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Does Broken Link Building Method Still Work? In-Depth Guide

broken link building method

It is simple. The strategies do not work for a few people as they use them poorly and fail. The broken link building method still works, but most people give up after putting in 10-20% of the effort. 

It is, in fact, the most scalable tactic in SEO and Google rankings. Websites do not realize that they may have broken links under their pages, and you can definitely take advantage of them for your benefit. 

After all, there’s heavy competition on the internet. Every website wants to top the page. However, always using one method to scale up is not the best way to grow. You should, indeed, experiment with various techniques to determine which ones will work best for you. 

In this article, I will guide you about what is broken link building in SEO and techniques to scale up. 

What is Broken Link Building?  

You must have seen a lot of web pages under specific websites having broken links. Meaning, every time you click their anchor text, it redirects to a non-existing or wrong page. 

In other words, a broken link is one that does not redirect to its original destination. And broken link building is when you find broken links in other websites of your field and ask them to be replaced with your content. 

Bloggers and business websites invest good energy into finding web pages with such links so they can approach the owners for a link exchange. That way, you get a backlink that affects your website SEO and increases ranking.  

This generally works when the broken link on another website is an external link. So when you tell the website owners that such a link may affect their Google rankings, they will be happy to replace it with a working link. 

 Why is it a Benefit for Both You and Other Websites?

  • You get a backlink that helps you increase your website ranking
  • It leaves a positive impact on your SEO
  • It improves user experience
  • And even lead to gaining a better page authority

If you use the broken link building method, you contribute to their and your website growth. That is why it is a benefit. 

Is Link Reclamation Similar to Broken Link Building?

Link reclamation is a part of broken link building, but it has some differences. If you want to receive better backlinks, you can use this strategy to scale up and win at SEO. 

Link reclamation is the process of locating broken or removed links to your own content from other websites. You can approach these websites and ask them to update the new link as it will help their SEO. 

You can benefit from Link Reclamation if you invest some time locating them. 

4 Broken Link Building Method

Here are the three steps you can take for scaling up –

Find Broken Links

Find broken links under your niche. Look for as many websites as you can that can offer links to your content. You can also use tools that will help you find broken links. 

Generally, high traffic websites have broken links on some pages of their site. If you offer them better content links that work, why wouldn’t they consider linking to it?

Create Similarly Content

When you find broken links, create a replacement for the same. You may not have content that matches the type of content they were linking to, so you can write a similar one and approach them to replace the broken link with a working one. 

You will get a new topic to work on, and you will also be able to get a backlink for the same. 

Find Links Under Links

If a website has tons of links, it will definitely have a few broken links. So when you find tons of backlinks on the website, you can go to those links and look for more backlinks that may have broken links.  

That way, you will have wider options to win and get a replacement backlink. Plus, that will help you appeal to the webmaster. 


Contact the websites via different modes and approach them for a link replacement, as it will help them be better at SEO. You can look for contact options on their websites or social platforms. 

Tips to Find Broken Links

  • Look for sites that your audiences often visit
  • Analyze websites that link to your competitors’ site
  • High-traffic or authority website
  • There are a few tools you can use for finding broken links

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Why You Should Use Broken Link Building as Part of Your Link Building Strategy

Why are we all on the internet? 

Why are we running a website when we can continue running a shop? 

The answer is simple. It is because we know the digital presence is essential nowadays. Most people spend their time online, and technology has made it easier for them. If a website is helping us generate more income, why not do our best at it?

Plus, there is heavy competition. Thousands and millions of websites are available that offer some value to users. So it is obvious to look for ways to compete and top the list. 

There are a few SEO tactics that users use to rank on Google. Broken link building is one of them that can build better backlinks from authentic sites. It will also help you replace content that is linked to your competitors’ web pages. 

But, make sure you don’t use only one technique to win at SEO. Have multiple SEO techniques running in the backend.

3 Best Broken Link Building Tools


The tool will enable you to examine the website for technical issues and create a to-do list with step-by-step instructions on how to resolve them.

Features – 

  • Website audit,
  • Backlink checker, 
  • Track keywords rank, 
  • SEO monitoring


The tool helps you find quality backlinks. It will offer you link building and outreach opportunities.


  • Analyze deep links
  • Check the type of backlinks
  • Link geolocation

Dead Link Checker

Dead Link Checker tool is a feature from Site Checker. It will assist you in finding the broken link and, you can do a full website audit. 


  • Regular email updates about the broken link
  • Checks dead link on your website
  • Checks dead links on multiple websites
  • Multi and Auto check feature

These tools are the best way to find out broken links on sites. You can also check it on your website and fix them. 

How Broken Links Hurt Your SEO

Broken links can have a negative impact on your SEO. It adversely affects domain and page authority, leading to a drop in Google rankings.

It is better to do an audit once every three months, which will keep you growing better. 

Sum Up

User experience is a prime factor of every single website. If the links on your website are affecting user experience, it is mandatory to look after the issue. 

Dead link analysis is a good way to go. You can build better backlinks and improve SEO. 

The Author

Rukayya is a psychology student. She loves writing and can curate content on any provided niche. Her immense love for writing contents has helped her heal. You can find her on any social media platform.

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