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Is Hosting Required For Mobile Apps? All You Need To Know

do mobile apps need hosting all you need to know

The frontend and backend of your mobile app are ready and it runs smoothly on your computer or local system. However, writing code for the mobile app doesn’t end the story. You have to place that app somewhere more convenient to be found or accessed by the users. 

The most feasible option is a third-party server. The process here is; the user sends a request from the smartphone and the remote computer responds after processing the request. As the number of smartphone users is growing rapidly, most business institutions consider serving their customers with a mobile app. 

How Is A Mobile App Hosted?

Here are several factors that you have to consider to get your mobile application up and running:

A hosted mobile application is a type of software that allows companies or enterprises to run their applications on third-party servers or in a cloud offered by a hosting service provider. Here, the companies build the app as an end product after performing various tasks like deciding app strategy, planning, designing, development, and quality assurance. In the end, the app needs to be uploaded to a server to go live. This way, the app becomes accessible to everyone who can download and install it. 

Every company offering products or services to their end customers through mobile applications has different kinds of needs. An offering can be an independent task manager or basic utility services for phones or tablets. In that case, a hosting service for one app is not necessary. However, most providers on the web don’t have such standalone service to offer, rather they want to grant much freedom to their end customers, like synchronizing data from that app on various devices and accessing it in real-time. Also, some companies wish to give access to a huge amount of media collection, e.g., Amazon Prime or Netflix, all these functions cannot be performed without hosting apps on servers.

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Choosing Hosting For Mobile App

Here are some crucial factors that you have to consider for hosting an application:

  • Storage space
  • Bandwidth
  • Expected traffic
  • Domain names you need
  • Email accounts
  • Control you need on the application

Ideal Hosting Types For Mobile Apps

You have the following options available for hosting the mobile applications:

Shared Hosting

The shared hosting environment has multiple users and the resources are distributed among the accounts. The shared hosting fits best for mobile applications launched for the first time or where the budget is less. In shared hosting, you can enjoy the benefits of huge storage space, backup facility, large bandwidth, and a certain number of email accounts depending on your needs. There is a lack of flexibility and scalability and you can upgrade to a different hosting server as your hosting needs increase.

Dedicated Server Hosting

If your mobile app needs full control over all the resources, operating system, and the software installed; or you need the whole server only available to host your app without any virtualization, dedicated server hosting is suitable for you. In this case, the whole server hardware can be configured as per your requirement and the whole server is at your disposal with options of high performance and scalability. 

However, this hosting service will cost you much more than shared hosting. You can opt for managed dedicated hosting where the hosting company takes care of server management while you can focus on making your app more responsive and popular.

VPS Hosting

The virtual private server is almost like a dedicated server, only it is subdivided into many ‘virtual’ servers. This plan offers better security and flexibility, and independence from other apps on the same server. VPS hosting is like shared hosting but you get the benefits of dedicated hosting. If you are not happy with the cons of shared hosting and need the benefits of dedicated hosting without paying a huge price, VPS hosting is for you. However, this VPS solution can’t match the resource and performance of dedicated hosting.

Cloud Hosting

The above web hosting providers need physical servers to serve you, on the contrary, cloud hosting puts the data across numerous virtual servers. Many businesses opt for cloud hosting solutions for various benefits like less uptime, better scalability, high speed, and better data security. 

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How Apps Are Hosted?

Apps can be hosted through the 3 models mentioned below:


Infrastructure as a Service. Here, you have complete control of the server and you need to configure it on your own. The service provider offers you the hardware and a webmaster to help you with initializing the OS and building the database.


In Platform as a Service or PaaS, the service provider sets up the hardware, OS, and database. You just have to upload your files to the server and keep them in order. This works best for companies as the maximum task is done by the service provider and the clients can concentrate on other tasks.


SaaS stands for Software as a Service, this platform functions like a readymade app. This is a handy product offered to clients to achieve their goals without configuring anything.

Self-Hosted Mobile Apps Or Hosted Mobile Apps?

In case you choose the self-hosted option, you have to maintain that app on behalf of your company. At this stage, you will own the source code with the freedom to edit, upgrade and maintain. Here you have added responsibility as you need resources to take care of all the details like regular maintenance and upgrades, hosting the apps, and adding new features. Only if you can take care of all the important tasks related to the setting up and maintenance of the mobile app, opt for the self-hosted feature. If you are not very sure to take care of the added responsibilities, choose to host the mobile app. 

Mobile App Platforms

A mobile operating system is software that allows tablets and smartphones to run mobile applications; for example, Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows OS from Microsoft, and Symbian OS for Nokia.


Android OS, first unveiled in 2008, has been developed by Google using Linux kernel. This mobile OS is the most used OS by mobile phone holders across the globe. As Linux is an open-source operating system, Google’s Android developers enjoy much freedom to alter the Linux kernel as per their needs. Android offers updates with a primary focus on fixing bugs and adding new features. The first major update was Android 1.5 named Cupcake and the most recent is Android 10.


This iOS, first released in the US in 2007, is a multi-touch and multitasking operating system developed by Apple and it is used in iPhone, iPad, and iPod. iOS is based on Mac OS, which runs Apple’s desktop and laptop computers. iOS is popular for its user-centric design and effectiveness.

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Advertising your product or service on the web needs a mobile app to scale up the reach since a standalone website can’t serve the purpose entirely. At the same time, a well-designed solitary app is not sufficient; your customers need a smooth gateway to reach that app. The purpose of this article is to make you conscious of the guidelines to host mobile apps. Hosting the app on the best service doesn’t end the story, your app must-have features like carefully serving your audience, building a handy and easy customizable app with an innovative developer team, and keeping both paid and non-paid versions. 

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