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5 Of The Most Popular eCommerce Hosting Scripts

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Managing your own online store is a good way of establishing your online brand and if you perform well, then you can also expect good amount of income through it. If you have started an online store as an additional source of income, then over time it can easily become your major source of income.

Many eCommerce platforms are available to operate an online store and with such a lot of choices, it’s difficult to decide which one to choose.

This article features 5 of the most popular eCommerce hosting scripts that will simplify the management of your own online store for you. All of these shopping cart softwares enable you to have your online store up and running within just a few hours without costing you a lot of money.


Shopify is one of the most popular and most efficient shopping carts online. It is more popular with small online stores because small stores and new stores is the market where Shopify wants to serve.


One of the big factors that determine Shopify’s success is the adaptation of an app store that expands your default online store. Shopify offers many apps, more than any other eCommerce softwares. Shopify also offers a great selection of professional themes.

Shopify also provides with an amazing cart recovery feature that sends a reminder to a customer who did not complete the check out process; however, this option is available at an additional charge.

Prominent Highlights:

  • Shopify can be easily integrated with fulfillment centers, carriers and drop shipping companies.
  • Mobile app is available for both : managing your store and accepting payments.
  • Point-of-sale system is provided for registering payments in your physical store.
  • Shopify experts are there to help you in setting up your online store in case you face any problem.


BigCommerce is also one of the highly popular online shopping carts that is mainly popular among the small to medium sized online stores. Initially, it started out as a software product that was made by Interspoire that people could directly install on the website but it gained more popularity after getting converted into a hosted shopping cart.


Although BigCommerce and Shopify is compared while determining the most efficient shopping cart software, BigCommerce has a feature set that is highly impressive. Astonishing features include gift cards, shipping quotes and 24/7 support is also offered. BigCommerce also offers storage space, unlimited products and bandwidth. You can also install BigCommerce through Magento.

Is Magento the right choice for your eCommerce website? Find out here.

Prominent Highlights:

  • Assistance for Google trusted store certification.
  • Assisted setup for increasing sales.
  • Easy integration with eBay, Google Shopping and more.

Yahoo Store / Yahoo Small Business eCommerce

Among all the shopping carts for small businesses, Yahoo has the biggest market share and it is in the top 10,000 websites. Yahoo was one of the initial companies to offer an online eCommerce solution, this happened after they bought Viaweb. It is also a popular and trustworthy brand and it does a lot of cross selling.


Yahoo store definitely offers an impressive feature set. It comes with a wide range of integration options for shipping carriers, payment providers, inventory control systems and back office systems. When you have to integrate a lot of in-house systems, Yahoo would be the best choice. It also comes with an unlimited range of products, bandwidth and storage.

Prominent Highlights:

  • Recommendations are based on live insights.
  • Many discounts are offered on useful services.
  • 20% discount on clicks on the Bing / Yahoo advertising network.


Volusion is the second most popular online shopping cart after Yahoo Store.


Volusion is the cheapest shopping cart software that offers abandoned cart recovery; this feature is offered with the standard plan. The starter plan is all you need for testing the waters. The starter plan has a limitation of 100 products, but it comprises of all the necessary features for getting started.

Prominent Highlights:

  • Built-in loyalty program.
  • Built-in ‘Deal of the Day’ option.
  • eBay and Amazon integration


1ShoppingCart is a complete solution. It not only enables you to create an online store, but it also enables you to easily integrate the payment functionality in the regular website.


The amazing shopping cart platform is just one of the features. 1ShoppingCart also provides you with auto responders for following up on the potential customers. They have a great upsell functionality in place that offers a downsell as well in case the customer is not interested in the upsell offer. The features list offered is also highly impressive.

Another great benefit of 1ShoppingCart is that it has an integrated affiliate program. 1ShoppingCart has the ability to manage both payments and affiliate commissions with a simple interface.

Even though 1Shopping Cart is a little pricey and it requires some research for using all the features. If you are ready to invest your time and money, then you will be able to provide real value for money to your customers.

All the shopping carts mentioned above can be installed through Magento. Check MilesWeb Magento hosting for complete information.

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