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MilesWeb’s ‘Rs. 1 Campaign’, A Revolution In The Web Hosting Industry

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Updated on10 February 2022

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MilesWeb, one of the prominent web hosting companies in India, has today launched the most unique campaign in the web hosting industry. MilesWeb takes pleasure in announcing the Rs. 1 Campaign, a revolution in the web hosting industry. This initiative has been taken by MilesWeb as individuals and businesses are getting hit as the exchange rate of dollar and pound is sky rocketing. The web hosting industry is one of the prominent industries that has got affected as a result of the steep depreciation in the value of rupee. This is a symbolic endeavor by MilesWeb to support the web hosting customers and encourage them to host their websites in the US or UK as per their preference.

MilesWeb is driven by the value of simplifying web hosting for the people and providing them with profound web hosting solutions at an affordable cost. As the rates of dollar and pound increase, the web hosting customers have to pay a higher price for international web hosting solutions. MilesWeb CEO, Amit Deshpande stated that, “The increase in the exchange rates of the prominent currencies is not the fault of the web hosting customers. As a result of the changes in the economic conditions, customers have to pay a higher web hosting price and increase their web hosting budget. The Rs.1 campaign launched by MilesWeb will make web hosting cheap and affordable for the people who prefer hosting in the US / UK. Also, the web hosting customers from US and UK will benefit from this campaign as the overall web hosting expenses are significantly reduced. It is an initiative for the global customers who are paying for web hosting servers in dollars and pounds.”

According to a study published by Crisil, “The rupee is expected to strengthen from its current levels, but the 2013-14 average will still be 5-8% weaker as compared to the 2012-13 average. “

It is a harsh reality that the tech industry in India is not likely to see any substantial increase in revenue in the rupee terms. This is the era where no one can predict the future of the economy however with MilesWeb, the web hosting customers will be surely be able to predict the web hosting expenses and conduct business accordingly. This campaign provides benefits for people who prefer web hosting in India and also for the people who want web hosting in US / UK. MilesWeb considers customer satisfaction in the greatest regards and this campaign is designed keeping the welfare of the global customers in mind. The ‘Rs.1 campaign’ is a great opportunity for the global web hosting customers as they can keep the web hosting budget under control.

The ‘Rs. 1 campaign’ devised by MilesWeb will help the businesses to grow in this strenuous phase of Indian economy. Although MilesWeb is offering the shared web hosting packages at an all time low cost, people can count on MilesWeb for paramount support and feature-rich shared hosting platforms. In this tough phase where executing business on an international level seems difficult, MilesWeb is glad to act as a catalyst of change by introducing this campaign. With the ‘Rs. 1 campaign’, MilesWeb goes the extra mile for providing benefits to the web hosting customers. With the launch of this splendid campaign by MilesWeb, it’s time to make the most even with the rising exchange rates.


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