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Managed Vs. Un-Managed Hosting : Make The Right Choice For Your Business

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Searching for a new hosting platform?

You might have to make the choice between managed and un-managed hosting platforms.

Most of the startups and business owners begin by hosting their websites on the shared servers. Most of the people don’t come across the terms ‘managed’ and ‘un-managed’ at all. These hosting terms are applicable when we start looking for VPS hosting, semi-dedicated hosting or for the dedicated servers. You will have to face the dilemma of managed vs. un-managed hosting before signing p for a cloud hosting package as well.

There is a significant price difference between the managed and un-managed hosting packages, but it is not a good idea to make your decision only on the basis of cost. Selection of a wrong hosting package can be extremely expensive in the long run so it is crucial to make an informed decision.

Key Differences In The Managed And Un-Managed Hosting Plans

When it comes to web hosting, think of server management as a planned support.

  • In case of a managed hosting package, the web hosting company offers free support for every problem or task and for the emergencies. Obviously there is a limit to this, for instance the web hosting company will not provide you with support for any coding problem on your blog. However, things like the control panel, operating system, server setup and the pre-installed applications are completely managed and supported. Often managed hosting also comes with backup system and monitoring.
  • Un-managed hosting is a cheaper hosting option because there is no management – i.e. there is no routine support. The web hosting company will perform tasks like replacing the failed components, rebooting the servers, maintaining the network and keeping the lights on; however, it will not support any software or install any application for you. Un-managed hosting is completely your own hosting infrastructure that you have to maintain on your own. You will have to install the security packages, fix the weird error messages and you are responsible for installing everything apart from the OS.

If you opt for an un-managed hosting package and get stuck anywhere, your web hosting company will charge you for offering the basic support. The price is worth it because it is possible to foster your business growth with customized hosting solutions.

The price is worth it because it is possible to foster your business growth with customized hosting solutions.

The price is worth it because it is possible to foster your business growth with customized hosting solutions.

The Pros And Cons Of Un-Managed Hosting

It is clear that if you opt for a managed hosting package, you get complete support from the web hosting company for anything and everything. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of opting for an un-managed hosting solution? Have a look….

An un-managed hosting platform provides you with complete control: You have the exclusive access and complete freedom. Your server is like your own computer. Un-managed hosting services are comparatively cheaper than managed hosting services. Therefore, if you are comfortable with your own OS, then opt for an un-managed hosting solution.

Before signing up for an un-managed server, make sure that the hosting company provides you with the control panel. If you struggle for installing a control panel from scratch, then you will hit many issues. The un-managed hosting platform is ideal for the resellers and the business owners in need of high-end hosting servers as they get the liberty to create new servers and customize the hosting platform in accordance with their preferences. Through un-managed hosting, the resellers can create servers for their clients in their own name without contacting the web hosting company as they have the resources at their disposal.

Managed hosting is all about less work and it needs less expertise. In case something goes wrong and if you are stuck, you can always give a call to your hosting company and the issue will be solved.

Which Hosting Solution Is Suitable For You?

Every business and every individual has different business and website requirements; therefore, there is no perfect answer for this!

Ask yourself the following questions for getting the answer:

  • Can you deal with the downtime yourself in case there is a software problem?
  • With complete control will your business become easy to manage?
  • Can you apply the security patches remotely by yourself?
  • Are you comfortable with using the support option only in case of any problem?
  • Is the price difference worth it?

If you are still confused between the managed and the un-managed hosting platform, then here’s what you can do:

You can opt for an un-managed hosting server with paid support and backup options. If you opt for any of the un-managed hosting packages provided by MilesWeb, for one hour support, you will be charged $25 and for one day support, you will be charged $49. For instance, if you have created 5 virtual servers, then you will get support for all of them with the support package you choose. This definitely does not sound expensive!! As a result of this, you will get the root access to your server with the basic level of support. The support will be provided for a limited number of hours depending on the option you choose. This will give you the best of both worlds!

Balancing The Budget

What is more important to you? Low cost? Or fewer maintenance tasks?

If you are not comfortable with managing your server on your own, then you should stick to a managed hosting solution. If you opt for an un-managed hosting server, make sure that there is no contract or tie-in for the server so that you can switch to a managed server if you feel the need of doing it.

Are you looking for a server with complete control? Check out the Virtual-DC platform launched by MilesWeb. Virtual-DC infrastructure provides you with un-managed VPS packages with the best of specs. You get the liberty of managing your server on your own and establishing your business under your own brand name.

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