Reasons to Select Managed WordPress Hosting

Updated on 15 March 2024 8 min Read
10+ Reasons to Select Managed WordPress Hosting in 2020

The importance of online business has grown tremendously since the lockdown season. Running a business is a daunting task where you need to manage finances, employees, client relations, etc. without feeling tired. One may feel drained out while managing the business and may lose focus from the primary work. With an online business, it becomes easy to manage all these tasks on some clicks. So, always remember that to run a successful online business it is mandatory to have a website that connects you digitally. To handle the website you need a powerful web hosting provider and of course WordPress sites.  I will suggest choosing WordPress that provides blazing fast speed, security, and tons of features to make the user’s work easy.

What Is WordPress Hosting?

In simple words, WordPress hosting is a form of the host that is been optimized to provide better speed and security to WordPress.

WordPress is a full-fledged Content Management System, written in PHP and coupled with MySQL and MariaDB. It is an open-source platform that includes features like plugin architecture and a template system known as WordPress themes.

 What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting frees you from the extra work of server management, account optimization, etc. It is like enjoying the 5-star hotel’s concierge service, where you don’t need to do last minute reservations for your dinner, as everything is looked after by the hotel staff. Likewise in managed hosting, you will also enjoy the deluxe WordPress experience.

MilesWeb provides the premium support from experts, guarantees security and speed, takes care of updates and backups, and of course, the 99.95% uptime ensures the smooth working of your website.

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MilesWeb is the managed WordPress hosting provider that avails you the top of the hardware and WordPress-expertise and a helping hand that provides the additional services and features designed to lift your burden as a site owner.

Benefits Of Managed WordPress Hosting :

Choosing a free WordPress hosting may seem like a very easy task but, as you dive deep into its usage, you will find that free is not actually for free. That is why many people then end up losing their website that was built on free WordPress or they simply migrate it to the cheap WordPress hosting provider.

Following are over best reasons to choose managed WordPress hosting for your website :

1) Easy To Incorporate SSL certificate

A website with a green padlock into the browser just at the start of the URL denotes that your website is secured from all malicious activities. This ‘https’ padlock lets your users know whether an SSL certificate is installed on your site or not.

Installing an SSL certificate was considered as a tedious task then. But now many managed WordPress providers have partnered with Let’s Encrypt that enables you to install this certificate in a few clicks.

MilesWeb goes one step beyond and provides a free SSL certificate incorporated to your site. When you buy any WordPress hosting plan, MilesWeb experts offer a free certificate and get it set up to your site.

2) Expert Support


In case you choose unmanaged WordPress hosting, then you need to handle every issue on your own. But the managed hosting provider offers complete support, regardless of the complications of a problem.

The experts are skilled to identify the difference between a potential plugin conflict, a tricky theme, or a server-level issue. They will run the exact setting of the WordPress site to attain optimal performance. They will solve all WordPress related issues and will guide you to make the optimum use of your WordPress plan.

This is because managed WordPress hosting providers have a certified technical team that handles single CMS and the customer doesn’t need to wait for long hours for the issue to get solved. Such hosting providers make sure that their technical experts are well versed with the WordPress’ in and out. Additionally, managed WordPress hosting providers are focused on prioritizing the support offered to their customers. They believe in providing a 24/7 support, ticketing system, or offering help through community forums. Thus, using managed WordPress hosting gives you the feel of owning an IT department full of experts that provides top-notch productivity which is considered as a perk to run a business.

3) Easy Updating

From the security point of view, you must update your software and this is true for WordPress too. However, unlike other CMS, updating WordPress doesn’t need any special knowledge. It can be done within a click by anyone using WordPress. Also, WordPress notifies you about the new version as soon as the software gets updated. This improves your site’s safety and keeps it fresh.

With WordPress hosting from MilesWeb, you don’t have to worry about updating the software. The technical team does it for you as soon as the new release comes.

4) Best WordPress Security

Website security

The user must not wait for its website to get hacked and always consider security as the utmost priority. No one can guarantee you a 100% security from the malicious activities, but managed hosting allows you to take the full benefits of built-in security. MilesWeb takes extra measures to protect your website by scanning their servers on a daily basis. It also allows users to take backups that can be accessed directly from the dashboard. All themes and plugins are checked prior to installing on your website and they also provide two-step authentication protection to block fake login attempts.

The most important security feature MilesWeb offers is its ability to remove malware. In case after all the protective measures, if your site gets infected with any virus, their support team cleans it up as soon as possible.

5) Cost-Effective

Looking at the plethora of features provided, building a website with WordPress CMS is a very cost-effective option as compared to others. It provides a wide range of plugins and themes and most of them are free. MilesWeb fastest WordPress hosting plans are very cheap that can easily help you to start with an online business. Using WordPress you can create a personal blog, personal or professional website, and also a full-fledged eCommerce site.

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6) Faster And Better Performance

The managed WordPress hosting providers offer major benefits like SSD storage space that accelerates your website’s speed making it faster. The better uptime ensures there are fewer hiccups while data gets traveled from the server to any site.

For example, MilesWeb offers LiteSpeed Web Server + LSCache with its WordPress cloud hosting. The LSCache is known for its high load catering technique and for balancing the sudden traffic spikes on the website. This combination can easily handle tons of concurrent users without hampering the site’s performance.

7) Easy Time Management

Time management

WordPress helps you to increase productivity at work by offering various time management tools. For example, the WP Project Manager plugin enables you to manage an entire project where you can assign users, collaborate with team members, also get an overview of the project, track the work deadlines, etc. everything from a centralized unit that is your WordPress dashboard.

8) Compatibility With Multiple Users

All large companies have multiple people responsible for running a website and keeping it up-to-date. Thus, WordPress is compatible with multi-user functionality, so that it becomes easier for you to assign different roles to team members within your organization.

By default, WordPress offers six different roles, namely, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber. As a site owner, you get the authority to decide what a user can do and not do with your website.

9) No Need For Extra Plugins


Say goodbye to the security plugins. When you partner with MilesWeb managed WordPress hosting, they take the responsibility of optimization, configuration, and management of your account. This leaves you free from all the plugins management that may consume a lot of time.

WordPress offers a wide range of plugins but, you should use it as less as possible. Or we can say, use only those that are really needed. This is because too many plugins may slow down your site’s performance. Also, it will keep you away from management work.

10) Send Automatic Notifications

WordPress alerts the site owner by sending notification via email, every time a new user registers or a new comment gets added to a post. It also notifies you when a new trackback and a new pingback get added, so that you know everything related to your website.

11) Focus On Your Business

Above all, the biggest benefit of using managed WordPress hosting is that you get special help from someone whenever needed so that you can spend your time doing things that you actually like. The purpose of managed hosting is to simplify your hosting process and make it easy to handle your website without being an expert in it.  The managed hosting makes the experience very rich by setting up the account, emails, tools that you can use to collaborate with clients, and that adds more value to the business.

Who can yield benefits from managed hosting?

Well, the simple answer would be everyone who wishes to make the most of their hosting plan can get benefited from managed hosting. But, if you belong to any of the following categories then you must have a managed WordPress hosting :

  • Freelancers building creative sites
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • An individual site owner who doesn’t know technical details of web hosting
  • Bloggers
  • Influencers who work on-site
  • eCommerce site owners, selling physical or online products
  • Organizations, brands looking for reliability, scalability, and expert solution

Is managed WordPress hosting worth for your site?

WordPress is undoubtedly the best CMS that you can choose to build your website. But to make your work easy, your site needs a managed WordPress hosting provider that offers easy solutions whenever you need them. They offer a bunch of benefits that help your site to get traffic that ultimately grows your business.

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