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Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Magento Conversion Rates

Boost Magento Conversion

Most of you might be using Magento for your eCommerce business. But are you happy with the profit you are currently making? Or do want to know how you could enhance your business?

Many of the times, most of us are not aware of making the most of applications that we are using. Same is with the case of Magento, where people are using it, but not to its fullest.

We all know, in any type of business no two days are the same. There are always some ups and downs incorporated that we need to manage from our front. In the downtime of your business, what do you do?
You wait for your seasonal offers and think that you can cope up during that phase. Or you might start giving high offers and discounts on our product just to call your audience. Isn’t it?
But, for how long can you afford this discount offering policy, after all, you need to make a profit too.
So today I am going to share some other ways that will be useful for you to boost your business.
This article covers some easy tips that will surely help you increase your Magento conversion rates.

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Why consider Magento?

Magento is considered as one of the top choices for online stores, where more than 80% of eCommerce websites are based on Magento CMS. Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform which is written in PHP, and it very robust platform that has high flexibility and can be easily customized. It is the world’s most agile eCommerce platform and hence is a choice of some of the largest brands like Coca Cola, Ford, Fox Connect, Warby Parker, Nike, Nestle Nespresso and more.

Magento is a highly customer-centric platform, that understands the frequently changing behavior of their customers and thus strive to provide you best of features to make you sustain in the highly competitive eCommerce market.

Magento has a built-in advanced SEO feature that allows online shop owners to boost their business ranking for their products.

Magento has the world’s largest selection of extensions and these features can be worked as per your requirements. For example, if you think that your online shop doesn’t need live chat extension then you can make it unavailable for your customers and add it later when you think the traffic is growing and its usage is required.

That means the software is doing its job best, now it’s your chance to enhance its features.
Following are the ways to get higher Magento conversion rates :

1) Keep it Easy and Simple

Online communication should be very simple. Your website should guide the audience easily that they could get what they are looking for in simple steps. To attract the attention of your visitors, make your site’s layout clean and make the shopping cart more noticeable to anyone visiting the online shop. Make easy to follow sales flow that will take the site visitors to the end of the checkout point without any hassle.

2) Improve Page Speed

Improve page speed

Do you know, your visitor waits for only 3 seconds to get your site loaded?
Yes, in this fast life people don’t have the patience to wait till your site gets completely loaded, they will either close the site or will move directly to your competitors.
The page load time may increase due to the use of overweight templates, non-optimized images, render-blocking JavaScripts, etc. So check if any of your web page is getting affected due to any of these reasons, and solve it as soon as possible. You can use free PageSpeed Insights tool provided by Google to run a test checking your web pages performance.

3) Add call to action buttons

For the e-commerce site, it is mandatory for you to give attention to the call-to-action (CTAs) buttons. In order to increase the conversion rates, you can use different attractive CTA buttons at different places that can be easily identified by the visitors.
Tip – To make your offers more attractive present them in colors and with positive light effects.

4) Analyze your shopping cart

Analyze shopping cartThere could be many reasons that limit your clients’ purchase and hence, it becomes impossible for you to improve the conversion rates. Before making your cart available to your visitors first find out if it is feasible for you. The best way to test the carting you can try placing an order from your website, and if you aren’t satisfied with the service then don’t except your visitors to get converted to customers.
Few things that you shall check are

(i) Is there a high Shipping cost?
(ii) Is the client not ready to purchase your product?
(iii) Do you have high product price compared to your competitions?
(iv) Does your client base store the products for later purchase?
(v) Does your website doesn’t clearly displays the shipping cost?
(vi) Do you have a guest checkout option?
(vii) Does your cart ask too many questions?
(viii) Do you have a complex checkout process?
(ix) Is your website too slow?
(x) Do your clients need to pay way much extra for taxes?
(xi) Do you have enough payment options?
(xii) Is your shipping slow?

If you get the negative answers for most of the above-asked questions then you surely need to redesign your checkout shopping cart.

5) Product Reviews Section

To gain your stakeholders confident, product reviews play a vital role. It ensures that you welcome your customer’s experience and it is valuable for you to grow more effectively. Your customers will always review what they think about your product and this will help you to know where do you lack or where do you perform outstandingly. This will also help you to know, likes and dislikes of your customers and thus identify the customer behavior so that next time you can plan accordingly. Few positive paragraphs about your service and products will definitely increase your conversion rates.

6) Live chat and toll-free numbers

Live chat

People usually have many pre-sales questions which they preferred to be answered by your human support system. Those who take the effort of calling, to know about you, are more likely interested in your products and you cannot afford to lose such clients, instead make it easy for them to reach you easily. Provide toll-free number so they won’t hesitate to call you and clear their doubts by seeking more information about the product/offering/ shipping or about your store in general.

7) Invest in high-quality pictures/photography and graphics

It is a marketing strategy that you see on TV ads daily. Pizza with loads of cheese that makes it glitter and melt from every slice is definitely not what you actually get. Even you know that it could be approximately the same but not as shown in ads but still you get attracted to it with a desired to eat it as soon as possible. Imagine a drained image quality and video, would you even buy the product?
Using visual appealing images and graphics will make people come and visit your site and can also make up their mind to purchase a product from you.

8) Use Online Ads

Online Ads

Online ads more popular these days and you cannot skip this strategy to make your business noticeable among your audience. Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube and other types of ads are amazing sources to increase your customer base because most of the people are using these channels on daily basis and has a high possibility of having your targeted audience present.
Being an online store owner you can utilize these channels to introduce your product and services to a huge audience in a single go.

9) Use Relevant Content

Google provides the most relevant answer to the queries inserted on a search engine, it searches for the most useful information and offers you to solve your purpose. Thus apart from setting meta description, tags and titles, it is also important to provide an important piece of information to your clients. Add content in the blog posts, pictures, videos, forums by using keywords that will inform your unique information to your audience.

10) Let the count downs begin

Count down

Most of the people answer that they had missed the fantastic deals and offers because they weren’t aware of it. Being an online store owner, it is your responsibility that all your audience gets notified about your offers which can be done through email marketing, social media marketing, and the best way is to highlight it on your website. When you are in confusion whether to buy or hold your products, the limited time offer may tempt them to buy the products. When you tell your visitors that the offer is going to end in 40 minutes, they will rush to click the ‘buy now’ button right away. This is a simple trick because no one wants to miss a great deal.

Aren’t these the simplest ways to generate conversion rates?
Try them now and let us know in the comment section below, how was your experience after implementing these tricks?

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Keep some conversion killers in mind and avoid them now –

(i) If you don’t want to offer free shipping, then be upfront about it. Mention it clearly on your site and try to display the cost as early as possible on the shipping cart.

(ii) Always show the deals on the home page with the specific information.

(iii) Make your phone number, live chat support, email, and FAQs page clearly visible to anyone who visits your site.

(iv) Policies, Terms, and Conditions must be well written and should be clear.

(v) Mention the correct estimated product delivery time. This makes easy for online buyers to be aware of the arrival of their product.

(vi) You may get your website listed on ‘’ or other such reviews sites. Such platforms will help you increase and maintain the goodwill of your company in the market.

(vii) Maintain the trustworthy relationship buy incorporating SSL certificate to your website. ‘https’ builds customers trust.

Final Words –

Were you still wondering about how to increase your Magento conversion rates?
We hope that you will find these easy ways helpful for you and your website. Also, you can go ahead a step and push your website to a higher level by redesigning it in order to attract more visitors and convert them to your customers.

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With an interest in doing something creative daily, Sonam works as a Digital Marketing Executive. She likes to write technical blogs related to web hosting, digital marketing, and other IT topics. She also likes to spend her leisure time on social media.

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