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Top 10 WordPress Plugins For Every Affiliate Blogger

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Affiliate marketing is one of the greatest ways of monetizing your blog. If you have a blog, you can join various affiliate programs and start earning good money through your blog. As an affiliate blogger, you use your blog content for marketing and for promoting the products and services of other companies. When you become an affiliate, you get unique links from the company that can be added to your content and when any of the readers or visitors click on that link and make a purchase, you get affiliate commission.

Affiliate marketing is appealing to all the bloggers. If you are a blogger, you might have signed up for many affiliate programs. Managing all the affiliate links and all the affiliate marketing campaigns all by yourself can be a tedious task. WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing help you to automate, streamline and track your affiliate marketing campaigns and links easily.

Here are top 10 WordPress plugins for affiliate bloggers:

#1 ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates is one of the most popular affiliate management tools that is commonly used by the WordPress users. This plugin easily enables you to manage the affiliate links for your WordPress blog or website. With the help of this plugin, you can conveniently insert affiliate links into posts, auto-insert links, cloak links and you can also check how the links are performing on your website. ThirstyAffiliates also enables you to sort the links in categories so that you can easily organize them.

#2 EasyAzon

The EasyAzon WordPress plugin enables you to market the Amazon products through your blog. This is an Amazon affiliate blogger plugin through which you can search for Amazon products through your WordPress dashboard, cloak the affiliate links automatically, open affiliate links in new window, add images to the affiliate links, create product popup and you can also add the Amazon buy buttons to your WordPress website. EasyAzon also enables a visitor to add a product to their Amazon cart.

#3 MonsterInsights

With the MonsterInsights WordPress plugin, You can add Google Analytics and Google Adsense to your website in order to track your WordPress website performance and your earnings. As tracking is enabled for the affiliate links, you will be able to identify the most profitable pages on your website or blog. Through this plugin you will also be able to identify the most lucrative traffic sources and new affiliate opportunities.

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#4 WP RSS Aggregator

Through the WP RSS Aggregator plugin you can display content from all your affiliate networks on your WordPress website or blog. This plugin enables you to create product pages on your website and you can also automatically populate them with the products from your affiliate networks that you are promoting. You can create blog posts as well for your affiliate products.

#5 Affiliate Coupons

The Affiliate coupons WordPress plugin enables you to promote coupons, discounts and special deals on your blog with some little and easy steps. Through this WordPress plugin, you can create vendors and pre-define the affiliate links, you can create coupons and link them to the vendors, you can display the coupons, you can filter or sort the coupons and you can also show the coupons in the sidebar or in the varying layouts.

#6 OptinMonster

In order to build email lists, it is important for you to display the email sign up forms at prominent places on your website. OptinMonster is one of the best lead generation tools for building email lists. OptinMonster enables you to add slide in sign up forms, add lightbox popup, add floating bars, add sign up forms after posts etc. This plugin also enables you to track how every form is performing on your website. You can conduct spilt tests of the forms and increase the email sign up rates.

#7 Pretty Links

With Pretty Links, you can shorten URLs with the use of your own domain name. The best thing about Pretty Links is that it enables you to track every hit on your URL and provides a complete report about where the hit came from, OS, the browser used and host. Pretty Links is a useful plugin for the website owners who wish to clean up their affiliate links, track the clicks received through emails or enhance the reach of their websites by displaying links on forums and comments of other blogs.

#8 Auto Affiliate Links

The Auto Affiliate Links plugin automatically adds the affiliate links in the content. You can also manually configure the affiliate links and keywords in terms of where they should appear in your website content. This plugin can automatically extract and display links from Clickbank, Amazon, CommissionJunction, BetBuy etc. This plugin does not modify your content in any way, the affiliate links are added when the content is displayed.

#9 Affiliate Power

Through the Affiliate Power plugin, you can track your affiliate income for every post, this enables you to concentrate on the things that really pay. This plugin saves all the data on your server itself. Affiliate Power also provides an overview about all the leads and sales of your affiliate network. You can easily export all the sales as Excel files.

#10 Skimlinks Affiliate Marketing Tool

Skimlinks is one of the most popular content-to-commerce platforms that is recognized globally. Skimlinks aims at taking away all the manual effort that is associated with affiliate marketing. Once you install this plugin, you can start earning commissions from every link that you include in your posts. You can monetize more blog activity when the users click on external links present in your RSS feeds, the Skimlinks plugin automatically turns these into affiliate links.

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