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30 Services To Upsell As A Web Designer

Services To Upsell As A Web Designer

Every web designer’s journey begins with the struggle of achieving a higher income.

You could be one of the best web designers with an impressive portfolio that would entice even the most demanding clients. However, unless you are the cream of the crop, with referral clients waiting in line, you will most likely be looking for strategies that allow you to spend less time finding customers and more time making money.

The question is, “How can I upsell my website services to make more money per client?”

The advantages are self-evident:

You can charge a higher fee per client and boost your brand’s image by offering a broader range of services. Third, you will generate new commercial opportunities.

You can significantly increase the lifetime value per client by optimizing your upsell strategy and creating more long-term income through monthly service fees.

Here are 31 lucrative upsells for web designers:

1. Website Hosting Services

Web hosting services are inextricably linked to web design, making this a no-brainer. You can charge your client a monthly or annual fee for hosting their site once it is complete (unless they have already set up their hosting account, which is unlikely). After that, it is entirely up to you how much you charge. You can trust them monthly if you include regular backups and ongoing software updates.

Web hosting is the most popular additional upsell for web designers. Web designers typically offer shared hosting packages with Linux or Windows per the client’s preference. Better quality servers, such as cloud servers, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), or even dedicated servers, are available for high-end clients who expect their websites to perform better. 

2. Email Accounts/ Email Hosting

Many businesses still use a Yahoo or Gmail account to run their business and send emails. Provide your web design clients with professional domain name email addresses that look far more professional.

Depending on your client’s requirements, their emails may need to integrate with Gmail or Outlook 365, which you can resell. On the other hand, a standard cPanel email address may suffice. Giving the client options makes you appear more professional and allows them to upgrade later.

3. Email Marketing

The most effective way to reach potential customers is through email, but many businesses don’t use it. Some companies recognize the significance but lack time to create effective email marketing campaigns. 

Creating an email template that resembles their website is one way you can help them engage with subscribers and educate them about taking the next step in the sales funnel.

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4. Email Automation

Working with a business to help set up an automated email series to continuously engage with leads and current customers will help them increase their revenue. Email is a fantastic way to nurture leads and turn them into paying and repeat customers.

Businesses can use automated emails to guide their email subscribers through the sales funnel and make sales. Numerous studies have demonstrated the power of email, and using automated emails is one way to do so. In addition, this will assist them in automating some of their sales processes so that while they are working with other customers, they can send emails to nurture new leads.

5. Domain Name

Selling domain names with a small service fee is a good upsell for web designers. In addition, it is a recurring income source as no customer wants their domain name to expire.

6. Logo Design

Getting a logo is a popular upsell for any web designer because a logo design is the first step in establishing the company’s identity and branding. 

7. Graphics Designing

Clients frequently believe that a web designer may also be a graphic designer. As you are aware, such abilities do not necessarily complement one another. If you can generate graphics, this is an excellent opportunity to produce visuals for the client that isn’t simply for their website. You can create visuals might be visuals for social media, content, or other online marketing.

8. Photography

Whether you provide commercial photography or not, photos of the client and their company always put the website one step ahead of the competition. Even if you don’t offer this service, you can always outsource it by contacting a local photographer, getting quotes, adding your margin, and upselling the service.

9. Video Creation

Whether or not the company wishes to accept YouTube advertisements, it should consider building a YouTube channel to highlight its products, services, personnel, community participation, and many other vital issues to market its brand.

A video might include a corporate representative, a consumer, or a film with no one on camera and a voice-over.

10. Content Creation

Businesses require a large amount of content in different forms. The issue is that most companies do not have the time to do so. You can start providing content creation to help them save time while still building their brand.

You can provide the following types of content to your clients:

  • Website content
  • Email sequence automation
  • Emails sent every week
  • Blog posts
  • Video scripts or videos
  • Knowledgebase articles
  • White papers
  • Social media posts
  • Email newsletter content

11. Content Promotion

Content has a better reach when it is promoted well. It’s all that promotion that turns a high-quality piece of content into a significant amount of traffic and leads for the company.

According to experts, to maximize the benefits of every piece of content, you should spend more time promoting it than writing it.

The concept of “build it, and they will come” is untrue.

You must promote the content correctly to reach your target audience. 

12. Copywriting For SEO/SEM 

There is a distinct difference between writing blog content and writing SEO copy. Proper SEO copywriting is about striking a balance between creating content that will rank in search engines, will be clicked on when seen in search results, and will persuade a visitor to take the desired action.

SEO copywriting is unquestionably a skill one must learn, and many professionals cannot invest time in copywriting. However, invest time in learning about SEO copywriting. In that case, you will benefit your client and your business because you will have an additional service that is extremely valuable to your clients.

13. Optimizing Web Pages

You might not be familiar with SEO as a web designer, but it is a good upsell. Even understanding one aspect of SEO, such as on-page optimization, will improve your clients’ results and set them up for success in the future. On-page optimization has to be done in a specific format and according to the guidelines laid out by Google. It is certainly not a difficult concept to understand and a good upsell.

14. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

SEO is an excellent way to build recurring revenue into your business if you prefer to provide complete SEO services to clients. However, if you do not want to learn or deliver SEO yourself, you can collaborate with someone who will execute your SEO strategies.

15. Social Media Management

I am sure you must be aware of the importance of social media for businesses and freelance professions. Many companies create a basic profile on several popular social media websites; however, many fail to correctly complete their profile in a way that converts customers and creates regular engaging and educational posts to nurture potential leads.

As a web designer, you can assist the company in developing regular social media posts, a social media content calendar, and followers.

16. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Paid advertisements are ideal for clients who want rapid results in terms of leads and sales. Starting with Google Ads or the less competitive Bing Ads is an excellent start.

17. Facebook Advertisements

Many businesses are resorting to sponsored social media marketing, which allows you to assist your clients in increasing leads and sales using Facebook ads.

Advertisers on Facebook may market to people in specified places with specific interests, age ranges, genders, and so on, making it much simpler to generate highly focused leads.

18. Instagram Advertisements

Instagram is the fastest growing social media site, with 112 million users predicted by 2020. Furthermore, Instagram and Facebook are linked, providing another incentive to consider Instagram advertisements.

If you use Facebook advertisements, you may have the ad displayed on Instagram by simply checking a box during the Facebook ad creation procedure.

Instagram advertisements assist businesses in not only increasing brand exposure but also in increasing customer satisfaction and targeting the most qualified prospects. In addition, this can be a low-cost option to get seen by potential leads, especially if rivals are not actively promoting on Instagram.

19. YouTube Advertisements

Whether you’re developing a website or another approach to generate more traffic and leads, it’s critical to examine the life cycle of potential consumers and how they want to consume content.

With YouTube being the second most popular search engine, reaching over 1 billion people each month, this is a great approach to create leads from clients who aren’t used to clicking on sponsored advertising or reading blog articles.

20. Branding

Branding is a method of assisting a firm in developing a consistent online brand that encompasses its website, ads, and other materials. This includes pictures, words, the logo, and maybe even colors that symbolize what the firm is about, customer experiences, and an overall depiction of the business.

Working on branding before constructing a website can assist in guaranteeing that the website is simply one component of the total marketing funnel for the firm that works in tandem with the other components.

21. Strategist For Growth/ Affiliate Marketing

Your role as a growth strategist is more of a consultant. You will look at the business as a whole, not just the website, to devise advice and strategies for helping the company to grow. Plans can include many services, and the business owner can choose to implement your ideas on their own or hire you to do it for them.

As a growth strategist, you earn affiliate commissions by giving customized recommendations.

22. Landing Page

Although landing pages are included in the initial web design, this is not always the case. Landing pages are designed to maximize conversions and are in great demand when a consumer wants to use AdWords and other PPC channels.

23. Google Analytics

Setting up analytics for your clients to track the success of their websites is highly recommended. Popular analytical software, such as Google Analytics, needs little setup yet provides tremendous insights. Tracking which pages are being read and through which channels gives the customer a comprehensive view of their audience and can affect future marketing decisions.

24. Content Distribution Network (CDN)

CDNs optimize the loading times for all visitors to your website. CDNs function by storing your website in many places across the world. For example, your CDN servers may be distributed evenly across Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania. Consequently, if a person visits your website from London, the CDN would be provided from the nearest server (Europe). At the same time, someone from Australia would connect with the Oceania CDN server.

CDNs provide outstanding page speed outcomes with free and paid versions. Cloudflare, BunnyCDN, and MaxCDN are among the options available.

25. HTTPS / (SSL)

You have to offer an SSL certificate with hosting when you take up a comprehensive web designing project. Every website must be secure with an encrypted connection. Upselling SSL certificate is a profitable venture.

26. Ecommerce

Allowing clients to pay for things online increases your profitability because you won’t have to pay the sales crew’s salary. Online shopping and services have increased in demand, and people are looking for easy solutions. Upselling products or services through an ecommerce website is a value for money.

27. Customer Service Manager

You can propose CRM services depending on their needs based on their offerings. 

If your customer has web forms, you could upsell by integrating them into the CRM platform so that their sales team can handle them directly rather than trawling through emails and adding the leads themselves.

28. Reputation Management

82% of shoppers check internet evaluations for local companies, according to a study. Furthermore, 45% of customers think they are more inclined to visit establishments that respond to unfavorable reviews.

Managing reputation is a continuous service to respond to positive and negative reviews, increase the likelihood of new sales, engage with past and potential customers, improve rankings in Google’s local listings, and improve the business’s online reputation.

The more ratings a company receives, the faster it expands.

Businesses may benefit from the free Google Review Link and Place ID Generator.

29. Cyber Defense

Even though many platforms have several cyber security preventive measures built in, new exploitations emerge every month. Security breaches render the website vulnerable, possibly killing the firm overnight if a hacker gains access. However, a cyber security team conducting a penetration test will uncover all of the website’s exposed vulnerabilities. Fixing these flaws would permanently secure their website.

30. Anti-Spam Protection

Whether spam arrives directly in your mailbox or through a contact form on your website, there is software available to help block spam as much as possible, such as Google’s free Recaptcha or expensive subscription models like Sucuri or CleanTalk.

31. Press Release – Bonus Tip

After you have established your client’s magnificent website, they’ll most likely want to tell everyone about it. Mention that press releases are available to get the word out about their newly redesigned website in public/online publications.

Summing Up

As a web designer, there are many services that you can upsell to earn additional income. Choose the services based on your interests to deliver the right results.

Upselling services also show that you are more inventive. Your clients will notice that you are constantly developing and can continue to build their business alongside yours.

The Author

I am an experienced content writer with a passion for crafting engaging and informative pieces across various industries. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for storytelling, I honed my skills over the years to deliver high-quality content that resonates with audiences. My dedication to excellence and commitment to meeting deadlines make her a valuable asset to any project.

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