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10+ Best WordPress Booking Plugins for 2024: An Expert Guide

Best WordPress Booking Plugins

Online bookings have become a new normal with the advent of technology. Whether it is a hotel, hospital OPD or a movie show, online bookings give users convenience in automating the booking process. Websites make this process smoother and most of the websites are built on WordPress. 

In WordPress, either choose a third-party software or WordPress booking plugins. These plugins automate booking activities, scheduling appointments, accepting online payments and others. 

As a regular WordPress user, we have brought this guide for you. In this guide, you will get information about the best booking plugin for the WordPress website. 

What is a WordPress Booking Plugin?

A WordPress booking plugin is a plugin that is dedicated to WordPress to facilitate the booking or reservation system. With these plugins, the booking system of the WordPress website becomes easier. Website visitors can select dates and times, booking slots and others directly by visiting the website. Here are the key features that are added to the WP booking plugin.

  • 1. Customized booking forms
  • 2. Calendar dates available
  • 3. Payment gateways integration
  • 4. Reminder emails
  • 5. Customer management tools
  • 6. Integration with Google Calendar, iCal, and other calendar systems
  • Key Factors To Look In A WordPress Booking Plugin

    Multiple websites have different frameworks and user experience. Thus, choosing a WordPress booking plugin depends on the kind of WordPress website users are using. Some of the WordPress hosting providers are offering a set of plugins that help in appointment and reservation. You may use them for any website niche. 

    However, it is important to look closely at each of the WordPress booking plugins. Whether they meet your customized needs or not. Hence, here are some of the key factors to consider before choosing a plugin. This is expert-backed data which will help in maximizing your online booking businesses. 

    Key Factors

    • Plugins must support customized calendars for flexible booking dates. 
    • Supportive with mobile interfaces as most of the users follow the BYOD principle (Bring Your Own Device). 
    • Appointment booking plugins must support multiple service providers or payment gateways. So, multiple sectors can use these plugins for payment processing. 
    • Editing or deleting booking slots online for customers should be available. 
    • A searchable booking management module should be available in the backend of your WordPress website. 
    • Customize your schedule by removing holidays and setting some free time between appointments.
    • Admins and users will receive email confirmations and reminders.
    • When you offer a wide variety of services or unique products, you’ll need customizable fields and drop-down menus.

    The features listed above are just a small sample of what your booking plugin should offer. If some of the settings or features don’t appeal to your business, test the ones that do and use our in-depth reviews below to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

    For example, some smaller companies may only need a simple free calendar for accepting non-paying appointments. Brands with a larger audience, however, will need a broader range of features, such as beautiful templates and high-powered communication tools.

    Best WordPress Booking Plugins: Expert Picks for 2024

    Below we have shared the list of top WordPress booking plugins for appointments, scheduled reservations and others. 

    1) Amelia

    Amelia WordPress Booking Plugins

    Amelia is a WordPress booking plugin that is a user-friendly plugin with 24×7 support. With this plugin, users get all set of booking features to make the process easier. Customers can pay online and offline to schedule appointments.

    Both free and paid versions of the Amelia plugin are available for business owners. Small business owners can use the FREE version and large enterprises can avail the licenced version starting at $199 per domain. 

    Amelia has different in-built functions like SMS notifications, Google Calendar and modern designs. As a result, customers or employees will never miss an appointment because regular reminders are given to customers. Simple short-size coding of Amelia makes it less problematic to integrate in the website’s backend.

    Key Functionalities

    • Greater UI and UX online appointments
    • Two shortcodes [ameliabooking] or [ameliacatalog} are available to embed in the booking formson your WordPress booking websites.
    • A back-end calendar view of upcoming bookings.
    • Updating customers about appointment dates through automated emails.

    Best For

    • Salons
    • Consultants
    • Healthcare
    • Fitness & Gyms
    • Any Event type

    2) Appointment Hour Booking

    Appointment Hour Booking WordPress Booking Plugins

    Appointment Hour Booking plugin is developed by CodePeople having an active installation count of 20,000+. It is accessible on 3.0.5 or higher WordPress versions. Appointment Hour Booking is a helpful plugin for creating booking forms and appointments for a defined schedule having a start and end date. 

    Mostly, hotels and the medical industry can make the most of this WordPress appointment booking plugin. This is because website owners can manage different customers and their appointments without giving them a waiting period. 

    Waiting duration is a major issue for the railways or transport sector as well. Sometimes, double bookings lead to hassles. Hence, Appointment Hour Booking will dedicated to particular available hours.  

    Key Functionalities

    • Calendar data and schedules can be configured visually.
    • Dates can be defined as working, invalid, holiday, and special.
    • Limits default, maximum, and minimum dates.
    • Pre-defined open hours of booking.

    Best For

    • Medical services
    • Personal training
    • Resource allocation
    • Booking rooms
    • Online classes

    3) WooCommerce Bookings

    WooCommerce Bookings WordPress Booking Plugins

    WooCommerce bookings and appointments are easier on WordPress websites. Thanks to the WooCommerce Bookings plugin that lets your customers book reservations, appointments or rentals on their own through online mediums. 

    Customers can book one-on-one appointments or multi-person events with flexibility in booking dates. Set the minimum or maximum number of participants as per the requirement. Also, website owners can synchronize Google calendars and set reminders to avoid double bookings using the WooCommerce Bookings plugin.

    The cost factor may not go in your favour because the WooCommerce Bookings extension starts at $249 for one website & spikes up to $449 for up to 25 sites. Hence, businesses having good capital and the cheap WordPress hosting may prefer it. However, I would recommend to prefer it because of its user-friendly features and quality after-sales service. 

    Key Functionalities

    • Create discounts for early booking customers.
    • Limit the number of bookings.
    • WooCommerce has a 30-day “try before you buy” program.
    • Easy to integrate with other WooCommerce extensions. 

    Best For

    • Fashion
    • Electronics
    • Hospitality
    • Fitness
    • Donation
    Best WordPress Booking Plugins

    4) EventPrime

    EventPrime WordPress Booking Plugins

    EventPrime is a useful WordPress plugin that can be integrated with the best free WordPress themes and paid WP themes. With this, website owners can create new events for their website. They can choose any data from the Event Calendar integrated into the WordPress Dashboard area and create an event. 

    By using the Booking option in EventPrime’s event settings, website owners can create both free and paid events. EventPrime supports free event bookings, paid event bookings, single-day events, multi-day events, event performers, event venues and locations, event gallery, event registration, event calendar widgets and a lot more.

    Beginners must not worry as the Plugin’s developer has provided a starter’s guide to learn this event management tool.

    Key Functionalities

    • Create additional events apart from the start and end date. 
    • Generating automated sponsorship outreach email.
    • Update the list of venues and locations for your event.
    • An event dashboard for a complete event management toolkit

    Best For

    • Party lawns or halls
    • Event management company
    • Hotels
    • Sports industry
    • Webinar or Seminar hosts

    5) Webba Booking

    Webba Booking WordPress Booking Plugins

    Are you looking for a professional WordPress booking plugin with easy setup features? Webba Booking plugin is here for your WordPress website. It supports 7.4 or higher PHP versions and is tested on 5.6 or higher WordPress versions. The latest Webba Booking version (5.0.29) gives users the convenience of online booking acceptance.

    It is a versatile, and feature-rich event and appointment booking plugin available at plugins directory. There is no coding expertise required to integrate it into the website’s backend. Manage all event schedules with ease and control business hours/ holidays with a user-friendly dashboard in it.

    The calendar feature allows you to make flexible bookings according to customers’ choices. Moreover, built-in translation tools help bridge the communication gap between websites and multilingual customers. Webba Booking has both free and paid features. 

    Key Functionalities

    • Sending & customizing email notifications/reminders.
    • Customize the pricing structure of events.
    • Analytics to track performance (Paid Feature)
    • Creating automated Zoom events (Paid Feature)
    • SMS reminders (Paid Feature)

    Best For

    • Wellness and beauty booking
    • Equipment and auto rental services
    • Education and lessons booking
    • Consultant booking

    6) WP Travel Engine

    WP Travel Engine WordPress Booking Plugins

    I love travelling and hope you do too! That is why I found the WP Travel Engine plugin in most of the WordPress websites. It is one of the best travel plugins with booking features on a WordPress website. If you have an SEO-friendly travel booking site, the directory has the right WordPress booking plugin for free.

    It is created by WP Travel Engine for every travel website owner built on WordPress. After reading the users’ testimonials I found there is an increase of AOV (Average Order Value). 

    Payment confirmation is a major hurdle for travel website owners. The WP Travel Engine plugin is a highly preferred option to combat this issue. It supports payments from different payment gateways that WooCommerce supports. Moreover, extended features in the form of add-ons are available in this best tour booking plugin for WordPress websites.

    Key Functionalities

    • Itinerary downloader for PDF brochures. 
    • Group discounts for travellers.
    • Advanced trip search and filter.
    • Currency converter for international travellers.
    • Weather forecast feature. 

    Best For

    • Camping websites
    • Tours and Travels company
    • Holiday clubs
    • Cruise websites
    • Jungle safari websites

    7) Tourfic

    Tourfic WordPress Booking Plugins

    Tourfic is an amazing WordPress booking plugin best for hotel or rental apartment booking for holidays. If tourists are planning for a memorable tour, this plugin in your WordPress website can help them give a mesmerizing holiday experience.

    Tourfic is a WooCommerce-friendly booking plugin offering advanced pricing logic. Also, the online booking system through it is easy to manage. You might have gone through, Agoda and Airbnb. Using the Tourfic plugin will transform your WordPress website using the same plugin.

    Both free and paid versions are available for users. The latest Tourfic version is 2.11.2 which supports 7.2 or higher PHP versions.

    Key Functionalities

    • Dedicated customer review system.
    • Set minimum days before restrictions on tour booking.
    • Add unlimited apartment list.
    • Hotel photo gallery.
    • Features, FAQs, and terms & conditions per room can be updated.

    Best For

    • Hotel booking 
    • Tour operator 
    • Travel agency websites 

    8) Bookly

    Bookly WordPress Booking Plugins

    Bookly is such a popular booking plugin for WordPress that counts more than 70,000 active installations. It is available in both free and paid versions. The premium version charges a time fee of $89. The major difference between both versions is customer support which only the paid version provides. 

    If you are accepting free bookings through Bookly, the free version is helpful for you. But I would suggest going for the paid version because online bookings require technical assistance also. Hiring a staff for it will cost you more than paying one-time fees. 

    The booking form can be customized in many areas without knowing any code. Both the backend and front end have a sleek design. Most beginners and advanced users will appreciate its capabilities and style, but I wouldn’t recommend it for custom code users.

    Key Functionalities

    • Online scheduling is easier for customers.
    • Easy navigation through an interface.
    • WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) integration for multi-language support
    • Email and SMS notification feature.
    • Booking admin panel for business owners. 

    Best For

    • Law consultancies
    • Restaurants
    • Medical clinics
    • Fitness institutes
    • Repair services

    9) WP Booking Calendar

    WP Booking Calendar WordPress Booking Plugins

    The interface of the WP Booking Calendar might puzzle you, but it is one of the oldest WordPress booking plugins that has 60,000+ active installations. According to data, it is the 1st WordPress booking system plugin to manage full-time bookings, slot appointments or all of the above activities that we discussed so far in this blog. 

    The plugin displays calendar availability, facilitates bookings from your website visitors, and provides an easy-to-use booking admin panel for managing bookings.

    Additionally, WP Booking Calendar’s ability to sync bookings with other services allows you to avoid duplicate bookings. Multi-language support makes it easier for international customers to interact with your WordPress booking website. 

    WP Booking Calendar has a modern and easy-to-use interface. It supports a wide range of businesses that can benefit from the plugin. It can be installed on any device can view this website because it’s 100% mobile-friendly. Lastly,  Your database stores all booking data so no external database is required. 

    Key Functionalities

    • Prevention of double bookings.
    • Customized booking form.
    • Booking Listing panel.
    • Intuitive Calendar Overview mode.

    Best For

    • Property rentals
    • Hotel rooms
    • Cottages
    • Apartments
    • Houses

    10) Simply Schedule Appointments

    Simply Schedule Appointments WordPress Booking Plugins

    Simply Schedule Appointments is an appointment plugin for WordPress websites. More than 20,000 businesses have shown trust in this plugin with 5-star ratings. If website developers are looking for a WordPress appointment booking plugin for free, the Simply Schedule Appointments plugin has a zero-cost edition to schedule appointment calendars. 

    You can use Simply Schedule Appointments if you want your customers to schedule phone calls, virtual video meetings, or coaching sessions. Business consultations, interviews, and scheduling are made easy with this tool.

    You can easily manage your schedule and when you’re available for appointments. Don’t have to worry about phone calls or email back-and-forths to find a time that works — block off dates when you don’t want to be interrupted. Let your WordPress booking system handle it for you!

    Key Functionalities

    • Group or class event booking.
    • Google Calendar Sync.
    • Stripe and PayPal for Payments.
    • Google Analytics and Tag Manager tracking enabled.

    Best For

    • Patient Booking
    • Simple Reservations
    • Class Lessons or Tutor Scheduling
    • Client Meeting Booking

    11) Start Booking

    Start Booking WordPress Booking Plugins

    Finally, we are concluding the list with the Start Booking plugin which gives a simple online booking experience. It has more than 1,000 active downloads with 3.5/5 star ratings on the official WordPress plugin’s directory. Like Bookly and Webba Booking, it is also a user-friendly WordPress booking plugin. 

    Start Booking also has both free and paid versions, but in its free version payment feature is available. The plugin seamlessly connects with the Start Booking cloud platform. Hence, your services or products are available online in any corner of the world, multiple times. 

    Key Functionalities

    • Mailchimp integration with the plugin.
    • Easy to integrate the scheduling plugin with other systems and applications.
    • Automatically create Zoom meetings
    • Resources Management

    Best For

    • Property rentals
    • Hotel rooms
    • Patient Booking
    • Apartments
    • Houses


    Choosing the best WordPress booking plugin depends on several factors:

  • Which plugin supports multiple payment gateways?
  • Which one has the most user-friendly interface?
  • Which is cheaper and provides the best features?
  • Plugins which we have mentioned in this article offer multiple features that facilitate the booking process. As a result, businesses and customers can manage their appointments/ bookings hassle-free. Choose the one that ticks all the boxes of your business requirements.


    Why are WordPress bookings plugins important for online businesses?

  • Streamline bookings and appointments: Manage reservations, schedules, and payments through a centralized platform, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Improve customer experience: Offer a convenient and user-friendly booking process, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Increase revenue: Automate booking procedures and accept online payments, leading to faster and more secure transactions.
  • Gain valuable insights: Track booking data and analyze customer behaviour for informed business decisions.
  • What type of events can I use a WordPress bookings plugin for?

  • Appointments: Schedule client meetings, consultations, or service appointments.
  • Classes and workshops: Manage registrations and payments for educational events.
  • Tours and activities: Book reservations for guided tours, experiences, or rentals.
  • Accommodation: Receive bookings for hotels, vacation rentals, or camping sites.
  • And more! The possibilities are endless, from booking fitness classes to reserving restaurant tables.

    Are WordPress plugins compatible with different payment gateways?

    Yes, many popular WordPress booking plugins integrate with various payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Square. This allows you to accept online payments securely and conveniently. Choose a plugin compatible with your preferred payment processor for seamless transactions.

    Can I send automated confirmation emails to customers?

    Most WordPress booking plugins offer automated email notifications. Send confirmation emails upon booking, reminders leading up to the event, and follow-up messages after completion. This keeps customers informed and builds trust.

    Do I need coding skills to use WordPress booking plugins?

    Most plugins are designed for user-friendly installation and configuration. They offer intuitive interfaces and drag-and-drop features, making them accessible even for beginners with no coding knowledge.

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