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What is Laravel Framework? A Beginner’s Introduction for 2024

What is Laravel Framework

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on Laravel. It is one of the best PHP frameworks that has transformed the web development task! Are you also a PHP developer? You might have worked on Laravel in various projects! But my article is all about beginners who do not have hands-on experience in this programming language. They have the question “What is Laravel?” in the back of their mind. 

So, new developers, are you ready to get valuable insights about this intuitive programming language Laravel? I have covered its core fundamentals, what Laravel is used for, and others that help you build a solid foundation of web applications. Let’s dive in.

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What is Laravel? The Background

Laravel was developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011. It is a PHP-based framework under the terms of MIT License. The prime intention of Taylor behind developing this PHP programming language is to develop robust web applications. Therefore, Laravel is built on Model–View–Controller (MVC) architectural pattern and based on Symfony.

Laravel is used widely because of its unique features like modular packaging systems, a dedicated dependency manager, and its orientation toward syntactic sugar.

Advantages Of Laravel Framework in 2024

Are you curious to know why Laravel is creating a buzz in 2024? So, am I excited to share your insights? 

advantages of laravel framework

35K+ Community Members

The major advantage of Laravel many in-house web developers of MilesWeb and worldwide find is the massive global community. According to reports, 35,000+ Laravel developers participate in valuable discussions in several community forums. As a result, beginners also pass any hurdle that comes their way. There are different technical documentation, articles, and even explainer videos that help you out. 

Building Authentication and Authorization Systems

The configuration power of the Laravel PHP framework is outstanding! It implements authorization and authentication security with no hassles. There are different built-in Laravel packages listed which we will discuss below that ensure a streamlined authentication. Thus, data is protected and users get secured data management for their Laravel-based websites.

Integration With the Mail Services

I found many PHP frameworks comply with mail integration and the Laravel framework does the same. If you are thinking of setting up a new service account, the framework has a “Swiftmailer” library that enables API configurations for individual email accounts. That’s how easy an email notification is there with the Laravel framework. 

Some Laravel drivers permit messages to be sent quickly through cloud services. These drivers include SMTP, Mailgun, Mandrill, SparkPost, Amazon SES, PHP’s “mail” function, and “Sendmail”. Customizing email appearance is easier with Laravel PHP framework as it offers unique email designs, and images with no complicated hurdles. 

Fixing Technical Vulnerabilities

Laravel PHP framework has an advanced codebase that offers security measures much ahead of time. You might have come across different website threats like SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and coding forgery. No worries! Business owners will be rest assured with the sense of security with the Laravel framework.

Laravel Packages List to Use in 2024

Beginners must choose one among these Laravel packages list to save time in website building. Below we have categorized Laraval packages as per their functionality, let’s have a quick look.

Laravel Development Packages

Underlying Laravel PHP frameworks facilitates the debugging, asset compilation, and code generation tasks. 

  • Laravel Debugbar: Are you struggling to find bugs in the Laravel framework? Try out Laravel Debugbar which displays all database queries, rendered templates, and passed parameters making the debugging task easier. 
  • Laravel User Verification: This Laravel package simplifies user onboarding by validating email verification. As a user, you get the flexibility to customize email templates, verification logic, and the user experience. That’s how you are saving valuable time in user authentication!
  • Socialite: If you are messed up with social login setups on the Laravel PHP framework, their official team has a surprise for you. Integrate the Socialite Laravel package and allow users to log in with popular platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Laravel Security Packages

Don’t worry when you have installed these Laravel security packages in your backend system. 

  • Laravel Breeze: It is a simple authentication package that allows users to customize authentication controllers and views.
  • JWT-Auth: An authentication package that uses JWT tokens for stateless authentication, which is useful for microservices-based applications.
  • Laravel Fortify: An authentication system that includes registration, login, email verification, password reset, and two-factor authentication.

Laravel Admin Panel Packages

Are you looking to build admin panels on the Laravel PHP frameworks? Here are some Laravel packages to consider. I am sure they will help you out!

  • Voyager: Let Voyager take you on the beautiful voyage of creating an admin panel in a simplified, clean, user-friendly process. It has dummy data for your testing purposes. 
  • LaraAdmin: LaraAdmin is a free and open-source powerhouse for Laravel developers. This package simplifies admin panel creation with features like user management, role-based access control, and dynamic menus.

Best Practices for Laravel Development

Follow the best Laravel development practices and reap the maximum benefits of this popular PHP framework.

best practices for laravel development

Use the Latest Version

I am sure you are using the latest Android version of phone and desktop software! The same principle is applicable to Laravel usage. Use the latest version only to build different types of web applications.  As of now, it is Laravel 11 which will be supported till September 3rd, 2025 for bug fixes and until March 12th, 2026 for security fixes.

Adhere to the Coding Standards

There are industry coding standards and Laravel is compliant with PSR-2 and PSR-4. This compliance ensures your code is clean and free of confusion. 

  • PSR-2: Keep your PHP code uniform with a single style guide.
  • PSR-4: To ensure files autoload in your code where you want them, specify autoloading classes from the file path.

Follow the Single Responsibility Principle

Classes and methods are only assigned one responsibility at a time according to the principle of single responsibility. As a result, software implementation is easy, and future changes will not result in conflict.

Why Laravel Is the Best PHP Framework?

This query has been answered in our guide Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework? Here, we will give a short summary of the article for beginners who want concise information. 

why laravel is best php framework

Easy to Use

Yes, you read it right! Laravel is easy to use for beginners! You only have to focus on core fundamentals and basic principles. First-time coders can start building websites by just spending hours of research on the PHP framework. This is only one reason why you should use Laravel. There’s a lot more.

By using Laravel, you ensure your websites are safe from SQL injections and achieve a higher performance. You can also get 99.95% uptime also to Laravel-based websites through Laravel hosting services. 

Source Code

Do you want to pass the hurdle of complex coding structure? Laravel is an open-source and free PHP framework that allows web developers to create complex online applications. All they need is a text editor and a PHP installation. 

Community Assistance

There will be numerous web development related issues and if you are stuck there, Laravale community members will help you out in resolving the issue. In this manner, the web development task will be less painful. Just submit a bug or error screenshot and the community members will respond instantly. 

Database Migration

Very few frameworks are there that require the recreation of a database. With Laravel, this problem is not there as you can manage the database through PHP code and migrate it in no time. If your website is experiencing any downtime, opt for the best Laravel hosting services with FREE migration. Here is how you can host a Laravel website.

Bug Fixing

Tests are at the core of Laravel’s design. Feature and Unit directories are included by default in your application’s tests directory. A Laravel unit test is used to verify all modules of your web application before it goes live. By performing these tests, you can ensure that your application performs well, is bug free, and ultimately is trouble-free for your users. This is another Laravel framework exception.

Quick Guide: How to Start With Laravel in 2024?

I am sure you are now convinced of the Laravel PHP framework’s functionality and want to begin your online foundation with this PHP framework. So, do you want to know some beginner tips for Laravel? Have a quick look!

Gear Up

First, you need to install Laravel on Windows or Mac and once it is done, grab Composer. Composer is a package manager that helps you download all trending Laravel updates or features. You may research here and learn how to install Laravel.

Project Setup

Now for the fun part! Open your terminal and use the Laravel installer to create a new project. It’s like having a magic spell that instantly gets your project up and running.

Explore Your Domain

Laravel folder structure might puzzle you in the beginning but don’t worry! Spend some time researching technical jargon like views, controllers, and models. In a couple of days, you will crack it!

Command Central

Laravel’s Artisan CLI (command-line interface) is your best friend. It’s a powerful tool that lets you generate code, run migrations (database updates), and clear caches. Think of it as a Swiss Army knife for Laravel development.

Building Your App

Ready to get coding? Laravel is all about Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. This fancy term just means you’ll be working with models for data, controllers for handling user interactions, and views for crafting the user interface.

Does Laravel Have A Future?

I have researched thoroughly about this Laravel PHP framework and would like to share some market insights related to it. 

laravel usage stastistic

If you closely observe this line graph, the demand for Laravel-based websites has surged exponentially. According to a survey, more than 1,982,647 websites used this PHP framework out of which 829,034 are currently live. In India, 21,993 websites in India are currently using Laravel. 

Note: The last stats are updated on 30th April 2024. 

Laravel is a leading PHP framework that ranks among the top 5 framework options. It captures a significant market share of 35.87% and its competitors Yii stands at 30.56% and CodeIgniter at 26.05%.

market share

So, that’s the wrap-up on Laravel for beginners in 2024! Hopefully, you’re feeling pumped to jump into the world of Laravel development. It offers a powerful and user-friendly way to build modern web applications.

Remember, the Laravel community is vast and welcoming, so don’t hesitate to ask questions and learn from others. When you’re ready to launch your Laravel masterpiece, MilesWeb has you covered with Laravel hosting’s customer support, free SSL certificate, LiteSpeed Web Servers, unmetered bandwidth, and others. They’ll provide a secure and optimized environment for your web app to thrive.

Laravel FAQs

What is the main purpose of Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP based backend framework designed to streamline web application development. There are different pre-built structures like routing, authentication, and database access which saves time in coding.

Which language is used in Laravel?

Laravel is built on top of PHP, so a solid understanding of PHP is crucial for using it effectively.

Is Laravel a backend or frontend framework?

Laravel is primarily a backend framework, focusing on server-side logic and database interaction. While it doesn’t directly handle user interface elements, it integrates well with popular front-end frameworks like Vue.js or React.js.

Is Laravel suitable for large-scale applications?

Absolutely! Laravel’s modular design, extensive ecosystem of packages, and focus on security make it perfectly suitable for building complex and scalable web applications. Many popular applications are built with Laravel.

How is Laravel different from other PHP frameworks?

Compared to other PHP frameworks, Laravel offers a more opinionated approach with a clear development philosophy. Its emphasis on security, built-in features, and a thriving community set it apart, making development faster and more enjoyable.

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