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7 Trending Strategies To Skyrocket Your Ranking Through Link Building

Backlinks play an important role in the search engine rankings of Google. It is tough for a specific site page to rank without the contextually significant backlinks pointing to the domain or the page. With an extensive range of SEO strategies, tools & Lead Generation Companies out there, you might be wondering which one is the most advantageous and this is where link building comes into the picture.

Traditionally, as a strategy, it was hugely dependent not on quality but the quantity and was not relevant. However, today, it is in a different sphere altogether as link building is now the necessity for a website’s ranking and visibility. In case you wish to appear on Google’s first page, this is your way to achieve the same. Irrespective of the industry you operate in, the only way to enhance visibility is with the help of link building.

So, we have compiled a list of 7 link building strategies for boosting the ranking of your website –

1. Guest Blogging – The necessity for guest blogging lies in the requirement for new, top-quality, and fresh content. It only means that you will be extending the writing efforts for the other sites and they will show their gratitude through linking to your site in return. Needless to say, it also works as an E-commerce link building strategy. If you want, you can also give an invitation to the guest bloggers so that they write for your company. These bloggers have an opportunity of adding some required variety to the website by providing a fresh point of view on any subject.

This way, link building also offers you an opportunity to expand the audience as you have a chance of making a devoted following out of the followers of your guest blogger. Always keep it in mind that guest blogging is the golden chance of shining in front of somebody else followers. You must utilize this opportunity for engaging these followers directly through replying to their questions or comments yourself, keeping track of when and where the content is being shared, and expressing your gratitude to those followers who share the content.

2. Look For Broken Links – The Broken links are frustrating for website owners and visitors as well. Every time somebody clicks on the website of your company, it is a bad experience for the visitors and that also reflects badly on your business’s reputation. However, they can turn out to be the best opportunity for you as a lot of site owners do not realize that the broken link is the cause of their low SEO rankings and with the help of link building in SEO, they can sort out this problem.

Broken links give you an excellent opportunity for pointing it out to the website owner, establish a relationship with them, as well as add much-needed value. The most important benefit is that you can get the top-quality link in return. Searching for examples of important broken links on the Internet can be hard, however, there are plenty of broken link tools nowadays that assist you to look for any broken links on the specific website, and SEO tools that deliver reports of the broken links based on topic areas or keywords.

3. Master The Art Of Resource Page Link Building – Most people do not realize how thorough the whole procedure of link building is. Like everything else, before being committed to something, you first should know the position you are presently at. An amazing way to do it is by quality link building resources. Many businesses and blogs will put together posts or pages that gather useful resources their target audience might appreciate. Any pages which do this for sites that are like yours may be a chance for the link.

This way, you can know about the position your present linked assets are in as well as what the competitors are up to, as well. In case you feel like falling behind, always remember that you can find chances in several other sectors, like different content chances, getting backlinks, and keyword selections, which are worth the try. It is just as easy as producing content that is relevant and valuable enough to get included in the resource page.

4. Produce Infographics – In this fast-paced world, readers, like everybody else, want their content quickly and this is the major reason why infographics are relevant. They give the readers a chance to have all the data concisely without reading pages of text. Do you know that 42% of the marketers have reported that the infographics, as well as other real graphics, were far more interactive as compared to any other kind of content, which also includes another type of visual content?

Infographics are appreciated and shared on the social media platform 3 times more than any other type of content. Visual ads assist readers to process the information more effectively as well as make the articles much more readable. Create infographics that are concise, visually appealing, and simple. Once you are done with that, you must create the HTML piece that embeds infographics to the web page as well as links it back to the website. Afterward, either you can submit the same to other sites or share it with the bloggers who publish the related content for earning backlinks and improving your link building.

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5. Use Data To Refine Your Content – It is becoming more difficult with time to get content that is useful and relevant. It is the struggle for ensuring the fact that your content can stand out by breaking through the clutter. Readers are reluctant to believe in something that is not supported by data. Through using the data for improving your written piece, you can attract links and draw attention that might enhance its rankings.

People wish to know the reason behind you claiming something and if you are stating the fact without the source, none will take you seriously. Now, the question arises – how to make the content more data-driven? For starters, you should research your industry as well as filter data that is important to your content. You can also check out industry peers, your lists of the customers. Never forget to consider the email list which is the best way to transform visitors into paying clients. If your content is rich in statistics and data, then there is a high probability that it earns the links since readers prefer the links to important sources.

6. Newsjacking – Rather than trying to check how you can come up with something that will make you the talk of the town, you can utilize something they are already intrigued for into inspiration. This is considered as one of the most beneficial link building strategies called “newsjacking”. Wonder why? Because you are using the trending subject for creating and promoting your own written piece.

For starting, you can utilize a platform such as Google Trends for determining what people are conversing about. The search bar on the Google Trends is an excellent place for exploring distinctive ideas and check in case an idea is sufficiently famous to warrant an article of its own. Make sure that you are opting for topics and trends which are at least somehow associated to the industry you are concerned with. But, you can always benefit from the daily news that is going viral at present. Time is the greatest enemy and biggest ally of a website owner in newsjacking. Publish as well as promote the content as soon as possible and within the week of original news, as the trend would usually have died down by that time.

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7. Generate And Give Out Awards – Are you aware of what happens when the company or person receives notice that they have won the award? Mostly, they wish to publicize that news. They might write about the same on the blog, promote the win on their every social media network, or send out a press release, in a nutshell, send a bunch of promotion and link back to the source.

There is a high probability of well-known awards or brands getting this response, however even not so famous blogs and brands that create awards can attain the similar reaction, just because people love the idea of receiving awards.

So, why not produce your award? Assign it an attractive name and begin searching for other influencers, blogs, businesses, or those people in your market which you believe should be the winners. Create the logo and motivate them for posting it on their sites. Not only will it help build your links but also common goodwill in your community.

Once your business has gained a bit of traction as well as has familiarized itself with the know-how, you will begin noticing an increasing trend in the website traffic. Consequently, the overall ranking on the search engines will experience a considerable boost, and you will witness that hard work has paid off.

The Author

Apeksha Goswami is a Digital Marketing Executive at Leadabode. Her focus is on creating a well-knit digital link between the audience and the company which helps develop a sturdy relationship and drive new traffic towards the clients. She believes in herself a little more and also loves to express her thoughts to the world on Instagram.

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