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5 Secrets of Making Google Love Your Website

Did someone tell you that getting your website ranked in Google is a tough job?

Well… that’s not true!

We have revealed some secrets that will give a boost to your SEO rankings and make Google love your site.

While building your brand’s online presence, you probably are focusing on one key factor that is your audience. This audience might be your existing customers or perhaps new users on the web. To keep up the interest of your visitors on your site, having an aesthetic website is a must.

But, while you do this, you might miss out on the importance of the primary aspect of your online presence which is getting found by search engines. To gain the attention of search engines, you will have to do your website’s SEO- the process of optimizing your website so as to get discovered by search engines organically.

For instance, if you are searching for a “coffee shop near me”, you see a list of results of those cafes nearer to your location. These coffee shops are constantly putting an effort to build a strong SEO strategy so as to push their website towards the top of a local search for “coffee shop near me”. A successful SEO plan ultimately helps your business appear on the top, as a result, you reach a wider audience as well as the users start building trust in your brand.

This guide will provide you some secrets that will improve your website’s SEO and make Google love your website.

#1 Make it Trustworthy

It’s not really easy to fool Google – it will quickly pick up the copied content, bad grammar and any other errors on your site. These blunders will not only put off your potential customers but will also make Google doubt your website’s credibility. Once your website loses Google’s trust it becomes difficult to gain it back to appear on top of the search result.

One thing will go a long way and will open the doors for Google to be affectionate towards your website is “valuable content”. When your visitors arrive on your site and your content doesn’t serve their purpose then it can be a big turn off.

Quick tips to create valuable content for your site:

  • Do not stuff keywords
  • Use active voice
  • Write short and simple sentences
  • Avoid Jargon
Here’s a complete guide to creating website content that wins customers.

Creating valuable content will surely help push your website towards the top of a given search query.

Because, when you write to the right people in the right way, your writing and content will climb higher.”

#2 Responsive Website

With the evolving technology, there are more and more devices with different resolutions and screen sizes and the number of these device users is increasing. Therefore, it is important that you optimize your website so that it is responsive across all the devices.

When a website is responsive it fits any device – all the images and content on the site are rearranged as per the screen resolution. Responsive websites are a sweetheart to Google because they provide an excellent user experience. Google rolled out mobile-first indexing in July 2018, which means the mobile version of the content will be considered for indexing and ranking.

We have also noticed that responsive websites earn a better search position as compared to non-responsive sites.

So, having a mobile responsive website will be a plus point to your website ranking factor.

#3 Page Speed

Isn’t waiting for your loved one on a date annoying? The same is with your website visitors!

Stats show that a mobile user waits no longer than 3 seconds for a website to load.

Google declared in 2010, that page speed will be counted as one of the aspects for website rankings that was focused on desktop searched. In 2017, Google said, that it will consider how fast your website performs on mobile devices and use that as a ranking factor in mobile search.

The main reason why website speed is a ranking factor is that faster-performing websites are an indication of site quality and user experience.

Page speed is now the most important element in Google’s algorithm. As a result, pages that load quickly are rewarded by Google with a better ranking.

Thus, improving page load speed not only helps in SEO but also saves you from missing out on impatient visitors.

Read some tips about website speed optimization that will help you achieve your site speed goals.

#4 Variety is the Spice

Your mate’s favorite food might be continental but would you go to the same restaurant and order the same food every time?

No! Right?

Google’s algorithm works in the same way- it craves variety.

Don’t just stick to one single type of content for your website say blog post. Spice it up by adding videos, call to actions, images, infographics, ebooks, etc.

Google is favorably disposed towards those websites having mixed content and graphics that are unique as compared to ordinary one-dimensional sites.

With the cherry on the top, your visitors will be more engaged in your site.

#5 SEM + SEO = Soul Mates

There are hundreds of factors that influence the ranking of your website on Google and thousands of tips on how to improve your position on Google. SEO is not an overnight process and it takes months of SEO efforts before your website shows appearing on top of search results.

For immediate traffic on your website SEM- Search Engine Marketing is a great way for faster results. No doubt, for long-term and lasting results organic SEO is the most effective way. But let me tell you the truth- SEO and SMM, when put together, give the best results.

Set the proper budget and you will see quick results with your SEM strategy. While you wait for your SEO strategy to work, SEM will accelerate traffic on your site.

Moreover, SEM has some perks because it is targeted to a specific set of audiences, is measurable and worth the cost.

As said, “Money can’t buy happiness” but it surely can buy some traffic 😉

Let Google Fall in Love With Your Website

Are you ready to build a healthy relationship with Google?

It’s never too late to improve your SEO strategy. Implement the 5 secrets mentioned above to enhance your website’s search engine ranking.

Just making a few changes will noticeably improve your website positions. Remember… do not get impatient if you don’t see the results instantly. Keep working on your SEO strategy and you will see the fruits of your hard work.

The Author

I supervise the creative team at MilesWeb. I lead my teammates towards building social media strategies, drafting newsletters, writing creative blogs, creating videos and so on. I make sure of getting every member to use their skills and talents to their best and motivate them to find what is more to them. My concern also lies in executing concepts, guidelines and strategies in various creative projects and directing them towards completion.

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