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7 Common Questions About Domain Registration Answered!

Questions and Answers About Domain Registration

One of the first and foremost steps for anyone who wants to create a website for their business is to register a domain. The domain will be your virtual brand online, defining the name of your company and being responsible for presenting your company on the web. But do you know what a domain is? Simply, the domain is an address used to enter a website on the internet, .i.e. it is your virtual address. It is by the registered domain that your customers will find your store or website and can know more about your work.

Creating a domain is quite simple. On registration sites, you can check which terms are available to register. In addition, it is possible to choose between several types of extension, such as .com,, .net, among others. The registration fee will vary depending on the extension and the chosen address, but you can simulate the values before hiring the service. One tip is to just set the name of your company if the domain for the desired brand is free, so you do not have to recreate a new visual identity.

Check out our tips and explanations for some fairly common questions about domain registration:

Can I register the domain I want?

Yes, provided it is available. Virtually all sites that work with domain registration have tools that check if the desired domain is free or has already been registered. If the domain is free you can register it at any time, usually, the domain plans are annual and do not weigh so much in the budget.

Do I have priority in renewing a domain?

Yes. The vast majority of sites offer an annual plan for the registered domain. Thus, when paying to register a domain, you can use it for a year, with total freedom and security, without anyone threatening to take it.

Being the owner of the address, you have priority to keep it. In short, when the domain registration period expires, the contracted company will first seek you to offer renewal options. If the service is not renewed until the term stipulated in the contract, the domain is again free to be registered by other people. So it is important to stay connected in this situation so you do not risk losing the domain to another user, harming your company.

What is a subdomain?

In addition to registering your domain, popularly called the primary domain, you can create multiple subdomains. In practice, subdomains are branches of the primary domain, that is, addresses to that of your company.

It is possible to create subdomains for the purpose of taking the user to a specific part of the site. For example, it is possible that your site has a client area, so you can register the domain: for example. As a result, customers accessing the address will be directed directly to your customer’s page.

This strategy is widely used, mainly by large companies that have several areas and publishing houses.

Creating one or more subdomains is a very useful strategy for virtual stores and companies that need to split up their content, having some separate parts like contact pages, customers, specific sales, or even a blog.

How does a domain registration work?

Well, first you choose the domain among the available ones and pay your registration through credit card or payment gateway on the website of the company that works with the service. The registration is usually valid for one year, but companies offer longer-term plan options, which usually have good discounts.

When will I be told about the expiration of my domain?

Usually, you will be notified by email or the admin panel of the domain in question. Most companies usually send an expiration notice for the domain registration. Sometimes these notices are also sent through SMS.

New notices are sent when there are 30, 20, 10 and 5 days to expire for the registered domain if the owner has not yet renewed it. On the day the domain expires, the client is also advised.

If the domain is not renewed until the expiration date, its content must remain in the air for a few days until the address is completely frozen and out of the air, as well as other services that you have contracted, such as hosting, virtual store or personalized email.

During these days it is also possible to renew the domain. After this phase, your domain is canceled and you will no longer be able to renew it. According to extensions, the domain can continue to run for periods between 3 and 15 calendar days. Domains are also generally frozen for at least 25 days and then canceled, but depending on the occasion, it may take up to 75 days.

Can I perform automatic domain renewal?

Yes, it is possible for some companies. This option is very valid for those who do not want or cannot remember the periodicity of the domain, so you will not run the risk that the domain goes out of the air in case you forget to make the payment.

The automatic renewal saves you from losing your domain to another network user. You can still set the deadline for automatic renewal, usually by placing the renewal amount on automatic debit, which facilitates payment for you and the company, as there is no risk of delay in that format.

How to recover an expired or suspended domain?

If your domain has not been canceled and registered by someone else, you can still save it. It is enough that you pay the renewal of the domain and contact the company that provides you service, in this way you will have full access to the previously registered domain in a few days.

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