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50+ Useful Live Chat Scripts And Smart Customer Service Phrases

Live chat is one of the most widely accepted communication channels for customer service and sales that is used by all types of businesses. You can elevate the value of your live chat feature through effective communications. It is important to ensure that your sales and support teams are having impactful and profound live chat conversations, if that’s not the case, you need to know some very effective live chat scripts and customer service phrases that can be used to make the conversations better.

Live chat scripts are mostly similar to the standard responses. The canned responses are utilized for answering the questions quickly but they don’t always end up in closing a sale. However, if you make use of the right scripts and phrases, you will not just be able to resolve your customer queries but you will be able to deliver a uniform customer experience as well.

How Do The Live Chat Scripts Help In Customer Service?

The overall chat experience is improvised when the agent communicates confidently. Creating positive scripting for customer service is all about formulating effective messages that can be used in different scenarios when the agents have to communicate with the customers. The customer service chat transcripts are helpful in the following ways:

Fast Response : With the help of pre-defined responses for the standard and commonly asked questions, the resolution process becomes faster as quick responses can be given and this boosts customer satisfaction.

Right Tone Of Language : Properly formulated scripts help the agents to communicate through the defined language for making sure that the customers are satisfied and this turns out to be the best form of communication for your brand.

Uniformity In Brand Experience : The live chat scripts help in delivering a persistent brand messaging experience in the course of the conversations with the website visitors or customers. The consistent satisfactory experience results in spreading of positive word of mouth for your business.

Positive Phrases For Customer Service

Nothing beats saying the right thing at the right time!

Positive customer service phrases and words help in writing affirmative sentences and affirmative communications that have the potential to create magic. If you have access to such amazing words and phrases for your live chat scripts, you will have the potential to enhance customer engagements and increase the customer satisfaction levels.

Here are some great examples of affirmative words and phrases that can be utilized for the live chat scripts and some customer service phrases templates that will make the customers happy:

  • Excellent
  • Absolutely
  • Definitely
  • Fantastic
  • Assure
  • Certainly
  • Amazing
  • Great
  • Wonderful
  • Awesome
  • Superb
  • Good
  • Wonderful
  • Perfect

Negative Words Should Be Avoided


Words have the power to inspire and words have the potential to destroy as well, you need to make the right choice!

It is true that there can be bad situations but the use of negative words can make it worse. Negative words are never good to hear and they sound rude and this deteriorates the customer experience. Use of negative words should be prevented while the chat conversations are going on or this might be your last conversation with the customer.

If you use a lot of negative words and phrases, you can lose the perspective customers and this will have a further effect on your brand and this can even spread a negative word of mouth.

Here are some negative words that you should avoid in every situation during the live chats:

  • Bad
  • Never
  • Terrible
  • Awful
  • No way
  • Not at all
  • Forget it
  • Horrible

Even if you have to deny something, there is a way of saying it! If you say ‘No’ right away, it creates a bad and negative impact and you must avoid using it. You can say no with positive words and affirmative sentences as well. In place of what you are denying, you can suggest some other resources so that the customers can think about them.

The standard live chat scripts & customer service phrases for effective customer support & sales:

You need perfectly structured customer support chat scripts for delivering consistent superior customer service. We present to you the most common support transcripts and important customer service phrases that you can use for various situations.

Customer Service Greetings


It’s not what you say but how you say it that makes all the difference!

Even if you start a conversation with a plain and simple ‘Hello’, you have made a positive start to the conversation. A rude or lazy greeting can make your customer lose interest in the conversation right in the beginning.

We all know the power of first impression, therefore it is important to use the best customer service phrases during the chat sessions. You can use customer greeting examples mentioned below that comprise of positive scripting and impressive phrases:

Customer service greetings examples:

  • Hello, welcome to ‘your business name’ thank you for visiting our website. How can we assist you today? Or How can we help you today?
  • Hello, thank you for using ‘your business name’ service. How can I help you today?
  • Hello, ‘use customer name’ welcome back to ‘your business name’. Did you encounter any more problems with ‘mention the earlier issue’?
  • Welcome back ‘use customer name’. Happy to see you back again. How can we assist you today? Or How can we help you today?

Letting the customer know that the chat can be recorded:

  • Hello, I would like to inform you that this chat might be recorded for training purposes.
  • Hi, we would like to let you know that this chat is monitored for quality assurance.

Sales Follow Up


Sales follow up is a critical process and it determines customer behavior as well. It is important for every sales team to follows up with the prospects and nurture the leads in a way so that the sale is closed. Even if the customer is not keen on responding, if the follow up process is done correctly, it has the potential to nurture the existing lead and generate more leads as well., this helps in improving the overall conversion rate.

Creating a perfect sales flow up script will have long term benefits. You can consider using the live chat scripts and phrases mentioned below:

When you have to ask the customer or prospect for contact details:

  • Hi, ‘name of the customer’. May I request you to share your contact details/information.
  • Hello, I will need your contact details to provide details about the further process. Kindly provide/share your phone number, email etc.

Knowing more about the product/service the customer is looking for:

  • Hi, ‘customer name’ would you like to get more information about ‘product or service name’? If you want I can provide all the details.
  • Hi, I can explain the installation steps of ‘process name’ to you in detail.

Asking what brings the customer to your website:

  • Hello, ‘customer name’, what gets you to our website? What are you looking for? This will help us to serve you better.
  • Good morning ‘customer name’, what brings you to our website? What was the source through which you came to know about our website?

Request For Live Assistance


There will be situations where you will have to implement the live customer engagement tools for gaining an in-depth understanding about delivering real time solutions. Live assistance combined with co-browsing and video chat requires access to your customer screen for identifying the issue and providing the appropriate solutions or for guiding them though a process.

When you effectively collaborate with your customers, your conversations are personalized and this boosts customer satisfaction. You can refer to the scripts mentioned below for customer support chat tips for co-browsing requests and for video chat requests.


  • We need access to your screen and we would like to co-browse together for addressing your issue. Should we proceed with that?
  • Can we start the co-browsing session for assisting you through the process?

Video Chat:

  • We need to identify the issue that you are encountering. Can we start a video chat conversation?
  • On the basis of the information that you have given, we are having trouble analyzing your issue. Is it alright with you to have a video chat to figure out the reason behind this issue?

Asking For Apology


You might have to ask for apologies in some situations but doing this is an art. As mentioned earlier, saying no is not the right thing to do when it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction. It is your responsibility to make sure that the customer stays positive throughout the conversation. In different circumstances, you must apologize in different ways. Here are some examples:

Apology for some issue:

  • We’re sorry about the ‘mention issue’. Let me check with my manager to find out if we can fix this for you.
  • We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. We’re sorry. We will be more careful towards ‘mention the issue’ and this will be on top priority for us. Please be patient while we resolve this for you.

Apology in case you are unable to meet the request:

  • May I request you to go through the ‘mention solution’ as a better option to ‘mention the problem’?
  • We sincerity apologize for the inconvenience caused to you / we regret the inconvenience caused to you, but we don’t have the oversees shipping facility at this moment.

Providing alternative options/solutions

  • May I request you to go through these ‘solutions’ as a better option for the ‘mention problem’.
  • I would like to recommend ‘mention solution’ that is perfect for your requirements.

Transferring The Customer Service Chats


You might not always have the most accurate information that the customer is looking for and that’s perfectly fine. Things can get complicated when the customer needs information on something right away and you don’t have access to that information or solution.

First of all, don’t panic in such situations! Panic makes you confused and you might end up saying something that messes up the entire conversation. In this situation, you can get the customer transferred to the right person.

You can use the positive phrases mentioned below for transferring the chat to the relevant person so that the customer is not kept waiting for a long period of time:

  • I am so sorry for the confusion / I apologize for the confusion, but this is not the right department that can provide you the information that you are looking for. I will transfer you to the right person if that’s ok for you / with your permission.
  • Please hold for a moment while I transfer you to ‘mention agent name’.

Placing The Customer On Hold


Even if you are in middle of the most critical conversation, you cannot just put the customer on hold without him/her knowing about it. It is important to make sure that you use the right procedure to put the customer on hold. The truth is nobody likes being on hold when the query is very critical and urgent. However, there are situations when the customer care representatives have to put the customer on hold for getting better solutions.

Putting the customer on hold in the middle of the conversation:

  • Can I please place you on hold for a moment?
  • It will just take a moment for me to go through all the details, till then can I put you on hold?

When the customer call or chat is in queue:

  • We are sorry but all our agents are engaged at the moment. We request you to hold for a few minutes, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • All our agents are busy at this moment. Kindly hold for the ‘queue time’, and our representative will join you shortly.

Thanking the customers for waiting:

  • We really appreciate your patience for holding (and apologize for the wait time if it took too long).
  • Thank you for being with us! We apologize for the wait time. we are now available to assist you.

Asking For More Information


Collecting information is an important part of getting the work done in the right way!

However you need to develop trust so that the customer is comfortable in sharing information. It is possible to seamlessly manage the information requests with the help of the scripts mentioned below:

If you use words and phrases like these, the customers will be confident that they are in safe hands:

Asking for general information:

  • We need some additional information from you before we proceed. Please share the required information.
  • May I request you to provide some additional information before we continue? It will help in improving our service.
  • We will need additional information from you. Here’s assuring you that your information is kept confidential at all times. Kindly share the (mention the information you need).

Credit card and billing information:

  • I request you to help me with your current billing address.
  • For processing your order, I will need your credit card number, expiry date and security code. I assure you that your information is kept confidential at all times.

Address Verification:

  • I request you to verify your current residence/office address.
  • May I ask you to provide the zip code of your current address?

Asking for personal information:

  • I request you to provide the account number that is listed on your generated bill/invoice.
  • Can you please help me with your date of birth and social security number for proceeding further?

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Proactive Triggers

Proactive customer service has become a new trend and it is very effective. A well informed, well-timed and personalized proactive trigger message has the potential to create sales opportunities and boost customer satisfaction as well. However, everything depends on your proactive live chat strategy.

Below mentioned are some situations where the visitors and customers accept the chat invites:

Based on demographics:

  • Make use of country specific scripts like – Bonjour (for the Spanish audience) ‘name of the customer’, Comment puis-je vous aider? (How may I help you today in Spanish).
  • Hello! My name is ‘mention your name’. I am the regional representative for ‘mention country/region/city/state’. How may I assist you today?

When the customer is hesitant:

  • Hello ‘customer name’. If you are buying ‘mention product or service’ today, you can use the promo code to get a discount of 20%. Would you prefer to chat to know about the further details?
  • Hi ‘customer name’, let me assure you that it is a worthy investment if you are purchasing the product now. The offer is going to expire in 3 days.

For reviewing the options:

  • We acknowledge that having too many options can be confusing. May I help you in deciding?
  • It is obvious that anyone will have a problem with too many choices, can I help you to go ahead with the right choice?

Promotions & Discounts


Every visitor that comes to your chat, call or website might not end up with a sale. With the right promotions and discounts, visitors can be engaged so that they close the sale and this reduces the shopping cart abandonment as well. Sending a proactive message for initiating a chat with efficient scripts all about discounts and offers increases the possibilities of sales conversion.

Try using the chat scripts mentioned below for converting your visitors to customers:

Check Out:

  • It looks to me that you are visiting the pages frequently but you are not able to make the final purchase. Can I explain the promotional offers we have for the ‘products / services’ you like?

Pricing Page

  • Hello ‘customer name’, Can I tell you more about the special discounted price for the ‘products/services’ that you are interested in?

Pricing Page

  • Hello ‘customer name’, can I provide you information about the exclusive discounted price for the ‘products/services’ that you are interested in?

Home page or anywhere on the website

  • Hello! We are glad to inform you that we are offering a discount on ‘mention the promotion’. Would you like to take advantage of this limited period offer?

Thanking The Customers / Visitors


Closing the conversation, whether the sale is completed or not is as important as starting the conversation!

The objective is not just completing the sale but it is to make sure that your visitor or customer does not walk away with a negative impression. Therefore, before closing any customer or visitor conversation it is important to ask if they need assistance for anything else.

You can wrap up your chat conversations with the scripts mentioned below:

  • Thank you for using ‘mention your business name’ customer care. We hope that we could answer all your questions and we would love to hear from you soon! Have a great day!
  • Thank you for visiting our website / Thank you for stopping by our website. Hope to see you again soon. Have a good day!
  • Thank you for using, ‘mention business name’. We hope we could resolve all your queries today. You can contact us anytime in the future if you need assistance regarding any of our ‘products/services’. Have a great day!

Review Requests

Customer reviews are based on the experience that they had with you after using the products or services you offer or after the conversation that they had with you. The feedback shared by the customers in their reviews can be helpful in creating new business strategies and in incorporating the customer’s point of view in the strategies.

It is important to ask the customers for their reviews at the right time and in the right way! It’s an art! The post-purchase reviews are based on the practical experience of the customers.

Here are some helpful ways to ask customers for reviews:

  • Hi ‘mention name of the customer’, we are glad that we were able to fix your issue in a less time. if you found us helpful, would you mind leaving us a review? You can leave a review by going to ‘mention the link and the review website’.
  • If you had a good experience with us, we would be happy if you post a review about our ‘products/services’ by going to ‘mention the link and review website’.

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Thumb Rules Of Using Customer Service Phrases & Role Play

Before you put all the live chat scripts and customer service phrases to practice, you must have a role play with these scripts to check how these phrases actually sound form the perspective of the customer. This will provide you a clear insight about the important the small details that should be added to your conversations. You will come across situations where the customer is very angry and might leave at any point of time but this is the time when you have to be patient and slowly and tactfully steer that customer to the right conclusion.

At all times make sure that the conversation that you have has a positive feel about it. There are better ways to communicate and then there are smart ways to lead to the right results! Smart – is saying he right thing at the right time!

Be smart, be proactive, be vigilant, be observant, be fluent, be confident and you will get to the conversation outcome that you desire!

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