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Understanding What Cloud Hosting Really Means!


Cloud hosting has evolved as one of the most popular forms of hosting that gained success in the past few years. The main concept on which cloud hosting works is ‘divide and rule’. This means that the resources required for maintaining your website are distributed across more than one web servers and they are rendered as per the needs.  As a result of this, the possibilities of downtime are greatly reduced.

Another significant aspect of cloud hosting is that it enables you to manage peak hour traffic loads easily without having to handle any bandwidth issues as one server is always available for providing the additional resources in this case. Therefore, your website does not depend on just one server, there is a cluster of servers that work together, this infrastructure is known as ‘the cloud’.

Example Of Cloud Hosting

If you would like to see a real-time example of cloud hosting, what can be a better example than Google itself? Google is the king of search engines and it has its resources spread across hundreds of servers on the cloud infrastructure.  There is no wonder that you have never seen facing any type of downtime issues.

How Does Cloud Hosting Work?

As mentioned above, every server in the cloud helps in executing a particular set of tasks and in case any of the servers in the cloud fail, other servers temporarily barge in as a backup for rendering the required resources.

The similar system works in case of a system overload as well. However, in case low quality server hardware is used, it might hamper the performance significantly. Such implementations are not worthy of being called as the cloud infrastructure. This is usually the case with cheap web hosting providers.

Enterprise Cloud Hosting

When it comes to enterprise level cloud hosting services, it goes without saying that quality plays the most important role. The high quality enterprise cloud providers make use of VMWare in order to deliver reliable cloud hosting services. Cloud hosting provided with good quality hardware is even better than dedicated hosting.

Now let’s compare Cloud Hosting with Best Dedicated Server Hosting and with the other standard forms of hosting.

Cloud Hosting Vs. Dedicated Hosting & VPS

When you compare the dedicated hosting platform with cloud hosting, the reliability factor is higher in case of cloud hosting. With cloud hosting you have multiple servers at your disposal instead of a single dedicated server. However, pricing varies on the basis of the actual usage. In case of heavy usage, the cost factor associated with the cloud infrastructure might be slightly higher given the resilience of the cloud hosting platform.

When you consider VPS, or any other standard web hosting platform, the cost factor is really low in comparison to the cloud. In case of VPS, a single server is divided into many other physical servers and every server is managed by a particular user and therefore the capital investment is relatively low.

VPS hosting is ideal for those website owners who can compromise on the reliability aspect to some extent and can work with limitation on the web hosting resources.

Future Of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting has come a long way now and there are many large enterprises that have been using cloud for many years. However, the small business owners are a little reluctant to invest in cloud hosting because of the prices. The future of cloud hosting is availability of the cloud to every type and size of business. Having said this, it is also true that the pricing has considerably reduced over the last 4-5 years and many business owners are now aware of the advantages of cloud hosting.

Many businesses have made a worthwhile investment by moving to the cloud while the others have not yet invested in the infrastructure required for hosting in the cloud or for migrating to the cloud.

In the future, one can definitely expect more improvisations and simplification in the process of movement to the cloud as new low-cost cloud implementations continue to develop. Soon there will be a time when all the businesses will be covered in the cloud!

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