5 Signs That Show You Have Outgrown The Shared Hosting Account

Updated on 23 November 2022 3 min Read

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Shared hosting is the ideal hosting platform when you start small. This hosting platform is perfect for starting a new business, especially for the business owners who have a budget constraint. However, as your blog or website starts receiving more incoming traffic, or if the email lists start growing, you might start noticing the restrictions of the shared hosting platform.

Nothing is more important than making sure that your server keeps up with your website’s hosting requirements. Any downtime to your website might cost you valuable sales and missed opportunities. If people hear about your company and if your website is down or slow when they try to access it, a bad impression will be created for your business.

The 5 points mentioned below will help you to gauge if it is the time for upgrading the web hosting package:

Dramatic Increase In Website Traffic

Shared hosting is ideal for a website that receives low daily traffic that is under 1000-2000 visits. If you have recently experienced an increase in traffic, or if you are anticipating a dramatic spike in traffic over the next few months, you must consider upgrading your hosting platform to either VPS hosting or a dedicated server for increased bandwidth and disk space. Restrictions of shared hosting platform will start taking their toll on the server speed and performance as your website traffic grows over time.

Data Security Becomes An Issue

If your business plans comprise of dealing with confidential data in the near future, you might want to consider VPS or dedicated server for enhanced security features. By isolating your website data from other users present on the same server, you are minimizing the possibilities of unauthorized access and keeping hackers away from your business information.

Greater Email Capacity Required As Your Business Grows

As your business grows, your email hosting requirements will outgrow the resources available in a shared hosting environment. Increased head count in your office means creation of more email addresses. Therefore, your business growth will create the need for hosting server upgrade.

Customization Of Website And Settings

Your business might have reached the stage where you need complete control over your hosting server. You must know when to switch to a VPS or a dedicated server. High-end hosting srevers provide you with the flexibility of accessing the server settings and customizing them as per your preferences. With a higher hosting package you can choose to run advanced scripts, change your firewall configurations and install the required applications in order to enhance the user experience. With a VPS or dedicated server, there are no constraints like you had with the shared hosting account.

Shared Hosting Is No Longer Affordable For You

When you find out that the shared hosting platform no longer provides you with value for money and your hosting requirements are not sufficed through this platform, it is time to upgrade. You might think of adding more resources to your existing shared hosting account itself, but that won’t work if your business is growing, what you need is a VPS or a dedicated server. A high-end server will support your website functions perfectly and guarantee the uptime of your website.

It is a good sign if your business website is growing; however, you need a powerful hosting server to support this growth. Even if the web hosting server looks a little expensive to you, don’t make the decision on the factor of price alone. A suitable high-end hosting server will certainly be a worthwhile investment for your website.

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