5 Best WordPress Plugins To Convert A Website In A Mobile App

Updated on 21 January 2022 5 min Read
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It is evident that mobile traffic is increasing and you must have a mobile app or a mobile website to stay in the game. People prefer doing many things online with their smart phones like reading, booking tickets, booking hotels, shopping, checking emails etc. Earlier people used mobile browsers or mobile websites more than the applications for browsing a website or an online portal, but this is the time of mobile apps! A mobile app is convenient, fast and easy to use.

The point is – Even if you have a website that is optimized for mobile devices, chances are that you are still missing out on a huge amount of legitimate traffic if you don’t have a mobile app.

If you have a WordPress website and you don’t have a mobile app yet, here are some great plugins that will help to convert your WordPress website into a mobile app:

#1 WordApp

WordApp enables you to convert your WordPress website into an iPhone app or an Android app. You can also create a mobile website with this plugin. Once you install the WordApp plugin, you can select from an amazing range of templates for your website and then your website will be instantly converted into a mobile app. Mobile app templates provided by WordApp can be customized according to your preferences. With the WordPress customizer, you can create your mobile app and view the changes live in the mobile app simulator.


  • Automatic content sync
  • Customize your app live
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Mobile app advertising and monetization
  • Pre-installed plugins for better mobile app functionality
  • Publish your mobile app to Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  • Send push notifications for updating your users
  • Customize the menus and widgets for the mobile users
  • Faster navigation
  • Compatible with BuddyPress

#2 Mobile App Canvas

The Mobile App Canvas is a great plugin created by MobiLoud that enables you to create a mobile app and publish it to Google Play Store and Apple App Store. With this plugin you can convert your existing responsive website or mobile website into native mobile apps. This plugin enables you to create a mobile app with your existing themes and plugins or you can also select a different theme for your mobile app. Once you download this plugin, MobiLoud’s team also takes care of building the mobile app, submitting it and maintaining it; however, you need to sign up for the paid service.


  • Select from an amazing range of themes for your app
  • Customize the theme as per your preference with the WordPress customizer
  • User-friendly, no technical knowledge required to create a mobile app
  • Add a menu and animations to your mobile app
  • Get complete control over your app’s content and design
  • Automatic content updates
  • Works on all major platforms like Android phones, iPhone, iPad and tablets
  • Push notification option for your users
  • Mobile advertising and monetization
  • Add custom CSS rules for your app

#3 AndroApp

The AndroApp plugin enables you to create a beautiful and a functional mobile app for the Android and iOS platform. With this plugin, you can create a mobile app for your WordPress website or blog within minutes. You don’t need to have any specific technical skills or knowledge about any programming language for creating a mobile app with AndroApp. You can test the mobile app on your phone and edit it if required.


  • Send unlimited push notifications
  • Monetize your mobile app with Admob and Appnext ad units
  • Support for deep linking
  • Inbuilt sharing channels with image share for WhatsApp, Facebook and other default Android sharing intents
  • Support for WordPress / Facebook comments
  • Offline saving option
  • You can use WP Super Cache for caching mobile app requests on server side
  • Infinite scroll
  • Dynamic settings for mobile app menus, image rendering, sharing text etc.
  • Customize the mobile app colors in accordance with your website or blog

#4 appful

appful is one of the best mobile app plugins that lets you create a supreme mobile app compatible with Android and iOS. appful plugin is created by the SaaS company that focuses on creating enterprise software to help companies, publishers and magazines to reach out to their customers and users through mobile apps. appful offers a great selection of mobile app designs at a fair price. You can also create a completely customized app design with this plugin. This plugin is available at an affordable cost that has to be paid when you are ready to publish your mobile app to Android Play Store and Apple App Store.


  • ‘Read Later’ and ‘Comments’ options provided
  • Native social media sharing
  • Support for offline reading
  • YouTube support
  • Support for advertisement
  • Perform live editing to your mobile app
  • Caching provides great app speed
  • Place your own advertisements in your mobile app
  • Integrate Twitter profile page in your mobile app
  • Use Google Analytics to analyze your mobile app traffic

#5 TM Store

TM Store is a WooCommerce mobile app plugin that enables you to create a multi-vendor marketplace app for your website. The TM Store plugin allows your vendors to upload the products and update the order information on the go. This plugin is specifically created for the online store websites and ensures the smooth functioning of your online store through the mobile app.


  • Create native mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Payment and shipping integration
  • Push notifications on mobile
  • Customize your mobile app as per your preferences
  • Multi-language support
  • Create accounts for vendors / sellers
  • Update orders and manage stock through the app
  • Set product categories through the app
  • Quick loading User Interface (UI) and quick payment processing
  • Increase sales through the ‘retargeting’ option


Mobile traffic has grown to a great extent and for making your mark in middle of the tough competition, it is important to have a mobile app. Even if you have a website with a responsive design, having a mobile app will guarantee more traffic, leads and sales. The plugins mentioned above will simplify the process of creating a mobile app for you.

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