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WordPress Popup Plugins 2024 For 100x Leads (No Coding)

WordPress Popup Plugins

On websites, the average human attention span has been reduced to 8 seconds. So, do you think that any website can convert visitors into customers in this duration? The obvious answer is NO! Another major concern about a low engagement rate is that if your website is developed on the best PHP frameworks, more complexities will be included. Thus, WordPress with intuitive drag and drop features eases web development tasks. Engagement concerns are resolved with their WordPress popup plugins. Even their hosting is easier with inexpensive wordpress hosting where no hefty costs are involved. 

WordPress is also known for its best free WordPress themes and wordpress plugins. To increase the engagement rate on your WordPress website you need the popular WP popup plugins which we have mentioned in this blog. It helps in boosting conversions, and engagement, and a study shows that incorporating WordPress popup plugins boosts the 1000% conversion rates in a year. 

You can add an exit popup, offer popup, or others to grab the attention of website visitors. And if you are worried about coding, relax and use any of these popup plugins for your WordPress website. These don’t require any coding expertise and will deliver you 100x leads for sure. 

What are WordPress Popup Plugins?

WordPress popup plugins allow developers to create customized popups without coding. These popups display messages and increase social media followers, and CTA (Call to Action). Always consider the target and trigger options while considering WordPress popup plugins. Which user category will engage on those popups or what would be the trigger actions from the end-user’s side? All these queries need to be acknowledged before choosing the best popup plugin for WordPress websites.

Benefits of Using WordPress Popup Plugins

Benefits of Using WordPress Popup Plugins

Growing Email Lists

Building an email list for growing business is crucial. If your business is implementing newsletter marketing, we are sure you need a comprehensive list of email IDs. Where would you get those? It is the form popups that you can create with the help of the WordPress popup form plugin. 

Popup grabs attention and prompts users to subscribe for email through a clear call to action button. The immediate signup process saves valuable time for visitors. Targeted marketing is also easier which ultimately increases the conversion rate. 

Promoting Special Offers

Spark urgency and entice customers by promoting special offers. If you are incorporating WP popup plugins on your website, make the most of their “promotional offer feature.” With these plugins, you can create popups that specifically target visitors viewing a product category on sale. User-oriented marketing becomes easier as the relevance of your promotions drives higher engagement through WordPress popups. 

Increasing Sales

If you have the art of creating FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) through your WordPress popups, sales are bound to spike 100x. Different free WordPress popup plugins can create a limited time discount sale which will create an urgency among website visitors. Moreover, with the help of plugins you can also add a countdown timer that motivates customers to buy products/services instantly.  

Reducing Cart Abandonment

Adding an exit popup on the shopping cart page reduces the bounce rate. Even statistics are justifying this fact with almost a 35% reduction in shopping cart abandonment after incorporating WordPress popups. Exit intent popups created with WordPress popup plugins capture last-minute attention. Furthermore, these popups display estimated shipping costs or refund policies which builds the trust factor and reduces friction in the checkout process. 

Best WordPress Popup Plugins for 2024

Below we have categorized free WordPress popup plugins and paid versions. Let’s explore!

Best WordPress Popup Plugins

1. Popup Maker

Developed by: Popup Maker

Let’s begin our list with the best free popup plugin for WordPress, Popup Maker. Its incredible and flexible nature allows you to create any type of popups, modals, or forms for your WordPress website. Its immense popularity can be determined by the active installation count which stands at 7,00,000+ with a stellar rating of 4.9/5. Popup Maker is a powerhouse of digital marketing that bolsters your email list and cart abandonment rate.

Popup Maker
Pros Cons
ConversionTargeting options
DiscountsBrowser blocking
TriggersView limitations

2. WP Popups

Developed by: timers

WP Popups is one of the best popup plugins for WordPress at zero cost. Its intuitive templates and user-friendly features help in creating customized popups in a few clicks. And yes, no coding skills are required to install and configure with WordPress! This WordPress popup plugin is compatible with popular plugins like JetPack, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, and others. 

WP Popup
Pros Cons
Flexible A/B testing systemLimited features
Built-in analyticsDisplay rules and triggers are problematic
Good selection of templatesRestrictions from SEO point of view

3. Hustle

Developed by: WPMU DEV

Hustle is a freemium WordPress popup plugin that is used for targeted marketing campaigns. Different tasks like lead generation, building optin forms, and targeted marketing popups are easier with Hustle. If you are looking for diverse social sharing capabilities, this plugin has the feature to accomplish the task. You can even try slide-ins, widgets, and shortcodes with Hustle because it has some additional features for users to offer. The think tank behind developing this popup plugin are developers of Smush image optimization and Forminator form builder at WPMU DEV.

Pros Cons
Highly targeted display settingsRequires higher memory
Set specific schedules A minimal performance difference
Form builder integrations

4. Login/Signup Popup

Developed by: XootiX

Login/Signup Popup is an open source WordPress popup plugin which is lightweight in nature. It supports WooCommerce and you can integrate with eStores hosted on WooCommerce hosting. This popup plugin facilitates registration, login & reset password process. Moreover, users get awesome fully customizable designs (popup and inline) form of shortcodes with the freedom to choose fields from the field manager. 

Login/Signup Popup
Pros Cons
Fully customizableCan annoy some users
Supports WooCommerceCan slow down your website
Fully Ajaxed 

5. OptinMonster

Developed by: OptinMonster Popup Builder Team

OptinMonster is one of the most popular WordPress popup plugins which powers more than 1.2 million websites in 2024. Users trust this WP plugin because of lead generation and enhanced conversion features.  You have the freedom to integrate OptinMonster with different email marketing services and CRM software like MailChimp, Hubspot, Active Campaign, WooCommerce, MemberPress, and Google Analytics. Free account holders can run 3 campaigns and redeem up to 500 campaign impression credits, but paid users will have more scope to explore. 

Pros Cons
Non-interruptiveNo free trial
Good conversion ratesHigh cost (for paid users)
Easy A/B testing and optimizePaid integrations

Best Premium WordPress Popup Plugins for 2024

Best Premium WordPress Popup Plugins

1. Ninja Popups

  • Developed by: arscode
  • License Fees: $24

Ninja Popups is the premium category WordPress plugin that gives a professional vibe to your website. Whether you have to build an exit popup, email subscriber form, or offer a discount for leaving customers, Ninja Popups has the solution for all. Get different templates, popular color schemes, and other features that lead to higher conversions and revenue. 

Ninja Popups
Pros Cons
Advanced settingsLimited campaign options
Unlimited pop-upsVisual theme builder
Social media integrationExpensive

2. Thrive Leads

  • Developed by: Thrive Themes LLC
  • License Fees: $299/yr

Do you want to build a WordPress popup from scratch? Thrive Leads is the right WordPress popup plugin with drag and drop features having essential fields. There is a user-friendly Thrive dashboard that tracks lead metrics and template options to choose from. For beginners, the license fees may be expensive but premium features will give you a higher ROI. Make the most of versatile styles and integrate the custom features you need.

Thrive Leads
Pros Cons
Fast opt-in formsLacks advanced targeting rules
Easy integrationExpensive
Innovative functionalityLearning curve

3. Elementor Popup Builder

  • Developed by: Elementor
  • License Fees: Starts from $59/yr

Elementor Pro has a WordPress popup-building feature that has premium features to build custom website popups. There is no coding required to develop compelling WordPress popups. There are responsive templates and full conversion tools that will drive optimum results. You can choose from a variety of widgets & design features to create popups that your website visitors will love. Live editing with responsive designs is possible on Elementor Popup Builder’s visual editor tool.

Elementor Popup Builder
Pros Cons
Doesn’t require HTML or CSS skillsRequires technical knowledge
Unlimited design optionsCan slow down website
Integrates wellLacks analytics

4. Poptin

  • Developed by: Poptin LTD
  • License Fees: Starts from $240/yr

Poptin is a premium WordPress popup plugin with different plans specifically designed for agencies, startups, and business owners. It has powerful conversion optimization features like reducing cart abandonment, enhancing conversion rates, and improving overall sales conversion rates. Users can develop fully responsive and customizable popups without a single line of coding. Although the license fees are higher you are getting customer support and unlimited poptins. 

Pros Cons
A/B testingSame-day stats can be delayed
Exit-intent triggerChallenging navigation
Unlimited popupsUser and admin access structure can be confusing

5. MailOptIn

  • Developed by: Proper Fraction LLC
  • License Fees: Starts from $499/yr

WordPress popup plugin MailOptin generates high-quality leads, increases registrations, and boosts conversions. Also, it has an email automation feature which is helpful in your newsletter marketing campaigns. Spend less time and money building your email list, and more time and money keeping subscribers engaged. You can instead focus on other essential tasks, such as building your business, by letting MailOptin automate your emails and keep leads engaged.

Mail Optin
Pros Cons
Built-in analyticsLearning curve for beginners
AutoresponderLimited amount of form templates in the free version.
Exit intent technologyNo free trial available

How to Choose the Best WordPress Popup Plugin?

We have just mentioned the top 10 WordPress popup plugins but there are tons of options available in the WordPress plugins directory. Keep these factors in mind before choosing one. 

  • Ease of use: Consider user-friendly WordPress popup plugins with an intuitive interface and drag-and-drop builder for creating popups quickly. 
  • Customization options: Ensure that your plugin offers enough customization options to match your brand value. 
  • Targeting and trigger options: Advanced trigger and target options based on location, behavior, and device give a higher conversion rate. 
  • Integrations: Your WordPress popup plugin must be easy to integrate with third-party email marketing plugins and different tools. 
  • A/B Testing: To optimize your popups, choose a tool that allows you to split-test them.
  • Budget: Make sure your budget and requirements align with the pricing plans if you are choosing a paid WordPress popup plugin.
Wrapping It Up

So there you have it! With a powerful WordPress popup plugin and some creative strategy, you can take your lead generation to the next level. Remember, the key is to provide value to your visitors and make it easy for them to opt in. No coding is required!

Now, while we focus on the plugin itself, don’t forget the foundation. A reliable web hosting platform is crucial for a smooth-running WordPress site. If you’re looking for a user-friendly host that offers excellent WordPress support, then MilesWeb is a great option to consider. They’ve got plans that cater to all website needs, so you can be sure to find one that fits yours.


Why do I need plugins?

The WordPress directory is full of various useful plugins. Plugins increase the engagement rates of your WordPress websites and add features that aren’t built in. They help you create pop-ups, contact forms, galleries, and more without coding knowledge and effectively increase leads.

How do I create a pop-up plugin in WordPress?

WordPress offers multiple pop-up plugins that you can use. Thus, with the help of pop-up plugins, you can effortlessly create pop-ups on WordPress websites. Additionally, if you have coding knowledge, you can code your plugin.

Is WordPress good for lead generation?

Absolutely! With popups, opt-in forms, and landing pages, WordPress is a great tool to grow your lead generation charts. The above-mentioned are some of the best plugins that help to create more leads.

How do I create a pop-up button in WordPress?

Creating pop-up buttons is usually part of the pop-up plugin itself. We have included the best customizable popup plugins that offer various options to customize the popup button design and its function as per your website’s needs.

Can you make a popup on WordPress?

Yes. You can create popups using plugins that add functionality to your WordPress website. There are many user-friendly popup plugins to choose from, and you can create your own customized popup button, text, or prompt suitable for your target audience.

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