Website Monitoring – 10 Big Reasons Why You Should Do It?

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Internet has completely changed human’s lifestyle. It has not only helped to connect people with each other but also, supported many businesses to get popular around the world. Today, you won’t find any physical business that is newly started, without a website or a blog. Almost every business creates its online platform to reach to a broader audience. Both website as well as blog is becoming vital for your brand and business.

You can start selling your products online, once you develop a website. Wait! That doesn’t mean that you just need to design a website. After you setup your business online, you will need to keep a track on your website. What if it doesn’t load or gives an error while a visitor browses it? Your visitor will turn to another website that might be your competitor. It means your growth in terms of traffic as well as sales will get decreased. Ultimately, you are helping your competitors to stay ahead.

Do you want this to happen with your business?

Can’t even imagine, right?

For a broader perspective on your web assets check the below facts:
1. As per Google, the website that is slow and gives poor user experience is of no use. Your search results ranking will get penalized by Google.
2. More than 90% of purchasing decisions are done with an online search in many niches.

These two facts alone show up that how important it is for your website to remain online and perform well.

If your business can’t be found due to your website’s downtime, you lose trustworthiness, customer leads and sales.

Do you know that 99% of the uptime, experiences a breakdown of around seven hours in each month? But there are majority of website organizations that even meet the promised uptime in the most suitable conditions which is quite frustrating.

So, it’s scary, isn’t it?

If an online store experiences a downtime of 7 hours then it can lose tens of thousands of dollars in sales. Share on X

Therefore, it is important to use a service that consistently monitors the uptime of your website. Or else, it is quite likely that your website may face downtime issues.

Below are the 10 big reasons to monitor your website:

Reason 1: Protect Your Brand Image

May it be a click and mortar business or a brick and mortar business, it needs to maintain a good brand image. But the brand image of your business depends on the customer satisfaction.

If there is frequent downtime on your website, your online business reputation will get affected quickly. Even the biggest brands such as Facebook, Amazon, Sony and Twitter have experienced downtime for a specific period of time. To prevent these unwanted issues and protect your company’s reputation, it is important to monitor your website. You can identify the problems prior to your target audience and resolve them with website monitoring.

Reason 2: Keep Your Customers Happy

You will keep on losing customers, if your website is slow. Today, people expect a website to load at lightening fast speed. In case they need to wait more than a couple of seconds, they become impatient and click back to other website.

So, when it comes to your existing clients, it is important that you keep them happy as they might bring in new customers for you. This is important for clients that have subscribed to your products as well as services by accessing your website. It is observed that in cloud based software services, high level of uptime is required so that their customers remain happy.

Yet, if the downtime issue persists for a longer time then your customers will surely tend to move away from your website.

It requires just a single click to browse your competitor’s website for your customer. Hence, don’t give a reason for your customer to leave.

Reason 3: Prevent Loss of Sales

Downtime once in a while is accepted. But if your website faces downtime frequently then it can lead to loss of sales. As per the survey in 2007, Amazon reported that it had an overall profit of $14.8 billion which is equal to $29,000 every minute. But in the same year, when it faced downtime of only two hours in June, the company lost about $3.48 million. That’s surprising!

This shows that for any online store and eCommerce business, it is important to ensure that website is always up and running.

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Reason 4: Obtain the Best Search Results

Google knows when your website goes down.

If your website is constantly facing downtime issue for one or more days then it can affect your search results in Google. Both downtime and website speed are responsible for affecting your search ranking.

Reason 5: Detect the Hackers Quickly

Even if your website is down for few minutes, it can have huge consequences. Hackers too can be one of the possible reasons for downtime on your website.

If any hacker disrupts the uptime of your website with a couple of malicious code then your website will surely suffer a setback. But with website monitoring you can stay away from such issues quickly. This is because the webmasters inform you about the hackers by the text and email at frequent intervals.

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Reason 6: Get the Real Stats

You need to get the exact statistics about your website performance to know whether visitors coming on your website are getting converted or not. You won’t need to guess or assume about the facts related to sales, traffic, etc. With website monitoring, you can detect the traffic easily. Additionally, if the stats are not good, you can think of implementing some changes on your website for growth.

Reason 7: Show the Proof of Doing a Good Job

Your website statistics obtained via website monitoring will be a proof of you doing a good job. It will help you to build trust among your visitors.

Reason 8: Boast Your Reliability

Is your website up since two months? Then you should be proud and show the uptime to your visitors. You can post about your reliability on social media or your website. This will help you gain more traffic and keep you ahead of the competition.

Reason 9: Invest Little for Continued Benefits

There are several website monitoring tools such as Pingdom, Uptime Robot, Status Cake, etc. from which you can select one. Once you set it up, it keeps on running without any involvement required from your side. It will continuously test your site.

Reason 10: Get Peace of Mind

You will get peace of mind with website monitoring since you will know that your website is working even when you are at the beach or away from your desk for few hours. It means you won’t have to visit your website every minute to check if it’s working.

Bottom Line:

Lastly, website monitoring is vital for every business website. This is because it helps you to know about your website performance and working via statistics. Also, if there is something wrong or any issue on your website, you can make changes on your website to improve your website performance. So, make one time investment in website monitoring and focus on your business growth.we

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