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14 WordPress Plugins to Showcase your Sponsors and Brands Logos

So here is the list of WordPress plugins to demonstrate the logos (or Showcase Logo) in a simple and effective way to display the list of sponsors and brands on your website that supports your company, partners and customers with whom you work. So, users can see the brands that are incorporated with your company.

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Today we will talk about the 14 best WordPress plugins that can let you display and showcase your sponsor logos, brands, and partners.

1. Logos Showcase

Logos Showcase

Logos Showcase: This premium plugin has a huge number of different functions. This includes several layouts and ways to display logos, e.g., adaptive, grid, and carousel.


The plugin allows you to insert your logo collection in many ways. You can put a widget in the sidebar, footer or any other area that is suitable for the widget. The plugin also adds a component to the Visual Composer page builder that allows you to generate shortcodes and PHP functions.

Link: Logos Showcase

2. Logos WordPress Plugin


Logos WordPress Plugin: A fully responsive premium plugin that is compatible with touch screen interface. Logos can be displayed in a carousel, grid, or list.

Logos WordPress Plugin

The plugin works with Visual Composer, and your logos can be inserted via shortcodes and widgets that you create yourself.

Link: Logos WordPress Plugin

3. Super Logos Showcase

Super Logos Showcase

Super Logos Showcase: This premium plugin displays the logos in the grid. By clicking on the logo, it drops out the window, where you can add information about each brand so that potential clients know a little more about your sponsors, partners, and customers.

Super Logos Showcase

In the left sidebar, you can set the display type of the brand logos.

Link: Super Logos Showcase

4. Logo Showcase

Logo Showcase

Logo Showcase: This premium plugin has many useful features. This includes displaying logos in the form of a grid or carousel.

Logo Showcase

Also for each logo, you can add a description. A pop-up window, as shown above, will allow you to tell a little more about each brand.

Link: Logo Showcase

5. My Logos Showcase

My Logos Showcase

My Logos Showcase: A premium plugin that is rich in its features. Logos can be demonstrated in a grid or slider with different styles and animation effects.

My Logos Showcase

In fact, with this plugin, you can create over 10,000 different combinations.

Link: My Logos Showcase

6. WP Logo Showcase

WP Logo Showcase

WP Logo Showcase: This premium plugin has 3 variants of marking: slider, mesh, and filter. The set includes a drag-and-drop builder, which allows you to create markings and logos to rebuild.

WP Logo Showcase

Some layouts can be sorted by category brands. Also here it is possible to generate an unlimited number of shortcodes.

Link: WP Logo Showcase

7. WordPress Logos Showcase

WordPress Logos Showcase

WordPress Logos Showcase: A simple but effective premium plugin. Logos can be displayed in a grid, carousel or term that you can see in the picture below.

WordPress Logos Showcase

Additional features include the parameters of borders, grayscale, auto-playback, and support for touch-screen devices.

Link: WordPress Logos Showcase

8. Logo Carousel Slider

Logo Carousel Slider

Logo Carousel Slider: It is a free plugin that also has a premium version. The free version is quite simple, but it contains a lot of different styles, three of which you can see in the image below.

Logo Carousel Slider

The plugin is easy to use. All you need to do is upload your logos and insert shortcode to where you want them to be displayed.

Link: Logo Carousel Slider

9. Logo Carousel

Logo Carousel

Logo Carousel: It is a simple and free plug-in that displays your logos in slider and carousel. Design and specifications are quite simple. The number of logos is displayed simultaneously in the slider and can place the navigation button.

Logo Carousel

The premium version of this plugin is also available. You will find additional features such as shortcodes generator and additional design settings.

Link: Logo Carousel

10. Logo Carousel (Free)

Logo Carousel Free

Logo Carousel (Free): It is a free plug-in, it displays logos in the carousel and makes use of bullets and numbering as visual cues.

Logo Carousel Free

The plugin has a premium version with features like plug-in above.

Link: Logo Carousel Free

11. TC Logo Slider

TC Logo Slider

TC Logo Slider: Another simple and free carousel slider plugin. A simple shortcode allows you to insert your slider anywhere you want. You can split brands by type.

TC Logo Slider

The premium version of this plugin includes shortcodes generator, various layout styles and a large number of additional parameters.

Link: TC Logo Slider

12. Placid Slider

Placid Slider

Placid Slider: This premium slider plugin uses a scroll effect similar to a news feed. It can be used to display any images, but it works best with logos.

Placid Slider

The kit also includes a variety of styles, the effect of gray shades, vertical scrolling and the effect of the lightbox. If you want, you can turn off the automatic scrolling.

Link: Placid Slider

13. Logo Slider

Logo Slider

Logo Slider: it is a simple, free and easy to use plugin. This is a simple slider that uses two arrow keys for navigation. Download logos and move, you can use drag-and-drop interface. In addition, you can enable the automatic scrolling.

Logo Slider

With the premium version of this plugin, you can find many additional features such as the ability to create multiple sliders.

Link: Logo Slider

14. WooCommerce Brands

WooCommerce Brands

WooCommerce Brands: It is a plugin that is significantly different from other plugins. With it in your shop, you can create individual pages for specific brand products. Brands can be arranged in alphabetical order by styles.

WooCommerce Brands

You can create the same grid or carousel layout like the previous plugins. These markings can be used as a widget in the sidebar or footer of your store.

Link: WooCommerce Brands

The best is to review each of the plugin and choose the one you want and need. These are the plugins that do the same task, so you only need to install one.

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I hope this list and guide to the WordPress plugins have helped you to know better what you need for your blog or your website.

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