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MilesWeb: A Catalyst That Empowers Websites

As the web hosting industry grows, there should be a good reason to choose any particular web host!

Let’s face the fact! The performance of your website is based on the web hosting platform it is hosted on. Depending on the web hosting company, the level of your involvement in the maintenance of your website is determined. 

It might interest you to know how MilesWeb makes a difference in the web hosting industry! We believe that a web host should be a complete value for money and it should take the responsibility of your hosting environment and your website and we believe in doing just that!

Your hosting, our responsibility!

How are we responsible for empowering your website?

When we say that we are responsible for your hosting environment we are!

When any website is hosted with us, however big or small it is, we take complete responsibility for that website. Website support and technical aspects are taken care of by us and we promise 24/7 support. You get the same level of hosting support irrespective of your hosting environment.

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Here are some aspects that make us distinct!

Speed & Security

We have all the measures in place to ensure speed and complete website security. There are close to no possibilities of your website getting compromised. The basic aspect is that you get a free SSL certificate to start with. When you set up a new website, it is secured with an HTTPS subscription right away.


We have a comprehensive and robust infrastructure in place with the best teams. All our customer care executives are technically qualified and experienced in handling all types of issues related to your hosting, domain, and website. We ensure quick resolution of issues. There are very rare possibilities of your website having downtime when it is hosted with MilesWeb. Irrespective of the size of the website or blog you have, you can rely on us for the best on-time support.

Web Hosting The Suits Your Needs

At MilesWeb, we have a wide range of web hosting plans that suits your needs. Whether you are looking for a basic web hosting plan for your startup website or blog or if you want a full-fledged web hosting solution, we have your hosting needs covered. You will find just the right web hosting plan that perfectly suits your requirements and your budget. If you have unique web hosting needs, you can talk to our team and we will give you the most appropriate web hosting solution. We are experienced in handling the most complex web hosting architectures and distinct web hosting requirements.

We Make Processes Easy For You

We have a comprehensive knowledge base including video tutorials that makes everything easy for you. We aim to simplify the web hosting for you. Whether it is setting up your hosting account, managing it, or working with the control panel and different applications, we have created video tutorials for every issue that you might have to sort. The steps for all the processes are clearly shown through videos and this enables you to easily work on the issues that you might be facing. Of course, you can contact the customer support team whenever required but with the knowledgebase, you can easily work on the issues by yourself.

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Online Reputation

You can verify everything that we promise through our online presence. We have won accolades for the services we provide. You can check the online reviews on various review portals about how we handle customer issues and how we provide the best service. Everything is out there for you to view and verify. Our online reputation speaks for us and you can find out about every small and big detail about us. Our company values, our terms and conditions, and every information regarding our services are out there as we believe in complete transparency.

Migration Is Supported

If you have a website ready, we provide a free migration process. Our experts will ensure that your website is migrated for free without any downtime. If you are looking for an alternative web hosting solution and if you are looking for a provider who will help you with the transferring of the website, we will help you with the entire migration process.

Website Builder

We offer the best and the most user-friendly website builder tool. There is no cause of concern even if you don’t have technical skills; you don’t need them to create a website. At MilesWeb, we offer a free website builder with all the web hosting plans. You can easily set up your website or blog with the website builder. You can add the theme you want and you can add the functionalities that you need without any technical skills. Creating a website and managing it becomes simplified with the website builder offered by MilesWeb.

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Why should you have a website?

These are the reasons that make us the best web hosting provider. If you don’t have a website, we would ask you to get one because a website can enable you to:

  • Have a better reach.
  • Get a 24/7 online presence.
  • Build good online credibility.
  • It reduces the costs of setting up a store.
  • Market expansion.
  • Better accessibility.
  • Provide better customer service online.
  • Provide your customers a better opportunity to buy your products or services.

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Want To Start Earning Through Your Website?

If you are looking for an additional source of income or if you would like to monetize your website, then you can join MilesWeb’s affiliate program. This affiliate program is one of the most rewarding ones that have high rates of commission. You can create your website and start earning through it right away. Haven’t been a part of an affiliate program before? No problem! You can contact our affiliates team and they will guide you in terms of placing the ads and managing your affiliate account.

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If you don’t have a website yet, it’s time to get one right away. When you think of getting your website hosted, we have the best hosting solutions and we do as we say – Your hosting, our responsibility.

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