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The Head-to-Head Comparison between Marketo and HubSpot

There is no denying the fact that HubSpot and Marketo are undoubtedly the two best marketing automation software organizations in the world. According to, Marketo is used by 33000 websites and HubSpot is active on as many as 96,000 websites. HubSpot is also one of the most common automation software that is used in several countries as well as industries. However, you need to know that Marketo is also one of the well-established platforms, which marketers should consider when they are deciding the automation software that they should be using for implementing the inbound marketing strategies. Before you decide whether you should choose HubSpot or Marketo, you need to consider the differences that exist between them.

Given below is the head to head comparison of both the marketing automation software.

Strengths of Both HubSpot and Marketo

When discussing HubSpot, it is important to understand that this particular automation software is one of the best inbound marketing machines, which has all the amazing features that any marketer would require for inbound marketing. This software is responsible for working on the inbound methodology, which is constantly being used by the present digital marketers. Over the years, this platform is not just your marketing platform anymore, but it has also evolved into customer service as well as a sales platform. If you are interested in getting software, which is capable of managing the complete life cycle of the business, you are going to come across three integrated hubs from HubSpot. These hubs include marketing hub, sales hub, and service hub.

In the case of Marketo, you need to know that this platform is shining in advanced analytics as well as email workflows. If you are from a strong technical background, you are going to love this software and dig into the advanced features that this software has. Huge organizations, which require email campaigns across different types of customer bases, have the chance of customizing email marketing in detail with the help of this platform. Therefore, it can be stated that this software is particularly built for large organizations. Another important feature of Marketo is that it has several important mobile optimization tools.

User experience

The user experience with both the software comes down to the individual choices of the users. Both the software platforms are responsible for having a great user interface along with intuitive navigation as well as dashboards. However, HubSpot’s tools are capable of providing complete instructions on how you are going to use them, which will allow even the layman to use the tools.

In the case of Marketo, you need to be slightly more experienced and if you require deep analytics as well as the ideal workflow functionality for your business, you should use this platform.

The platform that you choose between HubSpot and Marketo for the user interface is completely dependent on your choice.

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Training and Support

There is no doubt about the fact that both the software have strong and perfect support communities but it also cannot be denied that HubSpot is better. It is responsible for providing free support over the phone along with several documents and tutorials. This platform has more resources for using this software as well as inbound sales and marketing. The support provided by HubSpot is extremely friendly as well as fast. It also has live chat and email support within the portal, which will help you to discuss your problems with customer representatives.

In the case of Marketo, it has been reported by the users that the software is not responsible for providing great customer support. Also, it is not easy to reach the customer representative team easily. However, if you can reach them, you can be assured that you are going to get the best possible service. Apart from phone support, both organizations are responsible for offering paid training.

One thing that you need to understand is that both platforms have their respective University as well as Academy, which are responsible for helping customers to learn the different tools and become amazing marketers. You can receive certification courses from both, which are associated with the software as well as other inbound methodologies as well as strategies.

CRM Integration

Marketo is responsible for boasting about CRM integrations, which include Salesforce and Microsoft dynamics, along with integrations with NetSuite, SugarCRM, Oracle, etc. However, HubSpot is responsible for having a single native integration, which is Salesforce. Apart from that, it is also responsible for having a free CRM, which has been built within the platform and does not require additional integration. This means that the CRM data can easily be accessed as well as used in different hubs. This is going to help most of the new businesses as well as several small and medium-sized businesses.

Content Management Platform

When discussing content, both these platforms are responsible for offering solutions that are completely different. HubSpot is responsible for offering a content management system on which you can consider building your complete website. If you are not interested in moving the complete website to this platform, you have the option of creating blog posts as well as landing pages on sub-domains within the platform and you can integrate them with your already existing website.

Marketo, on the other hand, is responsible for offering several landing page tools. However, it does not have a blogging platform or a native CMS. This is why you have to use your website platform for the blog pages and integrate them with the automation software of Marketo.

When being compared, it is important to understand that HubSpot is responsible for permitting you to host the blog on the platform and also draft your posts and publish them with the editor. Apart from that, it also has several optimization tools, which will help you to gain a higher rank within the search engines with the help of the content that you are creating.

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Analytics and Reporting

Both HubSpot and Marketo give helpful examination that enables you to follow your advertising execution, find important experiences about your possibilities and clients, and make itemized reports.

HubSpot offers point by point examination and experiences into different pieces of your inbound promoting procedure and how they cooperate. With Marketo, you can go much further with the prescient investigation and demonstration dependent on CRM information, firmographics, and that’s just the beginning.

  • Limitations of HubSpot Marketing Pro?

Try not to exclude HubSpot on extraordinary revealing, particularly in case you’re utilizing the deals and additionally administration instruments alongside the promoting stage. With the custom report developer, you can make reports that show an immediate rate of profitability of your advertising endeavors dependent on deals and administration information.


Marketo has a functioning client network and some notable clients; however its general environment is fundamentally littler than HubSpot’s.

With more than 44,000 worldwide clients, more than 3,000 Agency Partners, more than 150 nearby clients bunches far and wide, and the yearly INBOUND occasion that sees more than 20,000 participants – no other promoting mechanization programming has a network or biological system to match HubSpot’s.

By correlation, Marketo right now has around 5,000 worldwide clients (a large number of which have numerous areas and sites) and 500 accomplices.

With any significant programming venture you make, it’s imperative to engage in the client network so you can gain from others utilizing the instruments, just as having individuals outside of your association to investigate with or skip thoughts off of. Get familiar with HubSpot’s huge network


Which is progressively costly, HubSpot or Marketo?

Both offer various levels, groups, additional items, and free preliminaries, yet by the day’s end, HubSpot begins at $FREE every month and Marketo begins at $1,195 every month.

Truth is stranger than fiction; HubSpot offers a totally free form of the entirety of its Hubs.

We’re sans talking everlastingly – not a free preliminary. While the free stages are extremely fundamental variants of the instruments, they enable you to get to know the UI and essential functionalities before swiping your Mastercard.

This implies HubSpot will develop with you – as you need extra usefulness you can move up to the following degree of membership and the entirety of your information and resources will stay in your entry.

At the point when you include the entirety of the top-notch highlights and look at the most elevated levels of HubSpot and Marketo, the valuing is progressively tantamount, however, Marketo is still increasingly costly.

Taking into account that HubSpot has a substance on the board stage, better help, and gives a start to finish arrangement; the choice is simple for us.

Be that as it may, HubSpot isn’t modest, and it’s entirely expected to be going back and forth about a buy this way.

That is the reason we composed HubSpot Marketing: the Definitive Guide for Business to separate each part of HubSpot’s product (counting cost). We even give correlations with the entirety of the top advertising robotization programming stages available.

We urge you to look at it before you settle on an ultimate conclusion for your business.


Both HubSpot and Marketo are undoubtedly great when it comes to choosing the ideal marketing automation software. However, if you are interested in choosing anyone, you can go through the comparison that has been made above to get a better understanding of which platform you should use for your business.

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