sales pitch using questions –

  • Did you know your Youtube Channel will get banned in a few months? I think I can help you understand why. 
  • Will you stop blogging if self-hosting sites like close? No, right? Then why not get a domain and web hosting service and safeguard your blog?
  • Who manages your social media pages? I see there’s a lot of work success missing.

If you use these questions as a helping tool, you can win better. In fact, you can think of enhanced questions and use them as a pitch. They will sure shot give you more conversions. 

Best Sales Pitch Lines to Use as Email Subject

  • John, your Google rankings have dropped! (If you are an SEO expert).
  • Where is your family right now? (If you have a travelling agency. You can hook customers with a subject line as such that makes them open and read. And talk about how your tickers are so low, they can easily plan a round trip. 
  • This is why low-quality brands scam you! (If you offer security services as such). 

When writing pitching lines, try to avoid quotes and catchy lines. They don’t work, but what work is a real-life problem. 

Tips to Improve your Sales Pitch

  • Invest time to research the issues your products and services can resolve
  • Research the customer needs
  • Connect with a few customers to understand their experiences
  • Run a survey form to collect feedbacks about why did they choose to purchase from you
  • Create urgency and high demand
  • Highlight pain and problems


Businesses are a way to increase wealth. It doesn’t only contribute to the country’s income but also your standard of living. If your business is worth every penny, it does require a worthy speech or pitch. Otherwise, you won’t receive much value. 

I hope I assisted you to a level that you look forward to following and implementing the sales pitch ideas. 

The Author

Rukayya is a psychology student. She loves writing and can curate content on any provided niche. Her immense love for writing contents has helped her heal. You can find her on any social media platform.

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