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10 Instances When Your Business Is Craving For A New Website

As we all know, your website is the first impression of your business for your prospects. There are chances that the people who don’t know about your business might want to find out more about you depending on how your website looks.

Believe it or not, your website is the most powerful marketing tool for your business!

Your website should be doing the best job it can! It should not be any less than being ‘highly impressive’. Afterall, it represents your brand! If your website is average looking, if your conversions are down, you need to give it a makeover. You will impress more people with your website and they will be convinced to buy from your website or consider your website when they see it at the first glance.

Here are some instances where you might need a new website for your business:

Your Website Looks And Feels Obsolete

Have a look at your website, if you think that it is not good to look at, everyone else is going to feel the same. Irrespective of the persona of content you might be having on your website, if it looks bad, no one will care to read it.

Your website should be engaging and pleasing to the eyes and this is a MUST!

For instance, just like you change the style of your clothing according to the latest trends, you need a modern day transformation for your website as well. If your business website looks out of style, it is time to plan a makeover that makes your website looks simple and clean and yet extraordinary at the same time.

Think about this – In the first glance, in that split second, your website conveys to your prospects if you are with time or if you are behind time!

The Desired Results Aren’t Seen

You might surely be putting in a lot of effort in driving traffic to your website, but what’s the use if you have a high bounce rate? If no one is buying from your website or reading your website?

Your website is your digital real estate and it is not fully functional if you are not getting the results you expected. The purpose of a website is to allure the new prospects, engage the customers, and increase the conversions and sales. You won’t be able to achieve sales just by getting traffic to your website, the traffic is greeted by your website and it plays a crucial role in driving conversions and sales. This can happen only if your target audience loves visiting your website.

You need to check all aspects of your website like your call-to-actions, fonts, color schemes; menu placements etc. to see if anything is offbeat and re-design it.

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Your Website Is Based On A Pre-Designed Theme

You started off with a free or a paid theme for your website and that’s perfectly fine! However, if you want more from your website, you must design it from scratch instead of using a pre-designed template or theme. It is going to be a worthwhile investment for your website and you will be able to implement all the aspects you want to. A free theme will result in content limitations, generic design, bloated code, license restrictions and poor functionality. And the most significant reason for not considering a pre-designed theme is the lack of uniqueness.

You need to keep in mind that you are not the only one who is using that template; it might be used by many people for various websites. You should be looking at creating a custom-made website that is your forte!

With a customized website, you are presenting your business in a designer ensemble!

There Is A Change In Your Content Goals

Content marketing is one of the most compelling ways to reach out to new customers. If the content on your website is SEO-optimized, well and good! It has higher possibilities of ranking well in the SERPs and this means that the prospective customers can find you with ease.

If you have the most spectacular content on your website, it will drive the conversions!

However if that’s not the case, you need to reform the content on your website.

If you are revamping your website content, you can give it a design makeover too! And Ta-Da – You have a new fresh website!

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Your Website Is Boring!

This is a great turn off point! Think for yourself, would you like to browse a lousy looking website? No, right? This holds true for your prospects as well.

If you have good content on your website and every other aspect is in place, you need to jazz it up!

Add new color combinations, new fonts, new animations, new images – the whole idea is that your website shouldn’t look plain, add some spice to it! If you are experiencing a high bounce rate as if now, you’ll notice a change after revamping your website.

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Your Objective Has Changed

What if the objective with which you created the website has changed now? When you created your website, your goal must be to build relationships with customers and what if your goal is changed now? What if your focus is now only on a transactional marketing model? You need to portray that through your website and if your website is not in accordance wit your goals, you need to change it accordingly.

If the whole purpose behind setting up a website has changed, your website definitely needs an enormous overhaul!

This can be easily achieved by setting up a completely new website. As your goals change, your website needs to change as well with new content, new design and a completely new look.

There’s No Traffic To Your Website

If your website has been there for a long time but if there is no consistent traffic coming to it, it’s time to create a new website. Along with creating a new website, you should also concentrate on devising a new SEO strategy for your website.

Remember that if you make the right tweaks to your website, you will surely get the desired traffic but you’ll have to try new things.

Many factors can impact the SEO performance of your website like website speed, keywords, content and mobile-friendliness. If you are not able to figure out what is hampering the performance of your website, it is a good idea to set up a completely new website.

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Your Website Is Difficult To Navigate

You might be having a good amount of visitors coming to your website but they won’t stay for long if they are not able to find what they are looking for. Do they have to make many clicks to find what they are looking for on your website? This is the time where people expect everything fast!

User experience on your website and your website functionality should be in synchronization.

Have a close look at your website from the point of view of a new visitors. Think about these things – Will you be patient enough to look for something you want on the website? Is your website easy to navigate? If you think that your website is too complicated, you need to plan a new sorted website.

Your Website Analytics And Search Rankings Do Not Look Good

It is important to incorporate analytics for your website to know the performance of your website. However you shouldn’t be only concerned about the page views and the visitors. What is the bounce rate of your website? Is it very high? Does the visitor spend very less time on your website? Do you have low visitor page views for every visit? All these factors indicate that your website and content are not having the right impact.

It is also important to analyze your search engine rankings. Is your website ranking well for the keywords that people use for finding your products and services? or your company? If your answer is no, there are possibilities that your website is not perfectly optimized for SEO. When you think of setting up a new website in this case, make sure that the on-page optimization of your website is up to the mark for getting the best results.

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Your Website Is Not In Tune With Your Brand

Your website and all other aspects should be in tune with your brand value always.

Factors like your brand, your products and your mission might evolve over time and they should be always depicted through your website.

Your website should evolve as well. If you think that your website is not keeping up with your brand value, it’s time to make some major change. If you have a beautifully designed website that perfectly portrays the values of your business; your customers and prospects will remember you for that. Your website should be able to communicate with people that it has the solution to all the things they are looking for while browsing your website.

If you claim to be the best in the industry but if your website is any less than the best, then you need to change your website.

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To sum it all…

Along with the points mentioned above, it is also crucial to make sure that your website is responsive and looks good on the mobile screens as well. A majority of people will be browsing your website through their mobile devices and it needs to look great on the mobile devices as well. If you have made a lot of tweaks to your existing website but you think your website is still not fine-tuned, then you need to set up a completely new website and this will prove to be a worthwhile investment for your business. Also, people who saw your website earlier will be delighted to see a completely new website greeting them.

Remember, you need to always have a website that you are proud of because it is your most vital asset!

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