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Meet 8 channels to invest in Digital Marketing for your business

Digital Marketing for your business

Check out different ways of working your brand on the Internet

Within the digital marketing, there is a very wide range of channels that you can be work on for branding purpose. The right choice will depend on your goals and budget. Below, you know the eight main ways.

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Banners are inserted pieces of visual ads on a website and are also one of the most popular forms of paid media.

This is a good option to report promotional activities and specific products when used within your own site, and also can be used to promote your brand on partner sites that already reach the audience you want to reach.

Sponsored Ads

The sponsored Ads are that paid results that appear on the search pages. When someone types a word on Google, for example, the results that are shown at the top right and highlighted are paid.

Briefly, it works like this: You choose the keywords for which you want to list your advertising. Then, create the ads that are displayed. Every time someone does a search and clicks on the ad, coming to your site, a value is deducted from the amount of the campaign.

The auction process is a bit complex, so not always the result will appear when the keyword is entered. Everything will depend on the values that each advertiser offers for clicks. So it is advisable to enlist the help of experts to conduct more effective campaigns.

Guest Post

Guest Post is a free post that gets published on some other relevant blog that includes your brand to appear in the blog entry.

The figures vary widely according to each blog. Before you choose, you need to evaluate data as the number of visitors to the blog receives and what is the profile of this audience, and how relevant it is.

It is common that readers take the blog value into account before trusting the brand. Making this a good strategy to promote a new product or idea, make your company known and humanize the brand since the public tends to be more receptive to someone’s speech already “known”.

The marks appearing in the post can reach an audience that is open to know about your company since speaker of the blog is already recognized as an authority on the subject for your readers.


Used as a platform to address specific issues, ideas, and lifestyles, there are specialized blogs in certain segments with large audience reach.

For businesses, this is a channel that helps to bring the client’s brand. It is a space to provide relevant and in-depth content to the public, extrapolating the mere idea of serving as an ad.

The corporate blog can arise without initial investment: Both within the company website you can install a free blogging tool like WordPress, and start threads. Most blog requirement is the dedication and frequency to post quality content.


Creating a facebook page is the most professional way to position your brand on Facebook, and so you should have a profile registered on the site – both free activities.

Publications may include, next to the text, photos or videos, and users can interact with them commenting, enjoying and sharing. Facebook also offers the Insights, a follow-up tool that shows the range of your posts and allows analyzing the page’s performance.

There is also the possibility to boost the range of publications and page through paid alternatives for implementation.


The network allows fast communication and building a close relationship with the audience of brand followers. Profiling is free, and you are known on the network by the user name chosen.

Because of the character limit, the content of the publications must be concise and may contain links and attach images. Through the retweet button, users can share publications or interact by sending messages, stating the username.


Similar to Facebook and Twitter, create a profile on Instagram for free. The production of content is primarily visual, complementing the publications with text in the captions.

This is a great media to humanize your brand. In addition to relaying images of products and advertisements to disclose parts, a corporate profile on Instagram can also republish customer photos using the reviews and publish images of the day to day work at the company.

Email Marketing

This is a basic communication strategy, since, even if your audience is not present on social media channels, he probably has an email address.

Messages can include text, images, and links, and are highly customizable and adaptable to better reach the public. This public which, incidentally, has opted to receive messages from the company – contact base of email marketing consists of addresses that have registered it, and unsubscribe option is available at any time.

The email marketing can be used for the dissemination of promotional activities, new product introductions, transfer channel of news and information and relevant content sharing to the public.

It is a very affordable media: There are free shooting tools, and even paid does not require a large investment. Moreover, the tools provide a number of metrics to monitor the performance of messages, such as open rate, conversion, clicks, and rejection, for example.

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