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How Can Content Marketing Help In Your Business Growth?

Content marketing is a key part of Inbound Marketing strategy. It’s a way to engage with your target audience and grow your network of customers and potential customers by creating relevant and valuable content, attracting leads, engaging and engendering value to people so as to create a positive perception of your brand and thus generate more sales.

When we think of content marketing, we soon remember blog posts that have educational content. But, there is much more than that behind this Marketing strategy. The current consumer has ceased to want to be a “target” of marketing campaigns and be impacted by them every five minutes. He likes to search for the content he needs, and getting you to deliver that content to him will make your consumer even happier.

If you have found what you need on a blog or in a material when you need other tips and new materials, where will be the first place you will look again? Exactly, in that same blog.

Speaking of something more specific, your company can create a help center on the site, where you can publish more technical content and articles with answers to your customers’ questions. It is always good to leave this type of content on hand for consumers to consult whenever they wish. Make it easy to find, access and always post content that speaks specifically about your services and products.

Content marketing empowers your customer and improves your relationship with him by giving more information to your customer in the course of all the negotiations that are done with him. This does not make him look at his competitors or give up the purchase they are about to make. Thus, content marketing creates a relationship of trust between business and consumer.

You, as a consumer, know that companies that are just looking to talk about products end up not making you comfortable. That’s why content marketing shows you the solutions you need, and then tell you, that your product can help them put those solutions into practice.

Through content marketing, the visibility of your brand will be even greater. In order for you to appear to your audience, you need to be well positioned online, and for that to happen, creating content is the fastest and easiest way to become visible to your audience.

Knowing that, now you appear to your audience and have already made him become true to your brand, probably, at that moment, he will help you with your sales. As Well, from the moment a relationship of trust is built, your consumer starts to spread your product and service to other potential consumers. A single person can point out your products or services to dozens of buyers, even if they never become a customer.

It’s simple: think of a number of prospects that exist in the social universe of a colleague’s colleague. If I recommend your product to three people and these three people refer to 3 more people, then there will be 12 possible new leads for your brand.

But for all of this strategy to be well done, you need to have quality content created and, for that to happen, it needs to have the following items:


Search Engine Optimization is the strategy that puts your posts in a good placement among online materials, thus ensuring that your site has more hits.

Social Networks:

As the name suggests, social networks share a very large social interaction and, if your link is taken there, it will put you in an even bigger display window.

Email Marketing:

You certainly do not want to get advertisements every five minutes, right? But getting a weekly informative email will save you from searching to get to the content you want to find.

Landing Pages:

Landing Pages are conversion pages focused on turning your traffic into leads and your leads into customers. They are pages that allow you to capture information from your visitors through an offer, with a form and a CTA.

When you engage with strategies like these on your company website, you’ll know that people remember the companies that were willing to help them when they needed them. Knowing that everything revolves around reciprocity is something present in the daily routine and also a weapon of persuasion during a negotiation. Everything that can motivate the conclusion of a sale can be considered Content Marketing: texts about the product or service, videos, images, infographics, e-books, reviews, customer testimonials, success stories, technical information, exchange and return policy, etc.

So when your strategy is complete, you’ll still have arguments that may also help your company’s after-sales. The completion of the sale is just the beginning. Studies show that nearly 70% of a company’s revenue comes from recurring customers. And that should not be new: those who already know your company are more likely to buy more expensive items more often or recommend you to a friend.

You may not yet know, but more than half of your competitors should already be using content strategies in their business. For this reason, the question that asks whether it is worth betting on this strategy should be replaced by something that teaches something else, for example: “How to overcome the Content Marketing of my competitors to reach more customers and win potential customers before them?

Of all the strategies available in the menu of Digital Marketing, among professionals, there is no doubt about which is the most important: Content Marketing.


You should start investing in this form of marketing that is up to 62% cheaper and 3x more effective than other forms of traditional marketing. Your competitors celebrate when you decide to delay the beginning of your Content Marketing strategies. After all, you are leaving the way clear for them to intercept the leads and sales that should be yours.

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I am an experienced technical content writer with a proven ability to translate complex information into clear, concise prose. I have extensive experience writing for various technical audiences, including software engineers, IT professionals, and product managers. I approaches each writing project with a customer-centric mindset, focusing on understanding the audience's needs and pain points.

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