What is WordPress Hosting? Clear Your Concepts Here!

Updated on 21 June 2024 7 min Read
What is WordPress Hosting

Eager to know what is WordPress hosting? Well, let me walk you through a small guide. 

Before that take a look at what is WordPress? At its core, WordPress is a powerful and user-friendly content management system (CMS) that empowers you to create and manage websites without requiring extensive coding knowledge.

It is true that websites are a way to better wealth and business growth. Even if you are a blogger, websites offer a good digital presence and income source. 

Millions of users surf different websites every day. So it is no big deal that you are want to get started too. Well, the task is about finding the best web hosting service. 

You must have acknowledged how different websites work and your experience with them. Some websites run smooth and provide a hassle-free user experience. While some websites annoy us with low speed and performance.

That is because of the choice of web hosting service and the web host. 

There are tons of web hosting companies on the internet. However, it is not necessary that they are all quality and apt. That is why I believe, good research is a must before you get started.

What is Web Hosting

Web hosting definition is simple. It means you are using a service to make your website live on the internet. In other words, a web hosting service publishes your website so that others can have access to it.   

Any web hosting service you choose will store your website contents and files on the webserver. So when a visitor searches for your domain, the web server will redirect them to the web page. 

There are certain types of web hosting services, like shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud servers and dedicated servers. 

Every web hosting type differs as per website needs.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a special product dedicated to the platform. 

WordPress exclusively offers its users a WordPress web hosting service that is more compatible with such websites. That means WordPress hosting allows users to run a more efficient and hassle-free site with preconfigured settings. 

It is the best hosting for WordPress. The reason is, WordPress hosting simplifies the task and makes it easier for users. In fact, WordPress hosting is a managed service, which means that the web host will handle all necessary tasks.

What is WordPress Hosting Vs Web Hosting?

WordPress hosting is one of the many web hosting services. Generally, people consider shared hosting as web hosting. However, the term web hosting defines all types of hosting services. 

The main difference is that shared hosting is perfect for all new and small to medium-sized websites. Whereas, WordPress hosting is best for small to medium WordPress websites. 

It is solely meant for the platform so WordPress can offer better performance. 

Likewise, one similarity between the both is, they provide a shared environment. Meaning, you will share the server space and resources with thousands of other users. This also allows users to invest less as there is sharing. 

Pros Of WordPress Hosting 

Whether you have a WordPress website or planning to get started, you will be at the utmost benefit. 

Managed WordPress hosting comes fully configured for the platform, which is why it increases the efficiency and productivity of users.

  • It is a managed hosting for WordPress
  • Offers improved performance and speed
  • Affordable 
  • Better productivity, reliability and security
  • Install web applications in only one click

If I don’t Have a WordPress Site, Can I Still Use WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a special and exclusive service for sites built in WordPress. If you have a non-WordPress website, we recommend you opt for a shared hosting service.

What You Should Look For in a WordPress Hosting Service

If you are firm with your decision of opting for WordPress hosting services, here are a few things you must consider. 

Price Differences 

There are plenty of web hosting companies out there. Every company will have different pricing and plan that is obvious. So, when you purchase from any web host, you must check whether they are quality at the same price.

Some best hosting providers charge huge, but they don’t fit every user’s budget. Similarly, some web hosts are cheap but offer degraded quality. That is why it is crucial to see whether the web host is both an economical and quality hosting provider. 

Performance and Speed

Again, you must analyze whether your web host offers high performance with their WordPress hosting services. They must provide you with the exact resources you buy. There shouldn’t be a compromise.

High Uptime

High uptime lets you run a better website and is available for surfing almost every time. If your website faces extreme server downtimes, you need to switch to a better web hosting provider. 

MilesWeb offers a 99.95% uptime guarantee. That is the highest for web hosting services. 

What Factors Defines the Best Host?

The WordPress hosting provider must be reliable in that case. Users who are new to web hosting or WordPress hosting in general need assurance. So, you may do some research on the host thoroughly. 

You can read about the reviews, analyze their website and plans and packages. A good host will offer quality, support, high uptime, an expert team, and plenty of other features. 

In fact, many web hosting providers also offer cheap WordPress hosting plans with certain free features to new users, including MilesWeb. 

Best WordPress Hosting Service Provider

MilesWeb, a web hosting solution, is at your service for nine years now. No matter whether you are new to our services or an existing shared hosting user, we aim to offer the best WordPress cloud hosting services at economical prices. 

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Plans

MilesWeb offers the best three plans under WordPress hosting services. Each plan caters to different website needs. For instance, you have a small blog. Then you can start with a Tyro plan. Even if you have a small or personal website, Tyro will work perfectly fine. 

That will cost you only £1.25/m. Yes! It is an absolute low cost after a flat 70% discount. 

Similarly, Geeky and Rapid WordPress plans work well for small to medium-sized websites. You can host multiple websites using Multi plan. They cost only £1.4/m and £2.1/m after the discount (T and C apply).

Well, you can browse all plans below. 


I hope your concepts are clear about this special product and other FAQS. WordPress is an easy to handle platform. It offers a lot of features that make tasks simpler for users. Similarly, with WordPress hosting, the website performance gets better. 

We at MilesWeb, offer the fastest web hosting for WordPress.You can rely on us for quality. 

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