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Google Authorship And Author Rank : A Significant Aspect

what is google authorship

If you are posting an article, if it is good enough and provides with value to the people; then the author of this work must get the due credit. The onset of internet has been a game changer. Theft of an author’s work has become a common phenomena these days; all it takes is to pick up some article written by someone else, modify it and post it under some other name. If this happens with you, it is going to be an annoying feeling for sure! Here, Google Authorship comes to the rescue. As a result of Google Authorship, the online content producers get protection from the online plagiarism and it also provides with a perfect platform for enhancing the search engine authority.

What is Google Authorship?

google authorship

You can consider Google Authorship as an online copyright of some sort. It provides with a platform through which the work done by a particular author through blogs, tweets or website content can be documented and tracked. This is done with a motive that the work done is secured and has an identity in the huge pool of internet.

As of now, any content that is published on the web, that cannot be tracked by Google, becomes vulnerable to online content theft. However, if a writer documents his/her work through Google Authorship, it will be tracked by Google and will be considered authentic. After this, the theft of this type of content is easily traceable.

Author Rank

Author rank is determined on the basis of two factors : the online presence of the author and the content created by the author.

In order to be ranked in Google as an author, the first step is to create an account and profile in the social network of Google – Google+. A Google+ account enables Google to identify the potential spammers thereby protecting the Author’s content. Setting up an account in Google+ is easy and free, you can make attractive by adding a nice cover to your profile.

Once you have established a Google+ account, the blogs, articles and any other content created by you can be linked to Google. Higher the author rank, more visibility to the Author in the search engine results.

Importance of Google Authorship

Google is a prominent search engine brand that has established a strong reputation in terms of validity and trust. It makes sure that the search results are relevant in accordance with the queries entered by people and the best of information is put forward. As Google presents with authentic information and filters out spam and theft, people refer Google for looking up any type of content. This is where the importance of Google Authorship comes into the picture. As Google is a trusted brand, Google authorship will boost your online presence, you will enjoy better visibility and also authoritativeness as an author.

When the content is linked with ones Google+ account, creating exceptionally good articles will become an incentive for the author. As Google+ is also a social networking website, it acts as a stimulant for driving the traffic to the content and thereby enhancing the authority of the author.

This provides with a great opportunity in terms of search engine optimization and provides benefits in terms of keyword rankings and incoming traffic.

How to create Google authorship?

  1. Create a Google+ account and set up the profile
  2. You can create a special gmail address for this or use an existing one. Preferably use your name in the email address.
  3. Add an appropriate photo in the Google+ account. If possible, get a new photo that looks professional. The entire profile must look trustworthy to the viewers. The profile photo is an important aspect in determining one’s online persona.
  4. Make sure that the author name that appears with your content is the same name used in the Google+ profile. This will make it easier to rank and track the author work.
  5. Go to the profile button and click on ‘edit profile’.
  6. Scroll down until you come across an option of ‘Contributor to’. This option will display which web pages feature your work. This is where you can add the URLs about where your work can be found. Once you click on the button, you can add the custom link to those pages.
  7. If your gmail or email address is consistent, adding the links will not be difficult. Go to the Google+ authorship page and simply add the address. In case the email or gmail addresses are different, then an HTML code will have to be added to the link.

Wondering if Google authorship is for you?

A Google+ account can be setup within a short span of time, however you can enjoy enormous benefits out of it. As Google continues to achieve perfection, you will stand to gain through Google authorship. By investing time in setting up the authorship account and optimizing it, you will be at a position to outrank the older and established websites as well.

If you are serious about reaching to a wide range of people through your content, then Google authorship is the way to go!

The Author

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