A Great Web Design To Ensure The Complete Success Of Your Website

Updated on 3 February 2023 6 min Read

The look and feel of your website is a major contributor in its performance and in your business web presence as well. Your website showcases your business and creates the first impression on the viewers; therefore it is important to be the best. When you establish a website home page, you might think about the website navigation and the fancy dressing of the website so that the products and services featured seem more polished and desirable. However, your website design is a wider aspect and it goes beyond these points. An impressive website design can be a catalyst in terms of establishing a web presence and for getting people to know about your business and what it offers.

If you are focusing on promoting your business, then you might want to do anything and everything you can for attracting the attention of the general people and your target audience. Ofcourse having a great website can do this, people might want to visit your website only to admire the great design of your website.

For instance, let’s have a look at Google. Google doesn’t really need any kind of marketing, but the company is a master of it in every way. They come up with the most interesting logos for the special occasions and people are amused by them, this means that they spend more time on Google. This is their concept of attracting more people and it works very well for them.

How can you accomplish a similar effect on your website? Here are some suggestions:

Amazing Design

One of the best ways of getting a huge amount of traffic is to make your website as beautiful as you can. This means planning the theme of the website, colors and images that you would like to include. Preferably, find out ways for being unique and standing apart from the crowd by taking care of the smaller details as well. If you have an amazing and beautiful website, people will definitely share your link and you might also find your website in the online guides that showcase the most attractive and impressive websites.

Fun With Navigation

When you design the navigation, make sure that there is a fun factor in it. For some buttons on the website you might want to add an animation where the button runs away from the cursor whenever you want to click on it. This cannot be done for every click on the website though, but doing this for some of them might increase the excitement of the people. You can also plan to have something more interactive and 3D. Now, while doing this you also need to think about the other devices. People are also using the smart phones and mobiles on a daily basis for checking out the websites. The touch screen phones will not ‘hover’ their mouse and usually they don’t tend to support Flash. Therefore, for an overall effect it is important to work it out cleverly and make your website more memorable and news worthy.

Celebrations And Homepages

It’s good to have an effect of the ongoing festivals and celebrations on your homepage, people like it and feel good about it. This is one of the reasons that Google has made a great impression. Google’s website is responsive to the specific dates (birthdays of legends and prominent festivals). Once the new customized Google logo is out, it surely becomes the talk of the town. Making creative changes in the website drives the wave of public interest. Preferably, along with making changes in your home page design, you can also come up with discounts and offers for the festive seasons and feature them on the home page, this is also one of the great ways of improving the incoming traffic to the website.

Here are some of the upcoming website designing trends for 2013 that you can incorporate in your website as well. It’s true that even small things make a huge difference!

Responsive Layout And Mobile Compatibility

The web designers can no longer ignore the exponential growth seen in the mobile usage, they have to take into consideration how a website will perform on the mobile and design a mobile website accordingly. For instance, while designing a website, it is important to determine whether a native application, web application that auto-scales to the mobile devices will be optimum. A responsive layout refers to how well the website layout responds to the screen size. The content should be appropriately organized to make it visually pleasing for a small screen and for a large one as well.


In the past couple of years, HTML5 has become quite popular, and today all the major browsers support it. HTML5 has phenomenal capabilities, it enables you to create truly interactive experiences therefore it is a preferable choice instead of the simple animations. With CSS3 and Java script added into the mix, the result is a rich web design.

The Grid

The original purpose of the grid layout was to streamline the web development by utilizing the common dimensions in the design layout. However grid layouts can be aesthetically pleasing and enable more creativity in the implementation.

Typographic Layouts

Typography is an extremely creative way for grabbing the attention of the users instantly. Earlier, designers were required to build images for creating the effect of rich typography, but now especially with the newly launched software applications, a website’s performance and accessibility are no longer affected by the extra images. The web hosting platform also plays a major role in the performance of the website. A strong hosting solution has to be implemented that perfectly supports the website and keeps it up at all times.

Large Background Images

This is soon becoming a best practice. Using large background images is a great way to engage a wide audience without enhancing the website budget. Large images work great in terms of attracting the people and creating an immersive user experience.

Social Media Integration

In the current scenario, integrating the social media in your website is as crucial as having the basic navigation. Although the practice of integrating social media into the website is not new, the web designing endeavors are focused on using thoughtful ways of interacting the social media links into the website design making them more attractive and easy to use.

Website design and navigation has a great effect on the website performance and web presence. If you are well informed about the latest trends and the best practices in web designing, you will be able to setup an amazing website that will be appreciated by one and all. Ultimately, the website design has to work in synchronization with the content strategy, search engine optimization and conversion optimization in order to guarantee complete success.

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