Remember, the best website in the world will never exist

Updated on 26 July 2023 3 min Read
The Best Website in the World

Let’s get one thing clear, the best website in the world does not exist. We currently have at our disposal hundreds of platforms options for website development, not to mention the various types of websites and niches in public business interest. Having the best website does not refer to the whole world, but the world in which you are stepping in.

Create the best website for me

How much is your presence? What is your business? Which is your targeted audience? What is the matter? What is your footprint? This is your world. To create the world’s best website, you must set well in the world you want to go. There are many options, not to mention the platforms. The web itself is a universe full of worlds, eCommerce websites, blogs, corporate sites, hot sites, portals, etc. Each of the “worlds” is different.

The site must adapt the way that works or has the features that your audience needs, saying that this is the best platform and that this is the best site, ends up just being a point of view. It’s like saying that this sport is the best or that the athlete is the best.

Which is the best website development platform in the world?

To put it bluntly, the best platform in the world is the one you have mastered. Nothing is better than what you know and would like to use. There are platforms focused on types of actions on the Internet, proprietary platforms, and many other models.

As a full platform with facilitations for the developer and the content manager, WordPress ends up winning the sympathy of millions of people. Among the CMS’s from around the world, the WP is the most widely used for website development, dominating 1/4 of the entire world market not disparaging other platforms

What every good website in WordPress need to have?

Some factors remain indispensable to create a good website or blog on WordPress, regardless of the focus of development.


  • Security tools,
  • Functionality for SEO optimization,
  • Well written code,
  • Good Themes and Plugins,
  • Maintenance and periodic update,
  • Good performance based on Pagespeed ,
  • Responsive Design,
  • SSL Certificate (HTTPS)
  • Good Web Hosting,
  • And focus on the content.

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