Know How Cloud Computing Is Transforming The World

Updated on 29 January 2022 4 min Read
Know How Cloud Computing Is Transforming The World

In this article, let’s talk about this international celebrity, cloud computing, a technology that is transforming the world – from the way companies work and governments act to the way people behave.

It’s not a catchphrase, it’s the truest truth. Continue and you will see!

This content is based on real data and will show why we say that cloud computing has changed the world.

A study on the development of the cloud computing market has revealed where it stands its insertion in the old continent, in addition to the micro and macroeconomic, social and environmental impact of this technology. Advancing a little of the conclusions, the results point to numerous advantages of this system.

However, before we go any further, we need to briefly discuss the concept and examples of cloud computing that is closest to our everyday lives.

What is cloud computing and what are its everyday applications

Most of the things we access daily are stored in the cloud. Social networks, videos, music, all of which can be used without necessarily needing to be stored on your device. At most, we have to download certain applications that allow unrestricted access to what we are looking for.

Data can be allocated on a server anywhere in the world. That way, with an internet connection, it is possible to interact with any content or platform that is in this cloud.

In addition to being always available and accessible from any location, cloud files are updated in real time and do not require backing up to a physical space, as this occurs periodically online.

To bring another concrete example of our daily access to the cloud, why not talk about Apple’s storage system, iCloud?

The tool is quite popular, as a large number of people consume branded products around the world. Even though they often do not know how it works, they generally know that all of their files can be accessed through a login and password, even if it is on someone else’s device.

Why? Because once the system is enabled, your data will not be stored on the device’s hard disk, but rather in the cloud. This brings numerous benefits such as space saving, synchronization across different devices, security and the convenience that an integrated structure offers.

See how this technology is changing the world

You may be wondering how the simple act of saving files, photos and videos in the cloud can change the lives of people on this planet. Well, that was just an essay. Take a look at the list we have prepared with other information, revealed by Dell, about the impact of cloud computing.

  • 93% of businesses already use the cloud in some way.
  • By 2019, 90% of the data traffic will use cloud applications. This means that this technology will make much more of your life than you can imagine.
  • Larry Ellison, an American businessman, co-founder, and director of Oracle Corporation (worth about $ 60 billion), says cloud computing is being redefined to simply DO EVERYTHING we do on the internet.
  • Cloud computing influences many daily activities, especially in these six forms: navigation, online shopping, social media, work, leisure, and storage.
  • Thinking about these six types of operations, it is difficult to find some function that is not included in these categories.

When we talk about navigation, we can mention the use of GPS to locate us geographically, in real time and with updated data. With regard to online shopping, it is fair to say that 24% of shoppers virtually do this at least once a week.

Already when the subject is work, we can demonstrate the impact mentioning the applications most used in this environment. They are:

  • Dropbox
  • Salesforce
  • GoToMeeting
  • Zendesk

On average, innovative small and large companies offer about 16 cloud-based applications to assist with your team’s tasks.

From the point of view of employee satisfaction, studies commissioned by Dell also show that access to cloud applications leaves them happier and brings more work-life balance.

Benefits of cloud computing

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Now that you already know that the cloud is part of our daily life and that this tends to increase more and more, we can return to the study quoted at the beginning of the text. We want to show your conclusions about the benefits of cloud computing.

In terms of macroeconomics, it is agreed that cloud computing has a very positive impact. The adoption of this technology has contributed about 27.9 billion euros to the GDP of the European Union.

In addition, between 2012 and 2015, between 300,000 and 2.5 million jobs, both direct and indirect, were created because of cloud computing.

Regarding the quality of work and employee satisfaction, both in the public and private sectors, we can see gains such as the reduction of expenses with IT support services, shifting the focus of investment to operational issues, linked to productivity, adaptability to the system and more time to deal with business and management aspects.

It is estimated that the decrease in IT costs, for example, has reached rates of 20% to 50%.

As if the economic and social benefits were not enough, cloud technology also brings positive impacts to the environment – or at least significantly reduces negatives because it lowers energy use and carbon emissions, some of the major factors associated with global warming.

There are many advantages to cloud computing services. It, in fact, is present everywhere.

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