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6 Ways To Prevent Hackers From Touching Your Ecommerce Website

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Hackers are always looking for getting access to your ecommerce website to barge in and perform malicious activities. If you own an ecommerce website, it is important for you to ensure that no hacker is able to get into your ecommerce website. Online security of your ecommerce website must be among your top priorities in order to protect the personal and important information of your customers. An identity thief or a hacker hunts for critical information like debit card/credit card numbers, social security number, contact information and other such information that is considered to be confidential. Moreover the customers are buying from your website because they trust you in terms of keeping their personal information and bank details confidential, so you must stand on guard against the hackers.

Here are some great ways through which you can stop hackers from getting into your ecommerce website:

Test your ecommerce website regularly

It is important to test your ecommerce website on a regular basis to detect vulnerabilities if any. Many credit card companies need the online retailers to test their ecommerce websites in order to meet certain security standards. It is not enough to simply meet these regulations, but it is also important to perform regular test on your ecommerce website to keep your website security in check and to stop the hackers from damaging your website. The security checks should include regular scanning of your website to ensure that hackers have not introduced any kind of malware in your website through advertisements, graphics or through any other content provided by the third parties. It is important to opt for an ecommerce hosting platform that provides malware scanning to safeguard your website against malware infection. MilesWeb provides malware scanning and removal wherein your website is auto scanned on a daily basis for checking malware and if there are any threats found, MilesWeb will fix it for you.

Opt for Cloudbric  website security solution

Cloudbric is one of the finest integrated website security solutions that protects your website against the online threats. Cloudbric secures your website through various options like web application firewall, DDoS protection and SSL certificate. Cloudbric blocks the web attacks with complete precision. This security solution is trusted by many industry leaders. Cloudbric offers one of the most comprehensive web application firewalls in the market that is not just capable of detecting the known attacks but it is also capable of detecting and blocking the unknown and modified attacks with the lowest false positive rate.

Avoid collecting customer data that is not required

It is obvious that hackers and thieves cannot steal what you don’t have! Therefore, make sure that you are not collecting or saving any private customer data that is not needed for your ecommerce business. In terms of processing the credit cards, make use of an encrypted checkout tunnel that eliminates the need for your servers to see the credit card information. This might be a little inconvenient for your customers at the time of checkout but it will ensure that the credit card information is not compromised.

Use an SSL and update it regularly

It is a must for you to secure your ecommerce website data and online transactions with an SSL certificate. In order to stop the hackers from hacking your website code, it is important to maintain the encryption algorithms like having the latest version of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Security Layer (TLS). An SSL certificate ensures that the information transmitted on your website like credit card / debit card details and bank details are completely encrypted and secured. Customer trust is of utmost importance and it is directly related to sales conversions and it also tells your customers that they can trust your website when it comes to their personal information. If you install an appropriate SSL certificate on your website, the chances of hackers getting access to your website will be significantly lowered.

Pay attention to the error messages

If your website is not operative due to some error, it is right to inform your customers about it but it is also important to be cautious with your error messages. Pay attention to the information that you are giving out through the error messages. Provide only minimal error description to your users to ensure that the secrets present on your server are not leaked like API keys or database passwords. Refrain from providing full error details as they can result in complex attacks like SQL injection. You can keep detailed error description in your server logs and display minimum information to the users.

Website maintenance

Perfection in website security and maintenance will make hackers and identity thieves powerless. Make sure to take care of these three important factors:

  • Test your ecommerce website on a daily basis
  • Pay immediate attention to issues or errors and fix them right away
  • Monitor your website regularly and ensure that all the problems and security breaches are taken care of

Log files provide insights into your website security but they are not of any use if you don’t find the time to detect the inconsistencies or abnormalities if any. Website security is an ongoing process. If your website accepts debit cards or credit cards, it is important to test your network regularly through your card provider needing a third party tester or testing the network by yourself.


If people buy from your website it means that they trust you in terms of preventing the hackers from getting access to their personal information and it’s your duty to ensure that. Your customers count on you to ensure confidentiality. If you run an online store website, you must take the additional step in ensuring that it is out of reach of the hackers. Investing time and money in website security will definitely help you in terms of keeping your customer information safe and preventing the hackers and identity thieves to create any damage to your website.

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