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What Are “Nano-Influencers” and Why You Should Care?

In this new year of 2020, if you are looking for leverage influencers to interact with millennials, consider nano-influencers. You can enjoy some undeniable benefits according to the influential site from them.

At this present time, it is undeniable, influencer marketing is needed as a tool to reach out to the younger generation and engage them. Even a recent report from a reputed influencer marketing agency has highlighted the issue of how more or less influential people have been for the past some years.

In this context, to help you better design your impact on marketing campaigns, we have recently revealed ways for you to choose your influencer better. If at present, many people suggest betting on nano-influencers or if you bet on nano-influencers, highlighting the existing advantages for it. But for your clear concept first know some basic details of influencers. Then we will talk about nano influencers and why you should care about them for your business.

What Does the Influencer Do?

The influential person is the one who started by purchasing and filming products, taking photos, and sharing tips with the people who follow them. Today, they are sharing content. Some people bet on a single channel. For others, they multiply them, be it Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, or even TikTok.

Influencer Has Become A Real Job

A profession that brings a lot! Some are willing to promote anything and everything to make money and that is why it is now a question of credibility.

What is Nano-Influencer?

Nano influencers are the new chief employers of influencer agencies. But first what are the nano influencers?

You certainly know the classic influencers, who promote brands for a fee on their social networks. If you don’t here’s a new product only for you!

Well, nano-influencers have exactly the same goal (to influence their community), but on a much smaller scale. To give you an idea, we consider Instagram, when someone like Nano Influencer has less than 10,000 subscribers (e.g. more than 40% of Instagram users).

But, this is not the only criterion considered as nano-influencers of brands. What companies are looking for when working with these individuals is a strong commitment from their community. The average engagement rate of the nano effect is 7% as opposed to 3% (or less) as a classic effect.

To give a clear definition of nano-influencer, he is a person who has a strong commitment from the community (> 6%) to whom he promotes branded products.

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The Rise of Micro-Influencers and Nano-Influencers

Nano-influencers = between 1,000 and 10,000 subscribers. Micro-influencers = between 10,000 and 99,000 subscribers. Mega influencers = 100,000 subscribers and more.

No matter what you think, doing business with a mega-influencer is not necessarily more effective. Because here-

Generally speaking, nano-influencers and micro-effects are content creators who are fairly close to their audience. They get to know it better and interact with it on a regular basis. Their publications are usually very authentic, even if they are paid to talk about a product, service, or event.

These are less likely to be fake customers and more likely to have quality interactions. Also, their prices are much more accessible.

Mega-influencers still hold relevance – they can partner with brands. Their audience size certainly allows them to reach a large number of consumers through a simple publication. This is a good option if your goal is to achieve strong fame towards a broader target in no time.

But, if you want to enter a fragmented market or more niche targets, it is better to consider a smaller strategy. So you will be able to reach one or more listeners in an authentic way. This is probably the main reason why companies are increasingly dealing with nano and micro-influencers. You’ll find more room for strategy and more personalized offers.

Macro, Mega – Influencers vs. Micro, Nano-Influencers: What Are The Differences Between These Two Profiles?

Macro and mega-influencers are those with more than a million subscribers.

They certainly have a very large audience and high visibility but working with them is very expensive and their engagement rate is low. But if your budget allows and if you want to quickly achieve a goal, it seems to apply to this type of influencer. Yet if you want to familiarize yourself with a specific goal or niche, it’s best to go back to our micro and nano-influencers.

We will explain why …

Why Choose Nano Or Micro Influencers?

With a small community of influencers (between 5,000 customers of nano-influencers and 5,000 to 30,000 micro-influencers), there is a hyper-targeted community because its content is related to a specific theme (lifestyle, fashion, travel …). He is more believable since he shares his passion.

Micro and Nano-Influencers: Small But Strong!

These influencers have a high engagement rate. For example, for 1,000 subscribers, there is an 8% engagement rate, against 1.6% for 10 million subscribers.
These micro and nano-influencers thus have a far higher reach than that of macro-influencers.

We certainly note that campaigns with nano and micro-influencers are 60% more effective than those with macro or mega-influencers.

Micro and Nano-Influencers: The Benefits of Working with Them

Micro-influencers cost much less than macro-influencers, as well as better engagement rates. And as nano-influencers, they won’t cost you (almost) anything, are easy to communicate, passionate, trustworthy, have no or few genres, and have very good engagement rates.

Nano-influence campaign: Benefits


As you can see above, the biggest influencers are suffering from a crisis of confidence for brands. Followers and preferences are one of the reasons for purchasing and nano-influencers do not have this problem. In fact, one community of it has shrunk, with more communication, which is more accessible. Fans will then be able to respond more, as they feel their relationship with the influencers feels more “closer” to the stars, including millions of customers.

Buying followers is not effective for influencers of this new genre. Already their engagement rate is so high. Buying customers, likes, or comments would be more confusing than the real benefit to their actual community.

Engagement rate & accessibility

Also to this confidence in the reality of this audience, brands will be encouraged by the accessibility of the influencer, as this saving is valid in the case of potential partners or sponsors.

More than accessible, nano-influencers are even inspired and volunteered. Because of their secret success, they are less enticed by brands and less in demand. They are available to help you and the brand is committed which will offer them a deal!

Needless to say, their engagement rate is much higher than the big influencers. According to our research conducted by the best calculation scanning tool, it averaged 7.21% for Nanos, dropping it to 1.86 drops% for Mega.

A specific message for a specific community

With less than 5,000 subscribers, there are two possibilities:

  • Let’s start with the influencer, but there is a “conventional” style (lifestyle, beauty, fashion, gaming, cooking…) that can identify a large community.
  • The influencer opens an account related to a specific topic, which is only interested in a limited part of the community, more personally available on this account than any partner.

Here it is our second case where a limited thematic nano-influencer will keep a limited community with all the benefits included in this brand.

Besides all the ones mentioned earlier in this article, there are plenty of other benefits to this nano with very interesting topics. It allows brands to look for one that suits their style, mood, and product type. So, they will know that 100% of this person’s community will be interested in what kind of services or businesses they will sell.

Beas survey confirms that 30% of customers have purchased a service developed by a nano-influencer or are thinking of improving.

If all this convinces you to continue with nano-influencers as well as influencer marketing campaigns, then good news!

We will now give you all the keys to start this kind of campaign. Don’t be thankful to us, it’s a gift!

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How to Launch a Nano-Influencer Campaign?

Influencer marketing campaigns with nano-influencers can certainly be thought of differently than campaigns with a larger public figure. The audience is less and more expert, but more interested in presenting the product.

To manage your campaign volume, you need to set goals and objectives for your campaign.

1st Step: Identify the Nano-Influencers with Whom to Launch the Campaign

It is important at first to identify the different influencers likely to match you best. Thus, you will know exactly which target will be prioritized and reached by your campaign.

The Influencer Specialty and His Style of Speech

First, the most important thing with these influencers is to identify their uniqueness. Also, why they follow this small but highly committed community. So if your brand is also very expert and targets a certain segment of the population, the progression will be more relevant.

If, for example, your brand sells fountain pens, it will be appropriate to campaign with an influencer with an account specializing in calligraphy.

Then, the way to express yourself, the style of his speech. Whether it’s in a ridiculous, serious, provocative, enthusiastic, girly, or very powerful tone … it needs to be defined to better notice what kind of influential community can do and it will be more resistant or acceptable in rural areas.

The Influencer Area

It is also important to determine the geographical area of the influencer. Consider a place like New York. If you have only one store in QUEENS (Queens is a popular area in New York), there is no point in campaigning with an influential person in New York.

Did you know that any area of influential communities is confined to a small geographical area, or, conversely, has several customer pockets scattered across different parts of the USA?
Do influential people have a predominantly metropolitan English audience or other English-speaking countries?

All this must be taken into account in order to best define the target of your campaign.

Now that you know how to get started with nano-influencers, you can quickly and easily set your goals.

Now, the big problem is that all this time-saving and launching a tool-short nano-influencer campaign is economically harmful. So, to make your life easier when choosing nano-influencers, you must equip yourself with an influencer platform. So that it will give you direct access to the nano-influencers (including regions) that come to you.

2nd Step: Identify the Type of Campaign

In the second step, to determine the promotion objectives, it is important to identify which type will give you the most results in the shortest time.

Define the Type of Partnership

First, determine which type of partnership would be most appropriate based on the influencers and goals you have identified before.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links allow influencers to paste only one link into one of their posts. Thereafter, it is remunerated according to the monetization link. It can be paid per click, or for activities (if a customer makes a purchase, downloads an app, subscribes to a newsletter, etc.). Such partnerships are simple, effective, and inexpensive. But, if you want to present a product or a service directly, it is not the most effective

Product Placements

As the name implies, this kind of partnership involves sending one or more products to the influencer so that he can present it to his community. This strategy works with nano-influencers. In fact, the specific product type may be of interest to you before the selected influential community. The product has no value because it will be accepted for an effective free presentation.


Competitions need a bit more investment, but in the long run, it can be very attractive for the brand. Influential people post a publication on their account with the condition of winning a link or contest as well as winning a product or service. Giving customers something will make them interested in visiting your site and exploring your offers.

Sponsoring or Sponsored Publications

In this case, the publisher is given the publication by the brand or the product/service provided by it.

This is especially interesting in the case of nano-influencers, who will demand a lower salary than the influence of more popular influencers. They will be further encouraged to publish the article and to meet the conditions set by their sponsored brand.

Define the Type of Social Network

The type of social network is crucial for launching a marketing campaign. Each of them has its own characteristics, age group, etc.

For example, Instagram is considered a social network with the highest engagement rate. It is interesting to know that nano-influencers are also known as optimal engagement rates. Communities are quite young; 66% of people under the age of 13 say they use Instagram.

You should not exclude any type of social network from your research. Because each has its specificities, advantages, and disadvantages. It is the same for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Blogs, Pinterest are as many networks as possibilities for your brand.

So, you now know what a nano-influencer is and what benefits it has for certain brands. You also have all the keys in hand to launch your own influencer marketing campaign with these Nanos!

The Author

Martin is a professional digital marketer and blogger at Jocial for several years. He serves and contributes to a lot of brands. His managing capacity helps many marketers to develop their business and online presents.

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