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Free WooCommerce Extensions For Ecommerce Website Startups

Free WooCommerce Extensions

WooCommerce is a powerful ecommerce platform that provides complete website solution for building ecommerce websites. WooCommerce is built on top of WordPress and therefore it is considered to be a highly efficient solution. Just like WordPress is powered by plugins, WooCommerce is powered by its extensions. If you are setting up your ecommerce website for the first time, it is important that you get to know about some really important WooCommerce extensions that will make your task a little easier.

However, before we get going with the extensions, you need to get into a little bit of planning! Think about how you want your ecommerce website to be? This will help you to use the right WooCommerce extensions that provide you with the functionality that you want. WooCommerce offers free extensions and ‘Freemium’ extensions, the Freemium extensions have a charge to be paid for updating them. If you would like to use the Freemium extensions, it is a good idea to try the free version first and then you can upgrade to the more feature-rich version.

Some Great Free WooCommerce Extensions

WooCommerce Google Analytics

woocommerce google analytics extension

Google Analytics is an extremely important platform for understanding the user behavior on your website. Through Google Analytics data you will know the channels that are driving maximum traffic to your website like search, social media, coupon code websites etc. As a result of this, you will also know where you need to concentrate your marketing efforts for getting the maximum traffic. You will know the loopholes in your website by checking the flow of users from the product pages to the cart to checkout. You can compare the traffic for all the product pages to know which products are high in demand. Basically, the Google Analytics data is going to help you track your website traffic and improve your website and marketing strategies.


conversio woocommerce extensions

Conversio is a full fledged marketing dashboard for your online store. Through Conversio you can send all types of emails like newsletters, receipts, shopping cart recovery, follow up emails etc. Along with sending emails you can also use the on-site widgets provided by Conversio like product reviews, product recommendations, customer feedback etc. If any of your customers have abandoned their cart, you can get back to them and remind them through an email about the products that they wanted to buy. One of the best things about Conversio, being a WooCommerce WP plugin, is that it enables you to create beautiful newsletter designs that your customers will love to read, and you can also include some important marketing components in these newsletters.

WooCommerce ShippingEasy

woocommerce shipping easy extension

ShippingEasy is a great WooCommerce WordPress plugin for easy order fulfilment. This extension downloads the orders from WooCommerce and automatically assigns custom shipping preferences, streamlines the shipping procedures and auto pastes the back tracing information of your online store. ShippingEasy supports all the major shipping carriers, thus making your product shipping fast and easy. ShippingEasy is integrated with industry leading marketplaces, shopping carts, accounting software and inventory management platforms that enables you to ship and track your orders efficiently.

Facebook For WooCommerce

With the Facebook WooCommerce extension, you can connect with the right people and potential customers to drive traffic and sales to your WooCommerce website. By marketing your online store on Facebook, you can create long term relationships with people, find new customers interested in your products and increase the sales of your online store. This Facebook WooCommerce extension download enables you to reach out to people who matter to your business and you can also track the results of your advertising through various devices.

Catch Integration for WooCommerce

catch integration for woocommerce extension

Catch Integration for WooCommerce is a free WooCommerce WordPress plugin that helps e-commerce store sellers automate the process of listing and managing products on Catch Marketplace. All this can be done easily from their WooCommerce store. Some of the features of the plugin include bulk uploading of products, automatic syncing of inventory and pricing, and order management. This also acts as a free WordPress e-commerce plugin, enabling sellers to track the import status of their products and manage customer shipments. Overall, the Catch Integration of the WooCommerce plugin helped boost the sales of the e-commerce stores.


Above mentioned are feature rich and free WooCommerce extensions for creating a highly efficient ecommerce website. These tools are great and they should be considered by every WooCommerce online store startup! You can setup your ecommerce website through MilesWeb WooCommerce hosting. MilesWeb will help you in getting your online store live within no time! All the WooCommerce hosting packages offered by MilesWeb comprise of preconfigured WordPress and WooCommerce.


What are WooCommerce plugins and extensions?

If you want to add extra features and functionality to your WooCommerce or e-commerce stores, then WooCommerce WordPress plugins and extensions will do the job. They are beneficial for tasks like adding new WooCommerce payment gateways, managing subscriptions, or improving product search.

Why use WooCommerce extensions?

WordPress e-commerce plugins or WooCommerce WordPress plugin extensions let you customize your e-commerce store to fit your specific needs and offer a better experience for your customers. Hence, it’s always an advantage to use WooCommerce extensions for your WordPress website and earn more.

Are these WooCommerce extensions free?

While not all the available WooCommerce extensions for your e-commerce website are free, we have tried to bring you a list of all the free WooCommerce payment gateway extensions. In this blog, you will find free WooCommerce extensions for your e-commerce website startups.

Do I need any technical expertise to install these WooCommerce extensions?

Having technical expertise is always an additional help; however, the best WooCommerce plugin for WordPress extensions can be used with minimal technical knowledge.

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