Why Should You Host Your Online Store With MilesWeb?

Updated on 27 July 2023 7 min Read

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One of the most important aspects of setting up an online store is finding a good web host and a suitable web hosting platform. The task of finding the best web hosting solution that is perfect for your website requirements can be a difficult task but with a good eCommerce hosting solution and great support, things can be simplified for you. An eCommerce website directly sells products online; it is extremely important to have a powerful web hosting platform as the backbone of the website.

MilesWeb is one of the best web hosting companies that offers great eCommerce hosting packages along with the best configurations and features. All the eCommerce hosting plans are carefully crafted keeping the convenience and the needs of the online store owners in mind. Irrespective of whether you are already operating the online store or if you are a newbie in this business, MilesWeb will make things easier for you.

So Why Should You Host Your Online Store With MilesWeb?

Here is a list of features that will give you good reasons for hosting your online store with MilesWeb!

Storage Space

Generally, a standard website requires around 100 MB space and almost all the web hosting companies offer 1 GB space with the basic package. However, in case of eCommerce hosting more space is required because there is a shopping cart software to be installed for the online storefront. MilesWeb offers  web space of 5 GB with the basic eCommerce package that is enough for a newbie to start the online store. Upgrade process at MilesWeb is also easy and less time consuming, therefore the eCommerce website owners can upgrade whenever required.

Free Shopping Cart Install And Transfer

Softaculous is provided with every eCommerce hosting packages, through Softaculous, customers can easily install the shopping cart software of their choice with just a few clicks. This can be done through Softaculous therefore; no additional charges have to be paid for installing the shopping cart software. Similarly, if you have already hosted your online store somewhere and you would like to transfer it to MilesWeb, the transfer of your shopping cart will be done free of cost. Shopping carts like OsCommerce, Magento, ZenCart, CubeCart and many more are available for free!


CloudFlare is the best thing for every eCommerce website. CloudFlare is a content delivery network that is extremely beneficial for the functioning of any website. It helps in accelerating the website speed and protects the website from any kind of online threats. CloudFlare maintains the web server technology, hardware and network routing, in short, CloudFlare is the best friend of every website owner! CloudFlare can be setup easily and it ensures great website performance.

CloudFlare’s CDN reduces the hops and also reduces the latency. On an average, the requests are lower than 10 hops and they need less than 30 minutes. CloudFlare is operated through 30 CDNs across the globe. All the static files of the website are cached through the CloudFlare CDN and because of this; the website files are resolved from a network that is closer to the visitor’s location. The dynamic content is directly delivered through the web server.

A website that uses CloudFlare has 65% fewer requests and saves 60% of the bandwidth. You will be able to witness significant savings and benefits when you go through your personalized CloudFlare analytics report for your website.

Multiple PHP Versions:

With every eCommerce server, MilesWeb provides with multiple PHP versions. The versions provided include PHP 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5. This is a big advantage for using third party applications that need the latest stable version of PHP. You can select the appropriate version of PHP based on your needs.

LiteSpeed Web Servers

The traffic to an online store is unpredictable. Traffic might look manageable at times, but there are also instances when there are sudden traffic spikes. Taking this fact into account, MilesWeb provides with LiteSpeed servers that are fully capable of managing the traffic load on your website. You can expect high scalability and high performance through LiteSpeed servers. Every online store owner looks for maximizing the web server’s capacity and MilesWeb has implemented this by providing LiteSpeed web servers. LiteSpeed is a cost effective solution as compared to adding hardware when it comes to speeding up your website.

$35 Google AdWords Credit

If you are planning to establish your online store for the first time, you will also be in process of planning some marketing activities for it. To help you out with this, MilesWeb provides $35 Google AdWords credit with every eCommerce hosting package. Along with launching your online store, you can also start a Google AdWords campaign for it right away.

Here Is An Insight On How Google AdWords Work:

  • People make use of certain keywords or search terms in order to search for specific products or services.
  • If the keywords that you have selected for your Google AdWords campaign match the ones that people search for, your paid ad will appear next to the search results or above the organic search results in Google.
  • When people click on your ad, they will land on your website to get more information or to purchase the products or services that you offer!

You can setup the Google AdWords campaign according to your budget, keywords and with the other important details as per your preference.

SSD Drives

When a website is requested, the server hosting that website has to read the data from a hard drive. This is the new era of solid state drives (SSD) that work fast in retrieving the website data and can provide your website with an impressive speed boost. An SSD is approximately 20 times faster as compared to a normal HDD when it comes to managing website latency when a server is busy with managing the I/O (input and output) requests. Operation of an online store needs a lot of input and output requests. As the traffic to your website grows, your website starts getting more and more I/O requests. During peak times, the number of I/O requests might slow down the website. This is where SSD hosting comes into picture. As A result of SSD, the website speed is not hampered because of the I/O requests.

SSL Certificates

Installing an SSL certificate is a necessity for every online store. Customers know the importance of SSL certificate and in absence of it; they will not be comfortable in sharing their personal, credit card or debit card information on your website. MilesWeb offers the strongest SSL certificates for better encryption and authentication. Having an SSL certificate installed on your website helps in building customer trust. Along with the SSL certificates, MilesWeb also provides with round the clock support, so in case there is any issue with your SSL certificate, you can report it and get it solved immediately.

Other Important Features Offered With MilesWeb eCommerce Hosting:

  • Free domain name is offered with annual sign up of any of the eCommerce hosting packages.
  • Multiple server locations are offered : US/ UK / India / Europe.
  • MilesWeb team is migration expert, if you wish to transfer your online store to MilesWeb; it will be done easily within a short span of time.
  • If you don’t find your preferred specifications in any of the eCommerce hosting packages, MilesWeb team will create a customized eCommerce hosting package specific to your requirements.
  • The clients can host multiple websites through one eCommerce hosting account.
  • Clients can create their own free email accounts.
  • More than 300 scripts are available at your service for blog, forum, shopping cart, CMS, Wiki etc. as Softaculous is offered with all the eCommerce hosting packages.
  • MilesWeb takes daily backups of your websites.
  • Impressive addons are offered like creating a mobile website, sitemap generation, Google Analytics integration, Google Webmaster Account, Search Engine Optimization (SEO etc. at affordable prices.

To check out the eCommerce hosting packages offered by MilesWeb, visit : https://www.milesweb.co.uk/apps/ecommerce-hosting

MilesWeb team has succeeded in providing the most appropriate and efficient eCommerce hosting solutions. Check out what our customers have to say about us by visiting : MilesWeb Reviews. You will also come across the respective domain names of the customers, you can visit their websites and substantiate MilesWeb’s hosting performance for yourself.

As you can see, MilesWeb eCommerce hosting is a complete solution for every online store. MilesWeb has taken care of every small detail when it comes to setting up an online store. Everyone at MilesWeb is well aware that the eCommerce industry is booming and many people wish to be a part of this industry with their own concepts, MilesWeb aims at simplifying things for all the new entrepreneurs.

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