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Brilliant Ways To Identify & Optimize The Customer Experience Touch Points

If you want to see your business grow constantly, you must make sure that your potential customers can interact seamlessly with your company. You will get new customers only if your offerings interest them. Informative interactions will help you to know about your offerings and increase your chances of getting new leads. As a business, you can gather information offered by your target audience to shape your business according to their needs.

Executing these important aspects will be much easier for you if you are aware of your customer touchpoints. This write-up will educate you about recognizing your customer touchpoints and optimizing them.

Tips To Recognize Customer Touchpoints 

Certain customer touchpoints are obvious! For instance, when your sales and support teams interact with the customers, you should consider each of those interactions, customer query-related conversations, sales calls, demos and product tutorials as your customer touchpoints.

Then, there are a few things that you will have to discover through research. For instance, you can use Google Analytics to find out the sources of traffic to your business website. Getting hold of your acquisition report would come in handy.

Here are some ideas that you can use:

  • Filter the “Organic” report based on “Source”. This will allow you to identify the search engines that are directing traffic towards your website. On the other hand, if you filter based on “Landing Page”, you will get to see the pages visitors are viewing most often.
  • Filter based on “Social” if you want to see which social media websites are directing traffic towards your website.
  • Filter based on “Referral” in order to see the third-party websites that have referred your website to readers through backlinking and thereby increased traffic to your website.

You can identify customer touchpoints by asking your customers about where they heard your business name as well. This trick will help you to spot touchpoints that are not identified by the above methods. Examples include referrals from friends, relatives, colleagues, and advertisements published in a newspaper/magazine.

Tips To Optimize Common Customer Touchpoints 

Company Website

The best way to optimize your website’s product landing pages and the homepage is by describing your products/services clearly.

Don’t commit the mistake of assuming that people visiting your site already know your products when creating content for your landing pages. If you do so, the first-time visitors will need to spend a lot of time on your site to determine what exactly you are offering. This results in poor user experience and might force your potential customers to move to another website for solutions.

If you feel that you’ll not be able to describe your products in detail due to space constraint on the landing page, embed videos featuring detailed descriptions of your offerings.

You must also be transparent with the price of your products. If you cannot mention the exact price of your services/products without understanding the clients’ requirements, do include some information to help the visitors understand whether they can afford your offerings.

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Company Blog

While creating content for your company’s blog, remember that it gets different types of visitors and not just people who have been shopping for products/services you offer.

These include your existing customers, individuals who might become your customers after a few days and also people who can buy your products/services after five years. To keep all these people attached to your blog, you must produce high-quality, actionable content. Instead of constantly publishing sales pitches, you should publish content that your audience will find useful.

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Social Media

Instead of having a profile on every single social media website, you should focus on a few of them. Pick the social media websites where your target audience tend to spend a significant amount of time. Ideally, you should go for social media platforms where you’ll be able to keep your profiles active. Staying active is crucial to ensure that queries of your customers don’t go unanswered.


Marketing emails and newsletters are tools that would help you to stay in touch with both your existing and potential customers. However, make sure you don’t end up sending too many newsletters or emails to your customers and subscribers. Such actions will only annoy them.

Ideally, you should divide the email list of your business into separate groups. For instance, one group can consist of people who look forward to your newsletters, while another can include individuals who are just interested in getting updates regarding the launch of new products/services.

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Paid Ads

Make sure whenever a visitor clicks on a paid ad, he or she is directed to a page featuring information related to the ad’s content. For example, if the paid ad talks about a sale, clicking on it should take the user to a page that either displays various products on sale or includes a detailed description of the sale.

Customer Referrals

Businesses often create affiliate programs to increase their sales. These programs pay a commission to people if their referral leads to a sale. Along with using affiliate marketing, you can also consider opting for referral programs. The referral programs are meant only for your existing customers. This means, your products/services will only be referred by people who have already used them. They will know who they should refer your products/services to and never provide wrong information about them.

Demo & Sales Calls

Never allow your sales team to operate only with the aim of completing the sale. Your sales team should make sure that they are providing your prospects with a great customer experience.

Never force your prospects to schedule calls with the sales team of your company. Don’t force them to get services/products that they don’t need. Your sales team must identify the exact needs of your prospects and plan their presentation accordingly.

Customer Support

If you want to offer all your potential and existing consumers with a great customer experience, you must make sure you provide them with flawless customer service. A bad support experience can instantly degrade a consumer’s perception of your brand.

Approximately 93% of customers can come back to your business for repeat purchases if you manage to offer them first-rate customer service.

Here are a few things you can do to make your customer service flawless:

  • Customers shouldn’t find it difficult to get in touch with the support team. Offer support through various channels preferred by your customers.
  • Offer self-service facilities to your customers. For example, add an FAQ section to your website and upload tutorials.
  • Be prompt with your response. Try to get back to your customers as quickly as possible with the required solutions. However, never compromise with quality in an attempt to be quick. That’s because thorough support always beats quick support.

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The discussion above must have helped you to understand that the easiest of optimizing your customer touchpoints is by ensuring that you are offering them a great consumer experience. You should be prompt with your replies, provide them with informative content and avoid misleading them with information that they don’t need. It is important to understand that customer service is a team effort; all the teams should be in synchronization when it comes to providing the best solutions to the customers.

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