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Top 5 Reasons To Use WooCommerce for your eCommerce Website

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What platform should you base your eCommerce store on? You have the standard options like Magento and Joomla, but they are pain staking and unless you’re good with coding, you will find the interface a bit raw. On the other hand, you have WooComcmerce, one of the best eCommerce platforms that you can have for your website. It’s easy to use and install, and has scores of functions to help you to develop an eCommerce sites that offers different and varied features suited to your customer needs.

How Does WooCommerce Score?

The most important choice that entrepreneurs have to make is choosing the correct platform for managing their online store. It is a huge task running a store with unlimited products and it takes good software to organize and carry out all those tasks.

WooCommerce for e-commerce has been emerging as one of the key players in this field. With over 1.6 million downloads from all over the world, it is the choice for e-commerce enthusiasts. It is an open source plugin that works with WordPress websites. It is rich in features providing user friendly experience to e-commerce beginners helping them to operate their online business. We are going to talk about 5 top reasons for which you should use Woocommerce for e-commerce website.

Compatible with WordPress

WordPress is currently the most widely used CMS in the world and you can install WooCommerce in it. Sources reveal that around 12 to 60 million websites are built with WordPress. Many entrepreneurs prefer the option of a blog so that they can handle their store and website content from one place. It is the basic framework that most people use to manage their website.

Being an original plugin, WooCommerce works with any WordPress website without any hassle. It does not take much time to get used to it as it behaves and looks just like WordPress. It is very easy to install it into the WordPress Admin panel.

User and Customer friendly

The upfront design of an e-commerce website is the main ingredient in attracting and retaining customers. Providing the correct user experience is crucial to turn loaded shopping carts into successful checkouts. Using WooCommerce you can create a wonderful customer friendly website in a very short time. You can also pay one of their developers for customized solutions.

WooCommerce also offers a simple and user-friendly experience to the entrepreneur. It takes minutes to set up and start selling your product. The settings are straightforward and well laid out which enables easy management of orders and addition of products.

The basic installation gives the option of choosing different payment gateways like bank transfer, Paypal and collection. It supports many shipping methods and can carry out numerous transactions effectively.

The checkout process is simple and smooth for buyers. Many WordPress plugins require the buyer to register at the time of checkout. However, WooCommerce drastically lowers the rate of shopping cart abandonment as there is no such requirement.  Customers are also listed as WordPress users so that you can create mailing lists and provide them entry to private member’s pages and so on.

Huge collection of extensions

WooCommerce itself is a free plugin that takes care of most of the needs of online sales. But if you are looking for advanced options and other functionalities, then you can choose from more than 600 extensions available from WooCommerce and other third parties.

Some of these applications can be used for free, while you have to pay for the premium ones. These extensions offer tools for marketing, reporting, accounting, payment methods and more. You can also make your online shop exciting by using extensions to provide coupons, product management and reviews. You can customize coupons as per your needs, including sending customers exclusive offers if they meet certain criteria. While you can install WooCommerce on WordPress too, building your website on WooCommerce is a better option if you’re opening up an eCommerce portal.

Endless customizable themes

Building an attractive website is one of the important aspects of e-commerce. You can get access to many free and paid themes, including 52 WooCommerce enabled themes from Woothemes shop. There are other theme shops from which you can source layouts too.

WooCommerce gives the option of changing the default CSS styles and color themes. You can even edit the code and explore the unique features offered by the theme.  The design and layout of product listings, shopping cart and checkout process can also be customized according to your preferences.

Analytics and business tools

The analytics application is the core tool used by any e-commerce entrepreneur. Upcoming Startups may not have a clear idea about statistical data and may not possess knowledge of using analytics system on their website. WooCommerce has inbuilt analytics system which gives a crystal clear summary of statistical data. Graphical representations of details of total sales, daily sales, individual buyer statistics, average orders can be accessed right from the admin panel. It gives an analysis of how the business is doing and the areas that need focus.

WooCommerce also features a store manager useful for inventory management. Physical and digital inventory can be managed effortlessly using this. Some extensions even let you handle tax calculations and logistics for different regions. Local rates can be configured using the advanced tax settings.

How can MilesWeb help?

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