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The Key Reasons Behind A Rise In Demand For Travel Apps

Rise In Demand For Travel Apps

Technology has changed the way people travel. It’s a travelling time, and a person can book an entire trip at their fingertips. Whether traveling overseas or within the country, the facilities provided by travel app development services have revolutionized. With the introduction of new technology, traveling has become comfortable and risk-free. You can see restaurants near you, book hotels, and communicate with locals in their language. Also, finding tourist attractions is easier these days.

These technologies are also impacting how travel agencies operate now. It allows them to offer great deals to their customers. A traveler can now compare different options and choose wisely. It saves time, money, and even hustle. Although this tech revolution has had an impact, it’s still a heterogeneous industry. Different companies have their way of working. Therefore it’s tough for travel app development services to build an ideal application. Want to know why these travel software solutions are a must for companies to survive in the travel industry? Read this text.

What are Travel app development services?

Digitalization has led to reformation in every sector, be it travel. Like any other industry, travel constantly adapts to new technologies to experience better growth. Modern-day travelers need to plan their trips; here comes the usage of travel applications. They want to book their flights, hotels, and everything before leaving home. A travel app is a mobile application that helps a person make travel reservations and browse travel packages. Many other domains of travel applications can help users find deals, track flights, have a preview of places they are visiting, and translate between languages.

Travel app development services providers develop these travel applications. They assess your offerings and turn them into compelling applications for customer satisfaction. There are plenty of travel applications in the market, and outshining all of them is important. Hence you must choose a travel software solution that develops outstanding applications. There are different app domains; first, know which application falls under which one.    

About Travel App Market

About Travel App Market

The industry that was hit hardest during the pandemic was the Travel booking industry. About 70% of apps reported fewer bookings and traffic amidst the pandemic. But by virtue of features like online and contactless payments, the industry could revive its existence. By now, the global ticket booking market is more than USD 390.5 Million. A travel app can help agents make money in plenty of ways. The travel market has also registered a CAGR of about 11.1% between 2016-2022. Want to know the reason behind this growth? Here are the reasons:

  • A US citizen makes about 8-9 applications for travel purposes. The list of these apps might include maps, weather forecasts, leisure airlines, and much more.
  • The most important reason to use the app is to get a real-time update of flights, view the entire itinerary and search for flights easily.
  • With travel apps, it’s easier to plan entire trips. Bookings for hotels can be done in one place without any hassle.
  • These travel applications can provide famous locations to travelers visiting the place for the first time.

Travel apps have provided travelers with ease from planning to visiting that place. The primary reason behind the growing popularity of the travel market is increased internet usage, online payments, and people’s spending power. The growing usage of mobile phones and other devices has increased the need for making voyaging simple.

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What are some top travel apps that lead the market?

There is a sudden increase in the number of applications in the travel industry. This exponential growth might be due to the ease these apps provide. Certain top players have left their marks on this huge application list. Newcomers in the travel industry use them as an ideal to develop their applications. A list of such exemplary applications developed by travel software solutions are:

  • Triple
  • Google trip
  • Roadtrippers
  • Packing pro
  • MakeMyTrip

Apart from these, there are many other travel apps that people love to use. These applications make it easier for you to plan your entire outing in one go. All of these applications don’t necessarily come under one segment. Different travel applications offer services from multiple sections. Let us look at the different domains or segments of a travel application.

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What are some important features that a travel app should have?

The crucial factor that decides the success of your travel applications is what features it has. A list of features tends to impact the customer’s mind. These days people want a single application that meets all their needs. Hence, you must ask your travel app development services provider to develop an application with premium features. You need an app that is easy to use with best-in-class features. Here’s a list of necessary ones:

  • Booking facilities
  • Multiple Payment methods
  • Review and recommendations
  • Translation facility
  • Currency conversion
  • Weather forecast

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What are the different types of travel software solutions?

When you dive deep into the travel industry, you will understand it is not limited to only one service. It is broadly divided into categories. Your travel app development services provider will ask you to choose among categories. Some of which are:

1) Travel planning application

A travel planning application helps a person to book everything beforehand. It can help book all the travel reservations and browse all the available travel packages. It can also be useful in tracking loyalty points. This software is apt for travel agencies, travel suppliers, and clients. There are certain software designed only to be used by agencies, while consumers can use others. For example, Expedia and Orbitz.

2) Deals Alert App

Travel companies can now make more funds by forwarding their potential clients to other sites. This application is a mobile plugin that informs interested customers about upcoming deals or special offers. These notifications reach them every while, even if they aren’t searching for travel. There are different kinds of deal alerts. You can create a travel software solution that meets your needs. These deal alert apps might inform customers about deals that exist for limited periods or local deals. For example, Skyscanner and Hopper.

3) Virtual tour app

With the increasing technical development, you may get a 360 degrees view of the place before visiting it. It will give a person an idea beforehand if they would love the place. These applications are just like panoramic photos. But they are made using special cameras and 3D animations. Real estate agents, hotels, and travel agencies generally employ this application. For example AirPano.

4) Currency conversion app

A currency conversion app solves an important concern when traveling internationally. It can help travelers convert their money using their phones. But different apps are tied to only a particular currency. This app can be used for various purposes, mainly for traveling purposes. Travelers employ this app to turn their home currency into one used in that place. They can use it throughout their travels for their expenses. For example, Currency and Converter.

5) Translation app

A translation app in the travel industry helps a traveler convert words from their language to the native language of the destination. If you are an Indian traveling to Germany, you will need an app to translate words for clear communication. For example, Google Translate and SayHi Translate.

6) Navigation apps

Navigation helps a traveler find his way through places like airports, stations, and other buildings. These can be mainly helpful to visually impaired people. Most navigation apps built by travel app development services rely on GPS. They use Google Maps or similar things to locate the user and show them directions. Some apps might be able to show the estimated time, while others just show the destination. At the same time, some apps might also help transport facilities. For example, Kamoot and Waze.

7) Flight tracking apps

A flight tracking app is one of the most helpful types of applications in the Travel industry. It helps a traveler with real-time information about their flights. Airline members initially used this app, but now it’s available for public use. Some apps might provide just a list of flights, while others can give a complicated description. Some apps can highlight flights on the map and provide tables of information. For example, Flightstats.

Top reasons behind the popularity of travel apps

Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Travel Apps

Here are the top reasons behind the popularity of travel apps:

1) Environment friendly and consumes less time

With the increase in technology used these days, traveling has become more eco-friendly than before. Also, now traveling is accessible to all. Paper usage in the travel industry was high regarding printing tickets and other details. Now you can book your tickets online and get them as a soft copy. Also, tickets, hotel reservations, and boarding can be done online. All thanks to these travel applications that have made travel easier and even eco-friendly.

All you have to do is just a few clicks to book your tickets and hotels. Everything will be at your fingertips. It does not only cut down on the paperwork but gives you relief from carrying loads of documents. Not only this but people need not stand in huge queues to book their tickets. It can be done easily online without any hectic situations.

2) Enhanced customer satisfaction

The travel industry is experiencing heavy usage of automation these days. And this expansion in the usage of technology has made customers more satisfied than ever before. They can reduce expenses and even save time which is a bonus. No extra costs while you travel is more fascinating, right? Automation can indeed bring a change in the landscape of the travel industry.

The travel and tourism industry is bound to customer satisfaction. And these travel development app services have allowed customers to book a trip anytime they want. These apps can help increase sales by enhancing customer satisfaction by making book processes easier and providing accurate information. After COVID, automation has become an essential part of the travel industry.

3) Contactless payment is a new trend

Paying for your travel without physical contact has become a trend. This type of payment method has become more important since the pandemic made its way. It is one of those applications that has gained popularity in the travel industry. It allows travelers to pay for their tickets, hotel bookings, and other things online. They can do their payment even without a card. Also, this type of travel software solution has eliminated the need to carry money. There are chances of cash being stolen while traveling.

People avoid paying cash to cash after the onset of the pandemic. Thanks to online payments, you can do money transfers without any physical touch. Also, this technology lessens the time spent in queues and provides faster transactions.

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4) Personalized experience with chatbots

One of the most popular trends in the travel industry is the usage of chatbots. Various types of chatbots help you through the traveling process. They guide you through the complicated booking process and travel planning part. These chatbots are user-friendly and can be a great help to avoid issues while booking. Human agents cannot always be available, majorly during peak travel times. Also, differences in time zones can create barriers to contacting customer support.

Hence chatbots developed by travel app development services providers can help you get 24/7 assistance. They can answer all your queries tirelessly. Also, these chatbots can collect feedback from you for better services.

5) No language barriers

One thing that might trouble your mind while traveling is the language barrier. You might not know the language of the place you are traveling to. And this doesn’t mean that you should not go and visit the beauty of that place. Thanks to the innovation, you can travel safely with no language barriers. You can easily read maps when you get lost with mobile apps such as Google Maps. They can provide you with real-time navigation in your language.

With language barriers, you cannot communicate with the locals. Translators these days come equipped with all languages and can translate your language to any language you want. Hence you can use translation software solutions for better communication and safety.


Introducing travel applications has brought plenty of advantages to both users and travel companies. These applications have made it easy for travelers to travel to their dream locations. They need not worry about currency, language, tickets, or hotels. The rise in the need for travel app development services is due to the satisfaction that customers experience with this application. Traveling has become more convenient, safe, and easy with travel software solutions. In upcoming years you can expect the indulgence of BigData and AI in the travel industry.

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