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Reinvent the SEO once more: Trends to Know

Relationships: The Key to success for content marketing


We don’t need to think about the high-quality content, or how well it should be written. We know this already. We should worry about the user experience who will read the content. It will be useful to add graphics, checklists, videos, pdfs and anything that can give a better understanding of what you want to convey. The goal is clear: The content becomes popular (not only in social networks) and links with natural mentions are obtained.

To reinforce the popularity of the content, it is interesting to perform the following steps:

Make a list of people related to the niche, acquaintances or those who are clearly interested in the topics to be developed. Then, try to interact with them by sharing their publications, commenting on their blogs, by subscribing to their newsletter, marking their tweets as favorites. The idea is to form a relationship.

Building relationship with people for links

After publishing the content, it is advisable to contact the people mentioned in the article and ask them if they want to share. If possible, let them directly write what they would write on their Facebook wall or tweet them to make it easier to share and do not take their time.

Finally, the option of paying for advertising can help us to expand the popularity of the content.

Local SEO Services


When we search for a service locally, it is done by adding “in [location]”. The first results will be shown in Google Maps.

For example web hosting nashik” shows the following:


To be there in local searches, you need to register your site with Google My Business and encourage users to leave a review on your Google Plus profile.

To achieve the first results within Google My Business, it is important to:

Verify the originality of the company receiving the verification code on the address provided.

Complete Google Plus profile associated with the local company, include pictures of how it looks on the outside and inside the premises, add business hours.

Have reviews from people who have tried your service and were happy.

Loading speed and user experience


Over the years Google is emphasizing on factors related to the user experience with the website. The most direct factor is the time it takes to download the page, while the other side of the screen the user is left waiting. In its “Page Speed Insights” tool, we can test how the site is optimized for desktop and mobile devices, and where we should aim the guns when sitting to reduce the charging time.

Typical factors to correct are:

Optimize images:

If the display size of the image (with the width and height parameters) is specified in the HTML code, and it is much smaller than the actual size of the image, we have a point to correct and improve loading speed. This usually happens especially with CMS like WordPress where you load the image and then resize it to suit the visual needs.

You can also achieve the best optimization using different types of compression formats and images to reduce its size in KB without reducing its quality.

Another way to downsize is to cut unnecessary white space at the edges of images.

Remove the JavaScript that blocks the display of content: If within the HTML, there must load a JavaScript code that is in an external file, it can be done faster if the javascript code is directly placed or called asynchronously.

Specify browser cache: When downloading the website for the first time, “lifetime” can be specified in the HTTP headers that has a particular resource. If reloads the resource in shortest time, will be charged directly from the hard disk of the computer instead redelivery from the Internet. For example, in a PDF which can be quite heavy, specify the cache can have a significant improvement.

Building High-Quality Backlinks

Building high-quality backlinks is one of the important SEO trends. It plays a major role in improving your website’s authority and also helps to rank better on Search Engines. So, focus on quality instead of quantity backlinks. 

Mobile version of the web


Today all websites get lots of traffic from mobile devices, therefore it is essential to look good and make sure that the user is comfortable to navigate through the different sections. We can see how Google ‘sees’ the mobile version of our website using their “Mobile – Test” tool and verify that we have a design adaptable to any screen resolution, with no overlapping characters.

Long Tail Content

Rich and high-quality content ranks at a higher position on Google. Length of the content dosent affect the content ranking, but usually, long form content ranks a higher position. So, focus on writing long-form content. 


These are some of the SEO trends. SEO is one of the vital factors that can help your business go to the next level! 

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