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The Best Of WordPress Plugins For Creating The Most Impressive Blog

Best Of WordPress Plugins For Creating The Most Impressive Blog

When it comes to a blog, content is not the only thing that matters. There are no two opinions about the importance of content, however it is also essential to provide the blog with an edge that makes it stand apart. When the visitors comes to your blog, there should be a reason that holds them back. This can be achieved in the best possible way by considering WordPress hosting for your blog. WordPress is the most widely used CMS that simplifies the whole process of setting up the blog and submitting posts. With a simple interface and the best of plugins for a blog, WordPress is the most rewarding platform for setting up a blog. With WordPress blogs, establishing a good web presence through blog is no longer a difficult task.

What do you need to setup an impressive and efficient blogs? You need these plugins:

All In One SEO Pack

The all in one SEO pack is a powerful SEO plugin that enhances the online identity of the blog. Basically this plugin optimizes the WordPress blog for search engine optimization. If you are setting up a blog for the first time, then this is the best SEO plugin for improvising on the online identity of the blog.

Contextual Related Posts

This plugin presents a couple of related posts present on your website or in your feed. It also helps to improvise on the reader retention and helps in reducing the bounce rate. The posts are generated on the basis of the content of the title or content of the post that makes it more appropriate to hold the attention of the readers.


Akismet is an efficient plugin that identifies and blocks the comments and trackback spam that is related to your blog. It verifies your comment against the Akismet service provided on the web in order to check if the comments look like spam or not. It is one of the great plugins to protect the blog for a long span of time.

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Broken Link Checker

The broken link checker analyses the WordPress blog and checks if there are any broken links or missing images. In case there are any, they are notified through the email or dashboard in case they are found.

FeedBurner / FeedSmith

This plugin detects all the possible ways for accessing your original WordPress RSS feeds and redirects them to the FeedBurner feed so that you will be able to track every subscriber coming to your blog.


The Jetpack plugin showcases the power of cloud for your self hosted blog. Through this plugin you can connect to the WordPress account and thereby use the powerful features that are usually available only to the users.

SI Captcha

The SI Captcha is an anti spam technique that is utilized in WordPress comments, forms, registration, lost password, login and all. This plugin prevents the spam done through the bots. Users have to type the code that is shown in the image in order to go ahead.

W3 Total Cache

W3 total cache is one of the top most plugins of WordPress that substantially improves the speed and user experience of the blog. It adds to the page, browser, object and the database cache as well; this contributes to the content delivery network of WordPress. It is one of the fastest caching engine.

The WordPress blog plugins mentioned above are the best ones that will improvise on your blog and make it presentable. Go ahead use them and establish a great blog and thereby a great online presence.

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