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Why Should SMBs Consider Fully Managed Hosting?

For SMBs looking to improve their business strategies, product or service quality, and organizational structure, it becomes extremely difficult to spend time and effort on server management. The best solution they have for keeping their company website or online store running without any hindrance is opting for managed hosting services.

However, that’s not the only reason why small and medium-sized businesses should consider fully managed hosting. Read through the section below to find out how businesses can benefit from the service.

How Does Fully Managed Web Hosting Work?

A company offering fully managed hosting services will work on your behalf to keep your website up and running. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between shared server, dedicated server, virtual private server, or managed cloud hosting.

Irrespective of the kind of hosting service you pick, the service provider will complete all technical tasks. Examples include looking after data storage, security, and data backup, configuring the hosting servers, etc.

A fully managed hosting package includes addons like regular updates, constant monitoring, instant software installation, and so on. You will also be receiving security updates at regular intervals, which will help you in keeping hackers at bay.

If you are working with a reputable managed hosting service provider, you can expect him to come up with hosting solutions customized for your business website. Overall, you will get all kinds of services starting from sound software and hardware setup to relentless technical support.

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Things To Consider When Choosing A Managed Hosting Service Provider

Before picking the company you will be hiring for offering you fully managed hosting services, you must have clear knowledge about the specific hosting requirements of your organization. Additionally, you must also take your hosting budget into account. The other crucial factors that must be considered are:

Security Specifications: It’s the duty of a hosting service provider to offer regular security updates, conduct security patch installation, and ensure complete security upkeep of your website. So, when choosing a hosting company, you must check what kind of security specifications they are offering.

Backup Operations: As you are running a business website, you must ensure that all your data remains handy even if there’s a technological glitch (related to both software and hardware). So, before you sign the hosting contract with a service provider, you must gather detailed information on their backup operations. Find out which backup software they use, the techniques they employ for obtaining backups, the methods they adopt for data recovery when there’s a failure, and more.

Tech Support: Businesses choose managed hosting primarily because they don’t want to devote their precious time to monitor the technical operations. Web hosting involves several complex procedures. So, technical issues may keep arising from time to time even when you are using managed hosting services. Thus, you must ensure that the hosting company you are looking to work with offers 24×7 tech support.

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What Are the Advantages Of Using Fully Managed Hosting Services?

Using fully managed web hosting services will benefit your business in many ways. The section below talks about the most prominent ones among them.

Your Website Will Have Advanced Caching Features: Your managed hosting package will include cache features designed for scalable business websites. This means opting for the service will ensure that you will not need to set up your site’s cache features and optimize them.

The Entire System Will Be Looked After by Experts: When you are using managed hosting services, you can be assured about the fact that a team of experienced and qualified technicians will be in charge of troubleshooting, maintenance, risk management, and so on.

The Package Will Allow You to Integrate a Myriad of Apps: Managed web hosting will provide you with access to a cloud platform. The cloud marketplace will make several Content Management Systems (CMS) and apps available to you. You can use these applications directly as and when needed. The apps will allow you to do everything from building eCommerce stores to developing landing pages for your websites.

Your Website’s Scalability Requirements Will Be Taken Care of: A managed hosting service provider will ensure that your website’s scalability requirements are met. What’s even more amazing is that you will enjoy this privilege without spending any extra amount and there will also be no downtime involved. This allows SMBs to begin by using low resource plans and scale only when the business starts growing.

The Package May Come Integrated with CDN: Managed hosting packages offered by reputable companies also include Content Delivery Network or CDN. CDN helps in fetching data from the nearest data nodes and thereby reduces the response time of servers. This, in turn, reduces the loading speed of webpages and results in better SEO.

You Will Have Access to Highly Powerful Security Features: A company offering fully managed web hosting services will provide you with the most powerful security features in use currently. If you are working with a reputable service provider, you can also expect to get SSL certificates, cloud backups, firewalls, and may such advanced security features. The support team will conduct vulnerability scans regularly and update every software when required to keep your business’ data safe.

You Will Have the Option of Using Cloud Hosting: Using managed cloud hosting will allow you to enjoy the best of the two services, cloud hosting, and managed hosting. Cloud hosting will enable robust performance, automated data recovery and backup, quick page loading time, reliable and comprehensive customer service, and so on. When fully managed, these advantages get coupled with seamless operations.

There Will Be Considerable Cost Reduction: Managed web hosting will minimise your investment requirements but will provide you access to a series of latest technologies. You will be enjoying this privilege without any upfront capital investment. There will be no need of compromising on performance and proficiency by using obsolete hardware or replacing any outdated hardware.

The Customer Support Team Remains Accessible 24×7: If you are using managed hosting services, you will have a team of expert technicians available for support 24×7. You can contact them both for basic queries and for managing unforeseen problems.

You Will Be Have Service Level Agreements or SLAs: The agreement would clearly define the services you will get from the hosting company along with various responsibilities of the service provider. The other inclusions of the agreement are pricing details, information on measurable services, etc.

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Final Words

With so many benefits discussed above, fully managed web hosting is extremely important for your business website. The only thing you must make sure is that the company you are hiring for your web hosting needs is reliable and provides all the necessary resources and support for supporting your business.


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